Dont Panic - Its Server & Code Optimization Time

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    Looperman : Wed 14th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Im going to be doing some work on cleaning up some code today to try and speed things up around here.

    There are a few things with the way data is stored that is starting to slow the site down as it gets bigger and bigger.

    You may well see certain areas either not working right or removed for a while as I go through things. Most things should be working as usual though.

    Dont panic if things dont seem right for a while.

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    Unknown User : Wed 14th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    A lot of my tracks say they have 1 review and when i click on them to read what the review is, it says no one has reviewed this track yet.

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    Looperman : Wed 14th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    fixed that now

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    Planetjazzbass : Thu 15th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Some reviews I have given in the past few days are not showing up on their author's page...Bam1956.....mixell but they are showing on my reviews given list.

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    Looperman : Thu 15th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    looks fine to me.

    give me a bit more info if there is a problem

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    Planetjazzbass : Thu 15th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Hi Shan...just had a look at Bam1956 account I have left reviews for three of his tracks(Movement in Head,Lost distance,Summer room)which are not on his review area...but show up on my "reviews I gave" area?....Also had a look at mixells account,some reviews I gave are still there,I think he may have changed it as his space is a huge advertisement for "myspace" that cricket?if so this site is loosing it's offense to him,but if all the personal account pages go that way..well you be the judge.

  7. 67443
    SLAPJOHNSON : Thu 15th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Spring cleaning in progress. Cheers Slap...

  8. 111292
    DUBPLEXX : Fri 16th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    counters of review shows 3 but shown message only 1(
    fix plz=)

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    Looperman : Sat 17th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    yeh, thats one of the things thats being sorted :-)

    Im setting it up so the you can always see some stats for any user

    things such as

    how many forum posts
    how many reviews
    how many tracks
    how many acapellas
    how many links

    I may even work some way of giving users some sort of points scheme where they can earn points for being helpful etc

    you get the idea

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    eshar : Sat 17th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Shan must be psychic because the features that he's setting up are exactly the ones that I would like to see.
    It's obviously no strain to have to go the bottom of the page to check the stats, but I do think that having them as part of your profile would definitely be an improvement. Nice one!

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    Looperman : Mon 19th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Hopefully you've all noticed the site is running much quicker now.

    Theres still a few things to do and to be honest the way things were last week it put me off working on the site.

    Its a new week now though so Ill aim to get the few things that have not been put back put back. Ill also be adding a few new features which Ill announce when they are done.

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    Looperman : Mon 19th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Added a new section to the profiles page where you can get a quick idea of a users stats. Ill make this so it appears when you hover over their avatar soon

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    mjmusic1 : Mon 19th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Can not upload anything now, keeps timing out

  14. 63133
    RogueAi : Wed 21st May 2008 : 14 years ago

    I just uploaded a whole bunch of loops and my loops page disappeared. What is wrong?

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    Looperman : Thu 22nd May 2008 : 14 years ago

    @travis, thats fixed now

  16. 109673
    shamus1 : Thu 22nd May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Hey Looperman.....There use to be the latest FORUM features on the bottom right hand side of the screen. I kinda liked that,because there was no need to click to FORUMS to view the latest Toppics being discussed. Any chance of putting that back?

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    Looperman : Thu 22nd May 2008 : 14 years ago

    yeh that will be back, i just have to optimise that particular chuck of code first.

    There were lots of places that were causing a little too much strain on resources as certain areas of the site grows and the daily users rises. To keep things running smoothly and allow more space for growth ive had to go back through things and refine how it all works.

    Its a little long winded but will result in a much better and quicker site. Im also getting round to implementing many other things that have been on the back burner while im at it

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