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  1. 143864
    Vizronics : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    I suck, I quit, goodbye.

  2. 339043
    StephenPotter : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    Where you going? Whats happened? Why do you have such a low opinion of yourself?

  3. 366784
    yeshintae : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    whoa fam'

    even if you THINK you suck
    you should keep tryin'

    there's no end in givin' up


    Peace from LA

  4. 339043
    StephenPotter : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    I can't take this anymore. I can't cope with the amount of people quitting recently. Makes me want to join them more and more each time, but I'm not going to yet. But it has been considered.

    So tell us, whats getting you down? It can't be your music production skills, I'm listening to the remix of dance with me, and its by far the best remix of it I've heard, forgot to put it into the review.

    Ste :)

  5. 247253
    n0mad23 : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    @Vizronics - Just pulled up the reviews you received, and got to say the evidence doesn't support your claim. Not trying to be disagreeable but I'm not seeing any empirical evidence to support your claim.

    Summer time blues?

  6. 401727
    BlumeChoon : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    Yeah bro don't give up...What seems to be bothering you? Is this more of a personal thing. I feel I suck at times too. But I'm not gonna let that stop me from doing what I love... Think about it? Don't do anything you might regret...

  7. 337508
    subSpace : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    @ stephen

    regardless to who ever leaves dont think about joining them lol you are a good music maker and yes people are leaving you know what crap happens lol. i am still here numberjack is still here travis nick q hey this site is flourishing.

    @ vizronics

    get a grip bro i dont see that as a reason to quit so you say you suck then make your self better i have seen other threads of other looperfams but most have a good reason and yours is not. this is not a put down on your behalf but common stay on looperman but if thats how you feel then i will say good luck on your new path

  8. 666289
    FreeRadical : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    Don't give up.

    Nobody becomes a virtuoso overnight. I know there's a lot of us on the site that have been doing this for years and still learn new stuff.

    Stick around and it will come.

    besides, Robbie williams sucks and look at all the money he's made. (sorry couldn't resist it)

  9. 159051
    Unknown User : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago


    I must laugh, sorry :) This message LOL

    Whats up man? Why you suck?

  10. 677927
    Unknown User : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    hey hey come on my friend we stick together here no quiting no one but noe sucks here dont let anyone tell you otherwise
    stick it out

  11. 243518
    sterixx : Mon 16th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    @Vizronics, i know what you feel.

    Sometimes, i think i build some bullsh*t at the other. But anywhere, anywho gives me the power to get up and fight (ok, not so dramaticly) more get up and build your way.

    The most important who gives me the power is my family, my homies and sistas ... and some times myself.

    Don't give up!! Stand up and make that what you think that is the right way. And most importand, don't lose yourself, bro, don't lose your self!

    cheers, Bro and mate Frank

  12. 372488
    CrashTheSystem : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    I disagree. I listened to your song Old Motors, and was not only amazed by it but also loved the clip "Oh im sorry did i break your concentration?" I used the same clip and was glad to see someone else had too. Your musics pretty awesome to me.

  13. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    Listen Vizronics I'm going to give you some good advice and for free!..lol..seriously,I just had a look at your profile and note that you like Herbie Hancock,Eric Johnston,John Coltrane ,Jeff Beck,Steve Vai amongst other great artists and Brittney Spears! sheesh that last one does suck...I'm guessing your no teenager with an authority complex so listen up..it's not a contest,we all suck when compared to someone like Beethoven or Paul McCartney,you get out of music what you put in and even then it's usually one step forward and two steps back..the better you get the more you realise that your just starting out...so forget about feeling inadequate,lighten up take a load off and just relax....music is language,tell your own stories in your own words...cheers planet

  14. 400188
    AllenV : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    You can't quit...Go to my profile and see the only album I posted the other day as one of my favs...serious,I've been here just a few months and was gonna add more later,i'm lookin' at the cd right now...think about Climbin'Up The Ladder.

    Listen to PJB,You got Jeff Beck and Eric Johnson in there,it can't be that bad and we all feel that way sometimes.

