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Is There Anyone Here Thats Not A Rapper

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  1. 342174
    DJFredrick : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    hehe I do rap...or am learning to rap. I'm a pretty decent (IMHO) lyricist and enjoy writing lyrics.
    I really like HipHop...more more the Beat/depth of it. Like how Enigma takes HipHop beats and creates masterpieces with them. So I like the Electronic take on Hip Hop beats :).
    I really dislike the Lyrics in todays hip hop and the absolute absence of creativity.
    But I hope to have HipHop track with me spittin' on it lol :)


  2. 270061
    JoyfulWAVE : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    i will never be...

  3. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    You know I'm not a rapper. I tried to produce hip hop for a while for a friend who rapped, but he died so I gave it up. Depressing really!

  4. 677927
    Unknown User : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    z2z total ambient nut my friend the only time i do raps is when i eat them

  5. 398724
    SkribleJ : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    To be honest, i actually use Planet's loops to produce some of my hiphop/rap tracks, I've tried spitting over them, but i dont think my lyricism has matured yet, but i will be ready, one day......
    Anyways to answer ur question Planet, i think there are many Looper artists out there, who do things other than rap or hiphop!! I'm pretty sure of it!!

  6. 30625
    Shardlow : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    yes but no, but yes, but no..
    i'm well out of order

    can't rap or sing.
    also known to struggle with speaking

  7. 30625
    Shardlow : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    ...and BIG UP PlanetJazz for his massive collection of loops..

  8. 677927
    Unknown User : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    if i started to sing ill send you lot packing to another planet

  9. 69965
    ChaseManhattan : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    check it. i love this planet i feel yah though. lots of people are blowing up on this one genre. kinda crazy glue sticking to hip hop in the forums. but hey. its cause hip hop is awesome and anyone can do it!

  10. 677927
    Unknown User : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    ChaseManhattan i can do hip hop when i walk with my limp lol

  11. 247253
    n0mad23 : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    you know me - it's all I do!

  12. 227480
    StrikingDaggers : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    I just do music. You can call it whatever you want.

  13. 158799
    alividlife : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    Hah! I can't believe this thread has gotten such a response!

    I particularly don't hold to generalizations. Why I hate genres and the like.

    I almost judge music on an "artist, by artist" term. So for me, I could in a way see in my background how there's elements of hip-hop, rnb, blues, funk, rock, punk and etc.

    I don't necessarily do hip-hop, but I like it a lot. I am currently failing on a track by dungbeetl heh.
    I find that a lot of hip-hop grooves and hi-hat grooves I really enjoy and like to mix and match. The sampling in hip hop I really enjoy.... I like gangster rap just for it's shock value and I like hiphop because it's just like solo story telling. If done right.

    I am a musicwhore tho.

  14. 275272
    HustleUnion : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    of course rap and hip hop and funk are my favorite to make and listen to but some sounds can't be put in a hip hop beat so i make music in other genres, because in the end i just like to make music. and i think alot of the songs here with lyrics were from the producers them selfs sick of fishing for an artist to get on there track so they do it themselfs, hell i've done it and i'm as far from a rapper as it gets.

  15. 435773
    BrokenScythe : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    Im not a rapper, but I try to produce rap oreinted instrumentals. Thing is, I think Hip-Hop is appealing to those who want a better life(Money). It's like trying to be a bomb football player to get in the major leagues. I hope that a lot of those involved in Hip-Hop see that it wasn't always about used to be about involving and introducing all forms of music in a way that makes us feel unified and fresh. It was about the life we live, and not just impoverished.
    I really want to see more substantial lyrics come out of rappers mouths. I feel like there isn't enough soul sometimes, too much focus on skill.
    Anyways I went off on a tangent there, but i think Hip Hop is a ticket out, a ticket to luxury. Unfortunately...this draws a lot of artists. Fortunately... this draws a lot of artists lol.
    It's all perspective, this is just my weird, too thoughtful head spilling out. Apologies haha.

  16. 636839
    simmerdown : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    just out of curiosity i looked at the last 100 tracks that have been uploaded

    22 were Hip Hop or Rap

    hardly what i would call being overrun! i think everything is going be ok,

    watchout for drum'n'bass though, theres a shyteload comin in!

  17. 96058
    tenzi : Sun 12th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    I Ain't !!

  18. 444193
    StereoMathematics : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    i think hustle union hit the nail on the head. people like hip hop, they make hip hop. and i feel scythe on what he had to say about there is a need for more substantial lyrics. but all in all, its about what people like to do.

  19. 426048
    Y2Kaliber : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    rawhead your probebly from the usa so i'll give you a heads up australia still keeps the old skool rap alive im somewhat similar to you grew up loving hip hop but its not what it used to be and so i turned to techno so if anyone still loves hip hop australia is where its at.

  20. 609523
    3rdNippleMusic : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    i'm not scattered
    i'm versatile

  21. 636839
    simmerdown : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    sometimes i wonder what it will take for planet to post up and say something, in the past (like 38 threads like this now) he tends to poop in the soup, then step back and see who will eat it...

  22. 340823
    JohnnyCajon : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    Hi there,
    I'm not a rapper, I'm a 56 year old drummer living in England who's learning to use Ableton Live and mix it with acoustic and electric drums and percussion. I really admire your material of which I've used a few samples and am slowly working them up into a composition. I'm trying to incorporate more "real" instruments (i.e. fiddle, dobro mandolin) into the framework of the digital soundscape. It's early days but I'm encouraged with the results and inspired by your loops and by others on here. Keep up the good work.

  23. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    Hey dungbeatl it's all in good fun seem to be the only one that doesn't realise that...lighten up man,I'm not down on the urban scene here,in fact I support all music genres wholeheartedly....yeah sure I've spoken out about bonehead behaviour in the past and will again if it's warranted..but this isn't one of those instances..when I get some time I'll be putting up a Hip Hop track with me 'spittin' on it....count on it. :)

  24. 177447
    Unknown User : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    Did he just say 'poop in the soup and see who will eat it???"

  25. 398724
    SkribleJ : Mon 13th Sep 2010 : 10 years ago

    wordddd, i'd love to see planet spit a hot 16!!

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