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  1. 366784
    yeshintae : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    I just picked up a second job...
    which means I have less time to make music....

    But I've been given tha luxury of taking breaks
    at tha Barnes and Noble across tha street and reading
    books about music... I thought id recommend
    some good reads I've found over tha last few dayz
    and see if anyone else have any good suggestions!

    One REALLY good one I found... which I recommend
    everyone here reading is by Ricky Rooksby called
    Writing Songs on the Piano... a concise very simple
    approach to learning tha piano... no lessons or
    annoying teacher just a WHOLE BUNCH of tips that
    I think ANY musician could use... well hope you guys enjoy
    reading ;)

    Peace from LA

  2. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Yeshintea you are the man.

    I am a total nerd.
    Some straight up obvious ones that should be required reading

    "This is your brain on music" by Daniel Levitten
    -- This book is TRULY the science and definitive source for all things music in my huge opinion lol.

    "Musicophilia" by Oliver Sachs
    -- This book is ... it's weird, basically everything we know about the "brain" and how it interprets music, is pretty much in this book, but it's definitely much more of a narrative than just a science textbook. They have great stories about famous musicians and even very odd ones, ... For Example, one about this dude that got struck by lightning, and suddenly became a virtoso at the piano. Really crazy.
    The things that bothers me about the book is, that basically all of the true scientific facts we have about music and our brain, are because of people with disabilities. NOT out of the joy of music, but out of the pain and psychosis of others, do we know the "why's" of music scientifically. That bugs me.

    As far as Biographys?
    Charles R. Cross has done some amazing biographies that cannot be put down. Jimi Hendrix (epic) and Kurt Cobain were very good biographies, that I was completely surprised at AWESOME and exciting they were to read.

    Definitely check out Dr.Dre's biography that he wrote. Very cool stuff. I really like looking at artists that made a very profitable living out of music. It's incredibly humbling and reminds me that I am very lazy.

    There's others....

    As far as actual text on "how to?" with music, I really feel that youtube and rockband 3 are really good teachers...
    But books... humn...
    I was force-fed Hal Leonard as a kid. So I have a really strange association with the acadamia side of music books.

    One off tha top of my head is Guitar Logic,... changed my entire perception on ALL String instruments.

    Definitely keeping my eye out for this thread, and great effing topic man.

  3. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    oh, but Paul Hindemith is HUGE...
    They teach his crap at Julliard and stuff.

  4. 366784
    yeshintae : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Ooooooo this is EXACTLY tha kind
    If response I was looking for brotha!
    I saw BOTH musicophilia and This is
    Your Brain on Music at tha store was
    REALLY hoping they were worth tha time
    to read! Looks like imma have to start reading
    a copy! ;)

    And yeah any story about Hendrix is automatically

    Excited to hear about more reads!
    Personally imma more of a Philosophy
    Theology and Politics kinda worm but I also
    like venturing out to thriller and crime dramas too
    John Grisham is a staple in me collection!
    But I thought an adventure into tha unknown
    realm of music books would be worth tha risk ahahaha

    Peace from LA

  5. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Oh dang... Sorry for the triple post BUT, the Hal Leonard "Recording Method" series are really good too.

    They are very pricey, but the knowledge in those books is just fantastic.

  6. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    hah! Yeah that's AWESOME.

    I would recommend some stuff on NLP (definitely new-agey self-helpy stuff) But I really appreciate the NLP stuff.

    It's way outside of "just" music, but that's really cool stuff, and it's a new type of theory that's only been around since the 70s...

    One other, that I am REALLY into at the moment is
    "Flow" by Chilaz Mchyaisdogiallazlkahzl something lol.. Crazy freaking name guy....

    Really cool book about everything.

    I wanna see what other people recommend!!

  7. 636839
    simmerdown : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    modulations--a history of electonic music

    music theory for dummies

    essential first though alivid said, this is your brain...

  8. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    yes! I am definitely looking for some good material on electronic music.

    ... Does anyone recommend anything for MIDI?

  9. 340647
    Phyruis : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Cash by Johnny Cash is the best biog by far and away

  10. 366784
    yeshintae : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Ahaha just wrote a list of these books down
    Gonna be sure to find all of these!

    Peace from LA

  11. 247253
    n0mad23 : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Micky Hart's (the drummer from The Greatful Dead) books are worth reading.

    Planet Drum
    Drumming at the Edge of Magic

  12. 339043
    StephenPotter : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Got nothing to offer here, apart from music books for high school students in the UK, that aren't really all that useful.

    But I do think I'll take a look at some of these, they sound like they might be really helpful!

