Some Of The Worst Songs Ive Heard

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  1. 339043
    StephenPotter : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    Oh how I wish I was kidding. Compare these songs to Justin Bieber, and suddenly the squeaky little 16 year old kid becomes tolerable, in comparison to what I'm about to show you.

    (And believe me, I can't stand Bieber.. so how bad are these?)

    Moving on to the songs now, first up is
    Willow Smith- Whip My Hair:

    Oh dear lord.

    What did my ears just get molested by?!

    The answer: Will Smith's daughter.

    Ok a few things.. is the music industry that desperate to find people its letting 10 year olds make music?

    If you listen carefully though, you can hear vocal talent pouring through at parts.. She could have sounded great, but nooo, you have to repeat the same, annoying, suicide-inducing chorus over and over again. When you hear her singing the second verse however, it proves that she CAN sing.. so why not? Why stand there talking over and over again when you can make melodies with your vocal chords?
    Willow is the daughter of a famous film actor.. she doesn't need money, so why not do music for enjoyment, not money? (I'm just geussing that if she was actually trying to make music for the fun of it, she would sing. Not too sure if thats true, but I've got my reasons for believing she's in it for the dough.)

    *sigh* Thought the last one was bad? Check this out.

    Far east movement- Fly like a G6

    First of all: TERRIBLE LYRICS
    Second of all: Wannabe gangsters rapping with autotune on it.
    Third of all: I now see why everyone hates electronic music.
    Finally: So fly like a G6? So... fly like a plane? Woah man, thats one heck of a deep analagy.
    Extra: Heres one of the worst/laziest verses I've ever heard..

    Its that 808 bump, make you put yo hands up
    Make you put yo hands up, put yo, put yo hands up
    (You cant Touch this)
    Its that 808 bump, make you put yo hands up
    Make you put yo hands up, put yo, put yo hands up
    (You cant Touch this)
    Hell Yeaaa, Make you put yo hands up, put yo put yo hands up
    Hell Yeaaa, Make you put yo hands up, put yo put yo hands up

    Wow. How many times can you say "put yo hands up"? That amount should be illegal! And stealing lyrics from MC hammer? Ha!

    And speaking of terrible lyrics, hows Will.I.Am these days?

    Black Eyed Peas- The time.

    Ok, I gotta give this song credit. First minute, sounds good. The rest? Deadmau5 and Bingo Players both simultaeneously taking a sh*t while getting flattened by a steamroller.

    When I said fly like a g6 had one of the worst lyrics of all time.. it was in third. The time is in second. Its another BEP song that I'm not going to go into cause it isn't that popular (yet)

    "If you didn't know that, well, baby, now you know now."

    ...Lazy. really can't be bothered to over-examine that.

    So.. yeah. Rant complete!

    Ste :D

  2. 601456
    thephilosofist : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    When you get a little older and start drinking a LOT of alcohol in short periods of time in university (or even before, since you're across the pond), the repetitiveness in the songs turns from a bad thing to a great thing. I absolutely despise listening to this sober, though. I'm pretty sure this topic has been bashed over the head enough times to the point that it has become literally retarded.

  3. 339043
    StephenPotter : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    Yeah, but if I'm drunk, I probably won't be focusing on the music, more like trying to pick myself up off the floor, try not to throw up and get a lift home ;)

  4. 229129
    CONEYISLANDRECORDS : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    Thats not drunk,...thats f'n wasted.

  5. 247316
    WoundedBuffaloBeats : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    That G6 tune is class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 673599
    Metabolic : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    ahhh mate i wish we could swear coz the rant id post would be nothin but offences to these ppl and their 'music' i nt believe this kinda crap makes mainstream music, why cant we hav good music on tv? then again would we hate the good tunes if it was plastered everywhere?

  7. 666289
    FreeRadical : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    It's painful enough just reading about it.

    I can't even be bothered to press play.

  8. 673599
    Metabolic : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    i didnt my gf's a little pop princess so i already know of these songs

  9. 339043
    StephenPotter : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago


    This is not something serious. I'm not trying to brainwash you. Just letting my feelings out to those who feel the same way. If you take offence to this post, please go listen to the three songs I mentioned to cheer yourself up.

    @Nick You wouldn't like it anyway. Having soundcard issues a couple of months back wouldn't have changed the fact you hate autotune ;)

  10. 379853
    Alen9R : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    Willow Smith-she has kinda talent(Time will tell, thought), and others make music and write songs for her,so I can not blame her for that!
    G6-kicka**s beat
    Black Eyed Peas-If they do not steal, then they re-make!

