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Is There Anyone Here Thats Not A Rapper

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  1. 456633
    Music4Life : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I did a little, when I was on my schools soccer team in high school.

  2. 158799
    alividlife : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    Teaching people how to play music is awesome.

  3. 666289
    FreeRadical : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    Every year on the night before christmas i turn into a seriously intense wrapper.

  4. 471471
    Luckyfeatherstudios : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    baw hahaha ^ that is most lawl's haha

  5. 438673
    DJSchmeeJ : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I am NO Rapper! Although some of my music is in the Hip-Hop genre, I also have tracks in Techno, Ethnic, RnB, and Rock (my main instrument is guitar), and soon to upload acoustic stuff. I don't like to pigeonhole my music, it's just me. I don't use a whole lot of samples because I AM a musician, But that being said, I compose music with the intention to sell it as production I gotta go with what will sell!

  6. 83445
    JohnBoutilier : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I wouldn't call myself a rapper, but I do on occasion make exceptions. Primarily birthdays and Christmas. Especially around Christmas, I'll spend days rapping, trying to get it perfect. Because I.... Wait, girlfriends requires my time.

    Thanks Darlin'

    Sorry, I meant wrapping.



  7. 475599
    deltaaah : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    AGC?! is that you??? i see you're on more sites than just Warbeats!!

  8. 470888
    FyreLansky : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I started out as a rapper, but now im trying to get into producing Dubstep and ambient music. If anyone has any pointers give me a holler. Im very new to this genre

  9. 601456
    thephilosofist : Sat 16th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I perform violin concerts (classical), I just don't record with it yet. I used to play in a rock band and I still do some buskering with my Ibanez every once in a while. I mainly use looperman to get loops and tips and put up my electronic or hip-hop tracks.

    However, I am still a part of this rapper infestation, and I love it

  10. 320384
    KEVONE : Sun 17th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    Your message is real and to the point. Our backgrounds in hip hop are similar. But where alot of folks got lost is when rap went gansta and east and west got divided. West coast came hard and made alot of paper while only a few "Conscious Rappers" were left on the east. East coast had to combat the effects and rival the west.
    Thats where it all went wrong and all these one hit wonders started to emerge.
    Dudes with absolutely no talent at all got rich from the fallout.
    This is why sites like this exist today.

    To let those no good, back stabbing, beat stealing, contract breaking, dream crushing, son of a.........

    If the shoe fit, they better be Jordans.

  11. 320384
    KEVONE : Sun 17th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    ME!!!! I AM A POET!!!!

  12. 40786
    Sonny64 : Sun 17th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I've loathed rap ever since I first heard Blondie ruin a perfectly beautiful song with it in 1980 (Rapture). It's been all downhill from there. In my opinion, rap should be prefixed with a silent "c".
    There's currently a car ad running on TV here in Oz that uses rap to sell it - I just want kick in the TV every time I hear it!

  13. 372886
    Bilbozo : Sun 17th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    Yo Yo.
    PlanetJazz you know so well that I don't spit
    I'm a homie dat plays that 6 string $hit
    Bustin' rhymes on guitar is where it's at
    Cause I'm obviously hopeless at doin' rap
    I'd be a fool, to say I'm cool
    I'm a rocker so old, I'm fartin' dust.
    But there is one thing to say I must
    Before I'm done
    It's been fun, but I gotta run
    Peace out yo.

  14. 472417
    JusDrew : Sun 17th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I dont rap
    But i like to nap
    sit back, take that
    ohhh snap!!

    wait a minute, maybe i am a....


  15. 302731
    GAKST3R : Sun 17th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    i dont rap, but i get your point. so many people are into hiphop these days its like everything else has just disapeared

  16. 471471
    Luckyfeatherstudios : Tue 19th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    dude in all honesty.. i only listen to a handful of rappers.. i don't really like rap or hip hop or RnB.. i love the blues.. a music style that is so raw and deep.. i was an outcast in high school. allot of my fav artist in the world were BB king.. oh no i cant spell there names.. ummm ehh no i look stupid.. haha any who i really only got into rap recently. that was because i was a poet since i was 16, that mainly wrote free based poetry.. with out rhymes or anything of the sort.. i played with really big words and made my poems sound rather smart.. there was a time i could went somewhere with it, but that time has passed me, but a buddy of mine was a spoiled lil white kid ( i am white to but i dont think i am tupac in a new body ) in a really fancy neighborhood and i was remarked as flaming *** for being into soft music and poetry.. so one day he challenged me and at this tine i was starting to expand my ideal into poetry and began to rhyme a lil.. and he try ed to free style me and at first i had no idea what to do and still don't really know. i come from no musical back ground.. i just started to flow in the last 4 months.. but i owned him so bad.. he got beat by the nerdy kid that never spit a line in his life and before then never cared to.. in front oh his so called crew.

    rap since then has been freeing for me.. some people need to vent some stress or just want to challenge them self's with all they can so they pick up a mic and spit.. it is far from easy and to become good you need to keep at.. in the past 4 months i have learned allot, but i have years to go before i become as skilled as i wish to be.. rap is big here for one reason its fun to do. i still dont really like rap, but i respect it no that i am in it and see how mind numbing hard it is

  17. 466815
    jadeAPro : Tue 19th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I am not a rapper,
    but i like to mix a dubstep.

  18. 476785
    BoscoChris : Tue 19th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    No rap music coming from boscochris.

  19. 630386
    Unknown User : Tue 19th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    In it's beginning rap music had struggled for acceptance as being a legitimate artform in the music industry. Now there seems to be a some backlash against it. Maybe because some rockers to RnB artists also used them in their songs.

  20. 481656
    burbie : Wed 27th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    No, I love electronic music: EBM, Industrial, Minimal and wave

  21. 425799
    TheZerit : Wed 27th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    haha! planets up to it again lol...hey listen man...i wanna rap on your track "crosstown"...

    but i would need you to tweak it a lil...

    i would like the whole track to consist of the beat that comes in At 00:41...

    I would need you to lose the organ riff and that string stab...

    other than that, i would be able to get off on that, I thimk its super hot lolol....

    im sure just because its your track, other lyricist would be willin to jump on a P.J.Bass Beat (P.J.Bass is your new street name haha! D.J.-P.J.Bass makes me smile even more!!)

    Thanx for the love as always Planet
    (awesome review for "yesterdays" you gave me and philosofist)

    ...this is just another attempt to pull you to the darkside!

  22. 1
  23. 348771
    justing101 : Wed 27th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I hate Modern Rap, Its not cool anymore I Liked it Back in the days of MC Hammer, Coolio, Jurrassic 5, Public Enemy It used to be fresh new but with S%$t like Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle, Akon, Kanye West, N dubz, I Mean Old Rappers Came Up with clever Lyrics
    and Felt the music. worse yet Snoop dogg isnt even cool anymore
    Hip hop Has Changed Trip Hop And Dub are the only genres that are succesors to The Old Skool

  24. 630386
    Unknown User : Wed 27th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    The youtube link is blocked in the US, it says:

    This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

  25. 347760
    PortraitOfABlackHole : Wed 27th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I listen to some amount of rap/hiphop, I do enjoy it to some extant. But as far as producing goes, I stick to mainly an electronic stance: Trance, Ambient, Flat Techno... that kind thing... Although I am really starting to find a place in my heart for piano latley... mostly thnx to MINOR2GO. (Thnx BTW lol!)


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