    Ste :D

  13. 636839
    simmerdown : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    alivid, i think a history of midi would be pretty short...if you meant like midi theory, the best ive come across is The Bass Grimoire (suprisingly)...bass scales , but they laid out every scale under the sun for midi keys as well, awesome guide...theres a Guitar Grimoire too

  14. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Ah... Humn... haha... I think what I am probably shooting for is "manuals" lol... I need to bust out the Native Instruments Manual's and just leave 'em at the toilette.

    I remember BosonHavok always joking he kept the ableton live manual in the bathroom... I ended up doing the same...

    Hah! All of you should definitely get a copy of "Sweetwaters Gear Dictionary".. It's basically music porn to me. It's like 700 pages of just gear and reviews and specs. I think it's free... Would have to check.

    ... Oh! And Guitar Grimoire! That is the book that's about the circle of fifths correct?.. I remember that one, that one is definitely excellent.
    You know what else I have found to be incredibly helpful concerning guitar was Zack Wyldes method... Despite his utter abuse of "pinch-harmonics" the stuff he teaches is pretty damn cool.

    But by far for stringed instruments, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Fretboard Logic. I mean .. It completely .. helped me understand the guitar completely. Like.. It's an amazing 3 part book.
    It's basically, to me, THE SCIENCE of guitar.

    Anyhow.. Yea.. I am thinking about at least taking some quarters on-line for midi... I want to go that direction programming wise with simple e-proms and building some crazy pedals..

    Definitely gonna check out Sean's and Dani's recommends.

  15. 636839
    simmerdown : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    lol, my ablton guide is falling apart, held w tape,..and its in the lu rt now

    the grimiore, yes , no text really at all, circle of 5th btu als oevery scale you never heard ofmapped in every key...when i want to lay some midi live, or melidaca i have it rt there

    alsyesh, theres that 'music theory for the computer musician' i mentioned way back when...

  16. 158799
    alividlife : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Music Theory for the Computer Musician?.. Humn.. Definitely checking that out....

    Trying to think of anything else that really helped me musically...

    OH just remembered one tho.

    This is free, and their books are freaking EPIC. Dudes that like "produced" Micheal Jackson and dudes who recorded "the Beatles" all kinda add stuff to this mag.
    It's free, and it's epic.

    It's a bit on the "hipster" side of the dial as far as musical genre-schmanra's go, but their books are incredible encyclopedias of legendary engineers and producers giving their exact techniques, EQ's, compressor levels, and gear.

  17. 401727
    BlumeChoon : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Another cool book I got for Christmas is "How to record your own music and get it on the internet" It's got a lot of useful info in it. Everything from mastering, mixing, choosing a DAW, stage presence, it's pretty cool! I recommend it for a read. Good bathroom

  18. 366784
    yeshintae : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Bookmarking tape op FOSHO

    Peace from LA

  19. 536467
    Unknown User : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    hmmm, if you just want a really coool, and HILARIOUS read (and I'm not really a manson fan, but...) check out Marilyn Manson's book The Long, Hard Road Out of Hell:

  20. 366784
    yeshintae : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Ahahaha that Manson book sounds interesting too!

    Peace from LA

  21. 431343
    TheDreamMerchant : Thu 3rd Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    I forgot the name of the book but Pharoahe Monch, Mos Def, Dr Dre, The Alchemist, and plenty of other MCs & Producers were interviewed for it & it's pretty dope from what I hear

  22. 366784
    yeshintae : Fri 4th Mar 2011 : 11 years ago

    Ahaha HELL yeah GroundZero imma look for
    that book FOSHO!

    Peace from LA

  23. 620892
    UID0 : Wed 15th Jun 2011 : 10 years ago

    If you're looking at a great (and I mean amazing) book on writing music, I suggest racking down a copy of "Arranging Techniques for Synthesists" By Eric Turkel, and "the Professional Arranger/Composer" by Russ Garcia. Both of them have a load of information in them, but working through them slowly and taking notes will make a huge difference to the way you write and produce music. There is some music reading involved, but don't let it put you off!

  24. 558188
    Zelab : Wed 15th Jun 2011 : 10 years ago

    dang ima make a trip to the libary soon!! ive needed saome more reading material and this should do nicely

  25. 435773
    BrokenScythe : Wed 15th Jun 2011 : 10 years ago

    Yeah, Unknown User mentioned "Music Theory for the Computer Musician"
    Thats the book I'm on right now. Its just awesome. Has taught me a lot about theory and the examples are shown in both score and on a DAW sequencer. It really makes all the theory very applicable for me.
    My girlfriend has "Musicophilia", loves it to death lol.

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