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    Looperman : Sun 25th May 2008 : 13 years ago

    I just made a change to how you go about uploading tracks.

    Basically, if you wish to upload your tracks to looperman then first you must have updated at least the "About Me" section of your biog AND also you must have uploaded an avatar.

    I think if you want people to take their time to listen to an maybe review your tracks you should at least be bothered to sort your profile out a little.

    If you have not done these few things then you will see a message explaining things instead of the upload a track form.

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    Planetjazzbass : Sun 25th May 2008 : 13 years ago

    Hey cool innovation....question marks freak me out....cheers planet

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    eshar : Sun 25th May 2008 : 13 years ago

    This all sounds fair enough to me. I remember when I joined that I spent ages trying to find an avatar and it would have been so easy for me not to bother being pretty computer illiterate as I was then...but once I'd chosen my firebird I never looked back. Upload a pic of your cat, dog, husband, wife etc etc...but upload something. :)

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    Sixfingermusic : Sun 25th May 2008 : 13 years ago

    Getting an avatar is super easy, they are all over the net...and as to needing to put some info in your profile, why would somebody leave that blank. This site is free publicity and exposure. But as much about what you do and love out there for people to see. Well done. Your innovations are great, and I very much look forward to what comes next. How about a little "Centipede" mini-game? lol Just kidding Thanks, Six

  5. 137115
    skyrider : Mon 26th May 2008 : 13 years ago

    Fair enough, I say... surely writing a few words and uploading a photo doesnt take as much time or effort than say making a song. mik

  6. 67443
    SLAPJOHNSON : Wed 28th May 2008 : 13 years ago

    It's time for people to get onboard the bus! Cheers Slap...

  7. 146892
    muaddib84 : Sun 1st Jun 2008 : 13 years ago

    thank you man

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    RogueAi : Tue 3rd Jun 2008 : 13 years ago

    Why does my track say looperman track ---------- with a whole bunch of numbers represented by the dashes? I liked it better when it said the track name there.

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    Looperman : Wed 4th Jun 2008 : 13 years ago

    this was changed as people uploaded tracks that didnt play due to the file names.

    Ill probably change the display on the player though

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    ishmael_in_the_fog : Sun 29th Jun 2008 : 13 years ago

    is there any other way to upload different formats, cause all mine are in mpeg-4, is there some reason why we cant do anything except mp3?

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    Looperman : Mon 30th Jun 2008 : 13 years ago

    only one reason, to make life simple..

    Just convert your tracks to the format allowed

  12. 145199
    blairrock957 : Mon 30th Jun 2008 : 13 years ago

    Doesn't take anymore time to fill out a bio than it does to load a track. So great. Plus if they can load a track they can find something to load as a avatar. Question marks scare me. I keep thinking it's the Riddler and he's out to get me.

  13. 34452
    Gsusfrk : Mon 21st Jul 2008 : 13 years ago

    Simple is awesome! I was one of those people who didn't have a Bio, i was a little --> >.> at first then logic clicked in and i was happy :)
    Nice work!

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