    For every one song I think might be halfway decent...after 35yrs of guitar there's 50 on the floor I think suck,but I keep goin' and remember what the three stooges said...If at first you don't succeed,keep on sucking till you do succeed:)

  15. 375728
    Cybertooth : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    hey, i suck too, no matter what i do ill always think i suck, but thats ok, because i love music enough that i want to keep trying. just remember that perfection can never be reached, but that is no excuse to stop striving for it, for fun or competition, but you get the most from fun, love and good spirit

  16. 444193
    StereoMathematics : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    you would suck less if you didnt compare yourself to others. if its not being able to do something, like using a program, read a book about it and gain some knowledge, then use what youve learned. if its not being able to come up with a new idea, well then youll just have to figure out how to get over it yourself. best way to start is listen to some music. but if you just wanna give up, oh well. no sense helpin people that wont help themselves.

  17. 245742
    CiOnDaddy : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    friends forgive me but reading this helped me because sometimes I feel the same way.because my music is in Spanish find it hard to reach you.but do not worry I will not resign .

    and Vizronics I Do Not Know What Your Problems But whatever it is we are here to help each other.

    cheers, Bro and mate C-On Daddy

  18. 422882
    BluntsAndBeats : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    Everyone goes through this man, dont give up especially since you seem to be more talented than a lot of people on here. (no offense people)

    id say 50-60% of the time, i create a tune I dont like. but i just save it and dont worry bout it. A lot of times ill go back to a track and take a good idea i had from it and turn it into a hit. well at least in my eyes.

    if you are just looking for pity comments then i cant help you, you gotta help yourself bro. dont quit though im tired of these threads...I have only been a member a couple months and i really love these people I hate to see someone go

  19. 224104
    Mosaic : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    @ all

    I might be a little cold hearted here, which is not normally me,I am a very compassionate loving person, but so many people threaten they are going to leave, then dont leave anyways, or they post a forum saying as in this case I SUCK, get heaps of attention, little dramatic I think...and dont leave, things change in peoples lives, sometimes it does affect them and there music, Does not mean you have to leave the site or delete profile, take a break etc then come back when things have settled down or been sorted, yes people do leave for some reason or other, does not mean the world is going to come to a end, that is the choice that they have decided,

    @ Ste mate you are very good at what you do, because someone leaves the site for whatever reason, does not mean you have to follow my friend, again that is there choice, if I jumped off a bridge would you jump off too??? That would be my choice does not mean you have to jump also, like I said normally I am a very compassionate person, but seen few of these forum post lately,

    @ Vizronics in my opinion, get on with your life,think less of what other people think of you or your works,by the way your works are very good, so dont know why the forum post, life is to short to be a drama queen, sorry for being so blunt but hey that is life, it is what you make of it...Peace...Estefano...

  20. 194897
    gapjux : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    I use to feel the same way...just take some time off --regroup and do it again...I always get inspired by other artist and strive to sound like them...Maybe It will work for you too.

  21. 230755
    Unknown User : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    Take a leave of absence, man. Works best, and when you come back, you produce your best work. Meantime, stick around and pick up on some new techniques, go through the logbooks, get started on an entirely new genre or something. Liven things up for yourself, no one else is going to come and do it for you. Bold is he who, in the face of all disenchantment and broken dreams, sticks around on looperman and comes back with an even bigger splash. We're all in the same boat here, and if you jump ship, we may miss you but you'll miss this place more.

    Get an arabic soundpack and pair it up with a bouncy subbass, next add some exotic african percussion and top it all off with a BREAKBEAT! Add violins if you want. Hell, do anything you want, as long as it's a step away from what you normally do.

    This is a case of you losing your Dragon Majik. I've lost it once or twice, but it comes back when I realise I'm me and fk it, no one else is. Don't forget who you are mate! You're a damn fine producer, just in need of a break. I took the advice of a friend here and it's been refreshing for me. Look after yourself, everything else is secondary.

  22. 400188
    AllenV : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    I have to add that to me there seems to be a lot of All or Nothing going on and it just doesn't have to be that way...log out,turn it off...paint some pictures,grow a garden and regroup if you must.
    Why must the door always be shut permantly?

  23. 339043
    StephenPotter : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    You guys are right, I'm staying. I'm 14. You're probably older than me. If I can realise the truth, can you Vizronics?

    And Cyber, you don't suck. If you did, I wouldn't collab with you :P

    Ste :)

  24. 159051
    Unknown User : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    lol steph

  25. 339043
    StephenPotter : Tue 17th Aug 2010 : 11 years ago

    @Pianosounds you're actually a pretty decent example of what happens if you stay on the site, got to say your not doing to bad at all, producing some really good loops at the moment.

    Ste :P

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