One Of My Secrets Of Writing Loops

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    Dj4Real : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Ok so im going to give you one of my secrets to writing loops........Find you a beat And write to the beat, keep writing loops until you get all types of different things going. Then you erase the beat and you end up with multiple loops. It works every time, and you are always on beat.
    Just one tip that might help you make a loop or two...

    Just remember if you are using beats from some thing you did'nt make, Dont save it and load it, no how much you like how it sounds with you newly created loops..

    Try it, you never know..

  2. 102056
    Dj4Real : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Wow I guess there is'nt any one that needs some pointers. We have hundreds of people here that write and post loops here all the time. Guess I just probably need to keep my secrets to my self...........There is way to much leaching going on here.

  3. 379853
    Alen9R : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    just like this i do loops, it's a great tip,man
    then some loops I keep for myself and others i upload on looperman!

  4. 102056
    Dj4Real : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    I do the same... I have hundreds of loops that I will probably never place here. Some I make for others, some I make for my self. I apreciate that man... Im just hoping that I can help the ones who cant seam to get started..

  5. 379853
    Alen9R : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    this technique should be called "loops with a purpose" :):):)
    that the easiest way to make loops

  6. 102056
    Dj4Real : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    I always say......Beat tested Loops.........B.T.L
    that way there really is'nt any second guessing your loop..

    Beat tested...Beat approved. I hope to get more in on this topic.... Id like to see more people try my method....Some thing tells me they are, but they will keep it to them selves unlike what I did...

    The problem is, there are to many haters in this world. And some have made it to this site. You have those who know they are good and don't mind teaching others. Then you got those who are pretenders. They pretend to know what they are doing just long enough to find out. And they never share any thing, Always just to them selves.

    We have to change that on this site. I realize every one comes here for different reasons. But it only takes a few mins to teach some thing that will help the new comers to this site.
    Any-who....enough of that.....lets get those loops in...make em pop...

  7. 69965
    ChaseManhattan : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    literally. that is the way i do it too!! i play guitar too, so that is the only way to record a perfect guitar loop. to a drum or bass or whatever track you got!

  8. 69965
    ChaseManhattan : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    listen to these artists loopers! these are words of wisdom!

  9. 379853
    Alen9R : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    Here's another tip on how to check good loop before upload!
    Before sometimes happens that I upload loop, which
    I have not played well,you know a small mistake,
    a note on top of another(one close to the other),
    or bad ending note or snare to loud,kick distortion..etc,nothing serious,
    but it bothers me!
    When I make a loops. then put them all under a strong,
    strong reveerb!
    This may sound strange but it helps me a lot to see mistakes,
    that reveerb sound highlight these errors!
    This is i use for the piano, guitar, drums(pop, rock, hip hop),you know for soft loops,
    THIS I DONT USE FOR:heavy loops, like glitch,dnb loops I do not want die, when
    I have headphones on my ears:))

    Try this technique may help you!

  10. 186161
    Spivkurl : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    This sounds like pretty much the same way I make loops too. It's a good tip, especially for someone who's never made a loop.

  11. 247253
    n0mad23 : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    When I'm making loops of live instruments (i.e. recorded with a mic), I usually get a really groovy beat going with up to 3 drum tracks. This gives me enough variation in the beat to keep it interesting. Then, like you I delete the beat!

    Good tip Dj4Real.

    Now to find those quite moments so I can make some more!

  12. 636839
    simmerdown : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    great thread...

    ive got one that i learned right here somwhere, if you have a loop with echos or delays, to make those 'wrap around' to the beginning of the loop as well, so they are not stopping and starting, if thats clear:

    in audacity or whatever

    repat the entire loop 3 or 4 times

    select one of the middle loops , or both, by doing this you will catch the tails of the fx from the first loop at the beginning of the loop you save...hope i made sense lol

  13. 1
    Looperman : Sun 18th Jul 2010 : 11 years ago

    the above thread is already going for how to make quality loops so Ill lock this one and we can carry on over in the original.

    Ill also link the original to this one as it has some good info

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