  11. 339043
    StephenPotter : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    I'm thinking Willow smith might get somewhere if she actually uses her voice in a half decent way, she could not only become tolerable, she could actually be really good :) Could be. But will she stop speaking and start singing?
    Like a G6 seems to be a mixed view track, both on the site and in my school... mainly people tend to really like it though. The downside is mainly in the lyrics/vocalists, as an instrumental track, I could definatly enjoy it a whole lot more. still wouldn't be something I'd play regularly though, just something I'd have and probably hit "skip" every time it comes on.
    I'm not to bothered about them "stealing" the original track.. but it just sounds like an electro house nightmare to me. Like someone who just found out how to pitch bend on FL.

    Ste :)

  12. 673599
    Metabolic : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    the girl is about 12!!! wot the hell can she write about experience in life. she wont amount to anything except a one or maybe two hit wonder, then ppl will get bored of her. if it wasnt for her dad (will smith) she would be nowhere. just another bad case of stage parenting.......what has will smith done lately?

    G6???? just a bunch of ...... ill refrain

  13. 372488
    CrashTheSystem : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    I know what you mean man. Im very passionate about the G6 song personally. Mainly because i hate it with a passion. After that came out...dubstep started becoming more popular in my area. Im not sure why, because its not dubstep. If it WAS, i would like it. Its all just mainstream bullcrap if you ask me. The last mainstream song i can actually tolerate was probably Bulletproof by La Roux, and i guess Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner wasnt bad. But you have given three good reasons for me to never turn on my radio. :D

  14. 673599
    Metabolic : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    im not sure if im glad if dubsteps gone mainstream or not....we got lots new sexy chicks comin to gigs rather than acidheads so thats good but meh we also got 14 year old goin ye man i love me sum dubstep n (quote from an actual 14 year old) 'dubsteps only for remixin songs'????? hope fully our tvs n radios will play nothin but heavy face meltin dubstep at some point, scare all the popstars n guys in i should i should :) nvm

  15. 254504
    Unknown User : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    Who the hell is willow smith?
    And indeed after 20 sec's G6 staring to suck.
    And I never liked Black eyed peas. (In dutch: zwarte ogen pis) :P

    Now lets read that Ste said :P

    *1 hour later*

    I have to totally agree with Ste again! :P



  16. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    When I see these musical rants the subject is invariably about popular music and how bad it is and then a few of you end up patting each other on the back and agreeing on something that you deem is cool......your musical envelope is so narrow,your all going around with the same small group of experiences,when was the last time a discussion on Classical music happened here,or an exposàinto the influences of early Jazz and Gospel music just for's like listening to a History lesson presented by someone without any knowledge or awareness prior to 1980..Open your minds and expand your horizons and then you won't even start these sorts of threads.

  17. 673599
    Metabolic : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    mate we all got different taste n no my music cataloge doesnt consist of tunes 2000 n onwards i like plenty of old tunes they paved the way from the tunes i like today but we all just llike b*tchin bout this kinda stuff

  18. 358310
    JustTony : Fri 21st Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    ...I still like electronic music. ^_^ Not that that matters, but my latest track was electronic.

  19. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Sat 22nd Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    @Metabolic..fair enough man,it's just that if I catch myself b*tchin about certain types of music I sort of feel like I'm missing something maybe...anyway I'm always willing to compromise,what if Justin Bieber was kidnapped and taken to some Jamaican dope plantation and forced to listen to solid reggae for 6 months straight then taken to a studio to make an album(without any of his previous producers present)what would be the result?

  20. 673599
    Metabolic : Sat 22nd Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    him sshootin himself hopefully

  21. 372488
    CrashTheSystem : Sat 22nd Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    Ha. Well, the result would be good no matter what he does. Lol. I hear what your saying Planet. Maybe i will do a thread about the influences of Jazz and Gospel. Why not? Its a good subject.

  22. 277414
    JustKent : Sat 22nd Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    realy bad songs...

  23. 321894
    BlazinS : Sat 22nd Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    I have to say

    1. Agreeed.

    2. Agreed.


    Peep that if u like heavy dubstep. I feel that The Time by BEP was made for other people to make better. Cuz the original sucks. Soooo AGREEED

  24. 158799
    alividlife : Sat 22nd Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    Am I the only one that thanks Debussy and Satie are the greatest producers ever?


  25. 140165
    Steevo : Sat 22nd Jan 2011 : 9 years ago

    @ planetjazzbass. Bieb Marley?

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