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  1. 203223
    Gordw : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago Ok, get comfortable , this may take a while to explain. I was screwing around with the computor trying to figure out why my masterwriter program keeps screwing up and not letting me deactivate the program. I have two activations spent on one computor but now the program isn't working so I want to deactivate them. I can't, so for about the fifth time I have contacted Masterwriter to get them to deactivate it for me. Anyway that's not really the problem but that's how I arrived at the problem.
    Chapter 2.......So anyway I was screwing with the comp. trying to fix whatever is wrong (no doubt operator error) when I put it into safe mode to try and run some sort of diagnostics program and fix the log files (whatever they are, I read it somewhere). Anyway now I'm stuck in safe mode and can't get out. I can't run my music programs or go on line with that comp. I can't log in as admin. which is usually what it runs in all the time.ANYONE WHO COULD HELP WOULD BE MY HERO.
    Chapter 3 Here's my trouble shooting method and my results.
    1. friged with computor and screwed it up........checkmark
    2. panicked and chained smoked 3 cigs
    3. swore until I used up my vast vocab. of words....still no results, I'm suprised that usually works.
    4. suffered chest pains but it was just gas....ok now
    5. panicked again and had a couple beer and 4 cigs.
    6. sent you folks an e-mail cause I can't understand the computor geeks on line in the troubleshooting forums.
    So if anyone can help I would appreciate but please use words and terminology a dummy like me can understand.
    Thanks Gord
  2. 203223
    Gordw : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago ANYONE? Got an idea? I mean besides throwing it through the picture window. I've already thought of that but I think I had better save that as a last resort.
  3. 258735
    LazarusBlack : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago are you using windows? could try by holdong down the f8 key during start up and it should give you the option of running win normally or in safe mode.not sure but u can give it a try.
  4. 636839
    simmerdown : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago lol, you kill me man, cant help you though , but you helped me get a good laugh out, best of luck to you with that, does not sound serious
  5. 337508
    subSpace : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago hey bro try this link out it might help
  6. 203223
    Gordw : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago ya I did the whole f8 thing, I even tried the fu buttons to no avail. Is there anyway to get into admin by typing something in somewhere. I really don't want to have to replace my picture window man. Anymore ideas. They would be without a doubt better then my ideas.
  7. 203223
    Gordw : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago Thanks man, I'll give it a try. I printed it out but unfortunately I skipped rocket science class on account of me spending too much time at the pool hall working on trig. Anyway I'll try and figure out the big words they use.
    Thanks friend
  8. 223506
    siensystem : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago - Which version of Windows?

    - Are you able to boot completely into safe-mode?

    It all depends on how much damage this caused: "riged with computor and screwed it up" since a forced safe-mode boot is either user-defined or the system itself due to some missing driver or deleted link library.

    I assume since you do not get a stop-error that it may either be one of the two reasons above.

    The boot.ini probably has the /safeboot:minimal switch which forces the system to select this state.

    IF Vista
    Boot into safe-mode as normal, then:

    1. Start
    2. Run
    4. BOOT Tab

    Check the boot-options section and if the SAFE-BOOT option is selected, de-select it.

    5. Reboot

    This is the easiest way to modify the boot.ini file.

    IF XP
    Boot into safe-mode as usual, then:

    1. Start
    2. Run
    4. BOOT.INI Tab

    From the list of options under the [operating systems] section, check which is selected and set as the default. The one that you typically want for a normal boot is:

    multi(0)disk...\\WINDOWS="Microsoft..." /fastdetect

    Check it and set as default. Also the easiest way to modify the boot.ini file.

    5. Reboot

    If this still does not work, then the issue is allot more serious than it may seem and since I don't have access to your machine to perform some basic might be better off looking for that window or take it to your local shop.

    There are other ways by accessing the machine with command prompt but really, if you don't know much about that, I'd be wasting time writing steps.

    What did you do? lol. Can't recall what files you deleted or modified?
  9. 223506
    siensystem : Sat 5th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago By the way the "..." is to shorten the string.
  10. 400342
    Unknown User : Sun 6th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago Hey SEINsystem great post to help out and determine a workable solution to this problem. I would also like to add where you left off if that's okay.

    I've encounter a similar problem. Sometimes brute removal of programs or hardware can cause Registry problems. The Registry in Windows is the core central database in Windows and essential it keeps track of the configuration of all your system's hardware and software. When you remove something improperly the Registry will go out and still look for it or fragments of it, like directories, drivers, dll files and other executable co-dependencies.

    If you are still stuck in a safe mode pattern despite SEINsystem's awesome recommendations then your system is a perfect candidate for a Windows Repair. You will need your Windows XP install discs. When the repair is done you may have to reinstall most of your programs and re-update everything.

    To execute a Windows XP Repair follow this Official Microsoft Document:

    For Windows 7:

    Use only Microsoft official documents for best results. There are a lot of poorly written help documents on the web. Once the repair is done you should still have all of your data but as a precaution a backup to USB is strongly recommended before running a Windows Repair feature.
  11. 223506
    siensystem : Sun 6th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago No probs DJM. A registry repair is probably one of the last things I'd recommend. Even stop-errors which are typically caused by registry corruption or sector-corruptions can be solved without the extreme repair.

    However, for those that don't know too much about how the OS works, this is a good solution to get things back to normal.

    It's an "ouch" though. :)
  12. 375728
    Cybertooth : Sun 6th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago ah.... the wonders of computers! so helpful, yet they suck. so we love them, though they are the source of so much pain.
  13. 203223
    Gordw : Sun 6th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago Thanks for all the replies folks, just so you know my picture window is now a big blue tarp. It has advantages though, I don't need to use curtains. Maybe I'll modify all my windows. First I gotta by a dust pan for the glass. I always try to plan ahead. Anyway a little more duct tape on my new picture window and the mosquito's won't get in. The computor seems to work just as well as it was on my front lawn as it was on my desk so at least that's good news, I didn't screw it up anymore then it was. Its appears that its performance is about the same too. One more thing I have to cut around with the lawn mower though. Maybe I'll Buy a goat to cut the lawn and it'll also eat the computor.
    Thanks Kindly Folks
  14. 203223
    Gordw : Mon 7th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago The computors in the shop. Hopefully I didn't lose my music.
    Thanks Folks
  15. 400342
    Unknown User : Mon 7th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago I just hope it is a shop you can trust. Unauthorized copying may occur without your knowledge or consent. When I worked in a shop years ago during the Napster craze, Jr. techs would copy files and mp3's. For you nothing would be missing, for the tech, copies of your stuff. This does not happen everywhere and all the time, but I'd make sure that they are trustworthy but still that's not an absolute guarantee.
  16. 203223
    Gordw : Wed 9th Jun 2010 : 7 years ago Thanks man I will be careful. Got it back now and have to reload all. Should have backed up more but I didn't. Anyway...thanks folks
  17. 438113
    mrcblake : Tue 3rd Aug 2010 : 7 years ago Well my friend you are probably stuck there because you used "msconfig" and put a check mark in where it says boot in safe mode. Now let's get you back running.

    1 boot into safe mode
    2 double click my computer and double click c:\
    3 click tools then folder options
    4 click view and put a check in where it says "show hidden files and folders" also uncheck hide extensions for known file types and hide protected operating system files. click apply and ok
    5 right click boot.ini and chose properties then uncheck read only and click apply and ok
    6 right click boot.ini rename it to boot.old
    7 right click boot.old and open with note pad look for this text
    "/safeboot:minimal" and delete it
    8 save it as boot.ini
    9 reboot your computer and when you log into windows go back to
    c: drive and delete the boot.old
    10 you are welcome
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