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Artist Spotlight - Charlieg

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  1. 630386
    Unknown User : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Monday, 09 Aug 10

    Today Funkapprovals has the honor and privileged of speaking with a great man and a great musician on the website. He calls himself CharlieG but his real name is Charles Garrett. In this Funkapproval slash interview expanded edition he has allowed me to call him Charlie.

    Well let me start off by saying Charlie has reached a milestone and has celebrated his 2 year anniversary on That fact in itself deserves a big congratulations to Charlie.

    So Charlie has been around for over 2 years can you say that you know him or knew that he was there making great music? Well you should have because for starters Charlie has created over 50 tracks the really hard way. I mean he actually plays the music. Charlie plays a Fender Strat, Gretsch Guitars and others as well and plays them in multiple Genres. He has a rich assortment of Genres to include Funk, Blues, R&B, Rock, Cinematic, Chillout, Ambient, Jazz, Country and Acoustic. You'll find songs by him in those Genres I just stated. Charlie is a surely a master of the classics from Jim Croce, to Garth Brooks, Joe Walsh, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Carlos Santana and list goes on and on at what Charlie can do, Wow!

    One of Charlie's Funk tracks caught my attention and upon close inspection of his profile I knew I hit musical Gold! So I quickly contacted Charlie to let him know he was being recognized for Funk excellence but quickly realize that Charlie is a multi-talented musician as he also enlist the help of Apple Garageband to round off his wonderful sound.

    Coincidentally the track that's is getting the Funkapproval is called "The Hardest Working Man" by CharlieG. How fitting is that to sum up CharlieG right here on This song has a real James Brown 70's influence to it and is totally Awesome, I love that track Charlie! And so yes I contacted Charlie and he was super cool and very nice to participate which I was extremely excited about. So the interview goes as follows:

    FUNKAPPROVALS: So could you give an opening statement about yourself.
    CHARLIE: I have been married for 26 years. I have two children and two grandchildren. I was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. I have been playing guitar since 1973

    FUNKAPPROVALS: How did it all start for you musically?
    CHARLIE: My father bought me a snare drum, but after hearing me play, he took it back to the store. My brother was given a guitar which he didnt really care about. I picked up the guitar and basically never put it down. I have only had one formal guitar lesson. I learned to play in Memphis by hanging around the great musicians on the River Front and down on Beal Street. I also played with the blues guitarists down in Clarksdale Mississippi where the delta blues started.

    FUNKAPPROVALS: When was your band created?
    CHARLIE: The last band I was called Riff Raff and ran from 1990 to 1999. We played all over the area and were then discovered by a radio station FAMA in Warsaw Poland, who started playing our music regularly and interviewed me.

    FUNKAPPROVALS: What is your favorite Genre?
    CHARLIE: I love Funk, Blues, Classic Rock, Spanish guitar, Latin music, and really there is no genre that I do not appreciate on some level.

    FUNKAPPROVALS: Where do play your music and do you ever go out on tour?
    CHARLIE: I used to tour, however I became disabled after a car accident and now I play music in my home recording studio. I have played all over the United States and in Europe.

    FUNKAPPROVALS: How did you End up on
    CHARLIE: Looperman is a great site where I have found other musicians that I can collaborate with. I actually stumbled onto the site while searching for backing tracks.

    FUNKAPPROVALS: Where else can your music be found?
    CHARLIE: At the moment, I am exclusively on Looperman.
    FUNKAPPROVALS: Charlie, That fact alone is truly amazing because you are an awesome talent!

    FUNKAPPROVALS: So Charlie could you conclude with anything else you want the Looper fam to know.
    CHARLIE: I teach guitar now and also record for myself and produce demos for others. I think Looperman is a great forum and would love to see its continued success.
    FUNKAPPROVALS: Thank you Charlie! This was truly great honor to interview a musician with rich and blessed appreciation for music. This site would be much poorer without your great music!

    That concludes an awesome interview with Charles Garrett Funkapproval recipient for 9 Aug 10.

    The Funkapproval Track: "The Hardest Working Man" by CharlieG
    Show Charlie some looper fam luv by checking out some of his songs and reviewing them

    Charlie also has some super awesome collabs as well with some other great musicians on this site. Wow, CharlieG, man, you talk about your diamond diamond in the rough.
    Charlie Became a member on the 1st of August 2008. So don't Forget to wish Charlie a very happy 2 year anniversary right here on this thread and with his 50 tracks of serious music there's something there for nearly all true music lovers! Congrats Charlie!

    This has Been "JoeFunktastic" reporting for the Funkapprovals thread on

  2. 605220
    Ensam : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Nice addition, lets see what can be done with something like this.


  3. 400188
    AllenV : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Great interview FLS and great song from Charlie!
    I had reviewed a different song of his before and caught this one as a featured track but forgot to revisit it...Ive been hittin' play during my looper travels and now keep a list to remind me of all the great music that I come across.
    It's great to know a little more about Mr.Garret and his background...of course I alresdy love that sweet sounding Strat so I applaud this hard workin'music man!
    Thanks to you FLS for bringing attention to this underrated artist and his funky song.


  4. 186161
    Spivkurl : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    I had noticed this song before, it's totally groovy! Charlie, congratulations on being here for two years, we love your contributions!

  5. 605220
    Ensam : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    If you haven't done it, check out this track and give yourself a free music lesson.


  6. 247253
    n0mad23 : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    I totally support this song's recommendation! Really captures the spirit that made James Brown so great. Pure sonic enthusiastic happiness, Funk style!

    Great interview, too! I'd like to see more of this on the site, as it gives insight into our artists that you can't get by visiting a profile page.

    Big thumbs up to CharlieG and JoeFunktastic for this thread, and bringing such a fantastic Funk track to our attention.

  7. 636839
    simmerdown : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    great idea FLS! great contribution to the site

    really fun read, feel like a met charlieg for a minute

  8. 308224
    theHumps : Mon 9th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Nice job with putting this together FLS. Wouldn't mind seeing "the interview" be a regular feature here. It really lets you know a bit more about someone. Guess I agree with what everyone else said.

    Happy 2 years on the site Charlie, great song!

  9. 161558
    CharlieG : Tue 10th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Warm thanks to everyone for listening, to you FUNKAPPROVALS, and LOOPERMAN for such wonderful words of encouragement and for such a great forum!



  10. 396949
    FDV : Thu 12th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    A great idea this. Use to buy every month a magazine on producing, thirst things I read where studio checks, demo rescue etc. I hope this will be a regualer event.

    few ideas for upcoming
    If its posibble and person agrees on it a few foto's from workplace and some things about the way they work?
    Ad a remix:
    Everybody has some recorded loops or a track that show potential but it just doesnt happen. I think it would be a fun that guest offers a remix pack that will be avaible for a short amount of time. Before or after the special
    CU on the next approval

  11. 1
    Looperman : Thu 12th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Added to ones to watch. Will find a better place for these type of posts though

  12. 630386
    Unknown User : Sat 14th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Giving thanks to you Looperman for this awesome site addition!

  13. 236283
    JWilson : Thu 19th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Wow, I'm from Memphis, TN as well. I can really say you're a great musician. Wish I could play guitar like that.

  14. 630386
    Unknown User : Tue 5th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    I agree! Charlie awesome performance on Eshar's Funk Mixtape. Charlie your Funk rocks hard man!


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