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Techno Log Book

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  1. 1
    Looperman : Wed 21st Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Following on from this thread

    Ill start up the techno Log Book

  2. 429225
    Namele55 : Wed 21st Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    In reply to BlackRyan, yeh, thats what I'm talking about! I used to go to the Orbit in Morley from 94 to 2001 & that was what I called Techno :)

  3. 230419
    blackryan : Wed 21st Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    @namele55 - I too graced the doors of the Orbit. Probably the premier techno night in the UK at that time with the cream of DJ's in regular attendance.I'm guessing you made it to Sankey's too for Bugged Out?

    Anyway here's a track I did'nt discover until this year. Not quite sure how. It's a corker!!!

  4. 429225
    Namele55 : Wed 21st Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Yeh that style brings back memories, never actually made it to Sankeys tho, I dont live far from Morley so that was my sanctuary, my home from home :). . . .anyway, seeing as this is a Techno logbook I'll give a quick personal view on what I perceive as techno. . . .

    Techno (to me) is more based on rhythms rather than melodies, I think when melodies start to appear it tends to go more into trance or maybe house.
    Not saying that you cant have melodic techno but the melodic techno that I'm used to or been familiar with has been more repetitive melodies. . . .

  5. 247253
    n0mad23 : Wed 21st Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Nice one gang!

    I'm really curious about origins and evolutions, so expect a post from me soon teasing out this side of the genre. Look forward to understanding more of this subject!

  6. 306233
    Salook : Thu 22nd Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Yeah 'Techno' was hijacked by the mainstream media in the 80's to cover for everything Electronic and the word bastardised by '2 unlimited'.
    As it says in 'wiki', Juan Atkins coined the phase to describe the music he and his fellow innovators, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson were creating.
    True Techno remained underground, and Atkin's 'UR' would encourage listeners to buy from independent record stores.
    It was 'Carl Craig' that spearheaded the second wave of Detroit Techno and set out to prove that music made from machines could still move people emotionally.

  7. 230419
    blackryan : Thu 22nd Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    I would say that what makes a track techno could differ from track to track. BPM generally would be higher than for house music but not always. You could have a slower BPM track that is still techno because of the composition. Generally techno would be edgier sounding than house. Or, you could have slower BPM techno that is a really sparse sounding, stripped back, repetitive style. Boundaries between all dance stles have become more blurred though. Techno like other genres of music has become fractured into sub genres with prominent djs and artists being the key players in each sub genre. The wiki page is very comprehensive.

    2 of my all time favourites

  8. 306233
    Salook : Thu 22nd Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Here's a link To Juan Atkins - Techno music(1988)

    Heres an old exract, and history behind the track and the creation of techno

    Pretty much explains that Techno was a creation of the progressions of black music in detroit, pressing towards the future, and embracing the technology.

  9. 306233
    Salook : Wed 28th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Thought i would hit this thread up with some Model500 tracks.

    Techno in its fundamental form from the 80's

    Night Drive (Thru-Babylon)

    The Flow

  10. 306233
    Salook : Sun 15th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    Ok, so i am posting this track here,

    A review set me on my way to research certain topics, one of these being 'Techno-Shamanism'

    Shamans are assoiciated with everything to do with movement, rituals of taking flight with the control of fire and with the journey from life to death.

    One aspect of techno-shamanic music ideology is that everything is music. For this reason Techno/electronic artists explore the experimental creation of music from all kinds of unusual sources.

    Computers are used to generate; DNA music by assigning musical sequences to the base-pairs, galactic music by transforming celestial radiation into sound, bio-music by translating the electrical pulses of the peripheral nervous system into sound, and hyper-music created by hyper-instruments which are basically acoustic but whose sound qualities are shifted by the motion of the performer and the instrument.

    Ravers feel, almost animistically, that there is music in everything, and that the key to releasing it is by using the right technology.

