How To Get Your Forum Threads Noticed

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    Looperman : Thu 22nd Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    When posting in the forums unless you follow a few simple rules then there is every chance that your forum posts will go unnoticed and you'll never get the answers you were looking for.

    These tips not only apply here but in every forum you'll ever use.

    These tips will also help your post be found not only by members of this site but by users searching the internet.

    Make your forum title describe the whole post in just one short sentence.

    - Take this thread for example. just by reading the title you know what its about.
    - A bad example would be anything like "help", "check this", "new track", "im stuck"

    Choose the correct category to post your message

    - Many people only read certain forum categories so unless your post is in the correct one it will never be seen.
    - Mods get tired of moving your threads and may end up suspending your ability to start new threads.

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