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    Deathbliss : Wed 10th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago OK, so here is a list of free, as in completely free, or open source DAWs that work on Windows. If you have any tutorials, especially video tutorials for any of these, please post a link! Also if you know of any others, please post a link!

    PLEASE DO NOT share links to low cost, free with expectation of payment (IE Reaper), or free demo/trial versions (AKA crippleware) programs! DO NOT share Linux/Mac only programs!

    If one of these I've posted is not completely free or for Windows let me know and I will remove it. As far as I know this list is only of free and open source Windows programs:


    - Not really a DAW, but maybe it can be set up as one with the right machines?


    - Not a DAW in itself, but with Blue it can function like one.

    Darkwave Studio

    - It looks promising and its well documented.


    - Is it a DAW or something else? No documentation, not even how to start it up (HINT - you double-click the jar file...)


    - I know nothing about this.


    - Well it looks promising.


    - What I'm playing with right now. An FL Studio clone for folks that can't afford FL Studio.

    Rax N Trax

    - Looks good and well documented.


    - Another one that looks promising

    I'll try to keep this updated -
    - Deathbliss
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    JohnBoutilier : Wed 10th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago Nice thread :-)
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    deltaaah : Wed 10th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago Thank you!!
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    Deathbliss : Wed 10th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago #removed#
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    Deathbliss : Wed 10th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago #removed#
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    Deathbliss : Thu 18th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago OK, so here is a rundown of these programs. This is not any kind of comprehensive review or anything. Just my thoughts after I have installed and used them a bit.

    Frinika has potential, but I spent about 5 minutes with it. From what I could see it would not serve my purposes very well, and there are very little documentation or tutorials available for it.

    Jade has no installer and I'm not about to try to figure out how to get it installed in windows, if I even can. The program should be noted by Mac uses however - it looks like its Mac specific.

    Kristal is NOT a DAW! It is more like Audacity than anything else. It is only an audio editor from what I can see.

    Traverso is also not a DAW, just another audio editor.

    Additional DAWs I have looked at are Psycle and Jokosher. You can get Psycle here:

    Jokosher here:

    Psycle uses a tracker interface, so the Editor where you enter notes has no keyboard to follow along. In addition you have to use the computer keyboard or a midi device to enter notes.

    Jokosher is a poor man's version of Acid. It's one of those programs where you make music by combining samples. Therefore it is not a DAW.

    A composition program that should be listed is MuseScore:

    MuseScore is the poor man's version of Finale. It is much easier to understand than Finale, and perfect if you are creating classical music or simply writing songs.

    The true free DAWs for Windows are currently RaxNTrax, LMMS and Darkwave Studio, in order of ability.

    RaxNTrax has a very complicated interface and only a handful of tutorials. There is no real community behind it. However of all the free DAWs it can do the most. It has a piano roll with a ghost feature, it can load VST and VSTi, you can copy and drag pretty much anything to the Track Editor (AKA the Piano Roll) and edit it. You can Undo in the Track Editor, and it comes with a slew of high quality devices already installed.

    LMMS is a very simple, very basic, poor man's version of FL Studio. It can load VST and VSTi, it has a Piano Roll where you can enter notes, and that's about it. There's not even an Undo in the Piano Roll. But it has a slick interface and it's very easy to figure out how to use, plus it is exceptionally well documented and there are a lot of video tuts for it.

    I'll come in and tear apart Darkwave later -
    - Deathbliss
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    StarTropix : Thu 18th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago Dont forget Rebirth!
    Perhaps not a DAW entirely, but it is very handy.
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    Deathbliss : Thu 18th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago It requires you to sign up in order to download, and according to what you said it is not a true DAW, so no dice for me. However I would welcome anyone who wants to come in here and tell us about it.

    Darkwave Studio is a slightly more advanced looking piece of software when compared to LMMS. Like LMMS it is very basic in design and simple to understand. Also like LMMS there is no Undo in the Piano Roll I can see, and unlike LMMS there is no Copy/Paste command. The program has a few video tutorials at YouTube, but Googling found nothing in the way of additional documentation. I followed one of those videos and pressed play in the Pattern Editor after entering some notes. The volume slider lights up but I hear no sound. This combind with the fact that it crashes on load of my added vst folder takes this program off my list and computer for now.

    If someone knows what would cause me to not have any sound, please let me know!
    - Deathbliss
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    Deathbliss : Sat 20th Nov 2010 : 6 years ago Thread updated/moved here:
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