    Part of raving is “getting in touch with your groove†- like in the New Age, the idea is that each person has a fundamental musical self, a harmony that is rooted in their being that they need to get in touch with. ~ David R. Cole, Ph.D.

  11. 270061
    JoyfulWAVE : Sun 15th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    before all the diff techno stuff came out...i was really impressed with stuff by paul hardcastle in the early of 80s...he did great electronics in the 80s...

    and dont forget kraftwerk...they are the first techno producers for me...
    btw...nice thread :)

  12. 270061
    JoyfulWAVE : Sun 15th Aug 2010 : 10 years ago

    oh man...i listened often and loud to this track 1985...
    it really inspired me to listen to electronics stuff for the rest of my life :)
    paul hardcastle again...

  13. 230419
    blackryan : Sat 23rd Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    The Roland TB-303!!! What a noise this little machine creates. Totally revolutionised Techno.

    Check out Hardfloor Acperience

  14. 306233
    Salook : Sun 24th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    Man what a machine indeed..never knew its intentions were initially only for basslines, untill the likes of Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson to name a few took it beyond its original potential and using it to create the new wave of Acidhouse..

    Artists like Oribtal, The Orb, Aphex Twin, Goldie, Fatboy Slim, and The Prodigy all used the TB-303 in their tracks, and in doing so exposed a wide audience to the acid sound.

    Yeah totally revolutionised the music scene...and i want one lol

  15. 341564
    arkeyetexture : Mon 25th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    ive wanted on forever! those little beast are powerhouses!
    if you are blessed enough to have one heres two links to modification sites, the borg mod and the devil fish mod. both bring that mad cap acid sound.

    i belive the borg mod is dyi and the devil fish peeps will do it for you, i think.

  16. 230419
    blackryan : Sat 30th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    proper techno

  17. 383306
    SGN : Sat 30th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    @ blackryan - That's a classic right there.

    It's hard for me to describe the different sounds of techno so I'm just gonna give you'll some good examples:

    One melodic. One industrial'ish. Both from the same EP by Surgeon. Both excellent:

    Deep, darker techno:

    Something brighter but nowhere near approaching cheese:

    Stripped down techno: [this has the advantage of being a cool video]

    And finally - Awful techno:

  18. 230419
    blackryan : Sat 30th Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    @sgn - some good stuff in there and some new ones for me too. I'm really liking that stripped down stuff at the mo.

    Basshunter technot rather than techno? Or maybe techNoooooooo?

  19. 383306
    SGN : Sun 31st Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    Ha, I'm gonna go with "techNooooooooo". It captures the pain of hearing that a lot better. I actually had never heard of Basshunter before that song [is he popular?]. I just did a search on youtube for "shitty techno" and that came up as one of the results.

  20. 230419
    blackryan : Sun 31st Oct 2010 : 10 years ago

    techNoooooo it is! I beleive he does quite well. If only we could reach out to his listeners and convert them. He does however use a very beautiful girl in his videos (his secret weapon).

  21. 230419
    blackryan : Fri 19th Nov 2010 : 10 years ago

    Ok - more proper techno

  22. 383306
    SGN : Fri 19th Nov 2010 : 10 years ago

    Woah, 1994...I hadn't even heard of this thing called "techno" then. Great tune. Plastikman's "Artifakts" and "Consume" LPs are absolute classics in minimalism. Too bad the man hasn't produced anything in a long, long while.

    Speaking of Plastikman/Hawtin, you may be interested in this remix competition :

    The prizes are amazing, and the source material seems to be pretty great.

  23. 230419
    blackryan : Fri 19th Nov 2010 : 10 years ago

    Sweet SGN. I'll have a look at that.

  24. 306233
    Salook : Sat 20th Nov 2010 : 10 years ago


    More proper techno, this time from the man Jeff "The Wizard." Mills.


    Growth (Axis) 1994

  25. 230419
    blackryan : Mon 22nd Nov 2010 : 10 years ago

    @ salook - that 1st Mills track is too much for my brain to handle. Intense!!!

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