Tempo Matching With Fl Or Reason Vs Acid Format

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    Vizronics : Fri 12th Nov 2010 : 11 years ago

    Ok, dumb question. I love Acid Pro for one reason. I can match tempo to anything. Someone told me that it was possible in Fruity Loops, Pro Tools and Reason but couldnt tell me how. Ok.....help me out. HOW????


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    StephenPotter : Fri 12th Nov 2010 : 11 years ago

    With FL you can right click on the tempo, and then click "Tap Tempo" and tap to the beat of whatever you are trying to match up.

    Then, if you want to change the audio clip with the tempo, stretch the end of the clip backwards/forwards one bar, then just put it back again. Then when you change the tempo, the length of the clip stays the same in the playlist but because the speed is increasing, it plays it faster. Then, go to the audio clip channel, go down to the smp tab, and where it has two knobs saying pitch and time, right click on pitch and click reset. Any changes to the tempo then will not change the pitch of the clip. Thats the method I use in FL.

    The other method if you don't want to tap the tempo is to right click on the time knob under the time stretching options and click autodetect. Its not always to acurate, but it normally gets the job done to a good degree.

    As for pro tools and reason.. no idea.

    Hope I helped!

    Ste :)

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