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    Bebop : Sat 29th May 2010 : 9 years ago

    Hey Loopermen,

    Just wanted to thank all of you who downloaded my loops so far. Especially those who reviewed them and sometimes PM'ed me to tell me how much they like my loops or how useful they are to them for their current project. I'm saying this not because I look for praise and thank you's - it's just that me coming from a classical and jazz background, didn't think my loops would be useful here, so it's nice to know they sometimes are. 11k+ downloads in a year since I joined is pretty good for me considering I'm not the most active member on the site :-p

    The only reason for that is that my job takes me away on long trips - Just came from a 2 month tour last night and I'm already preparing to leave again in a few hours. Which totally sucks since sometimes my schedule leaves me no time to compose and no time to create and post any loops.

    A special thank you goes to Mr Looperman himself - for this website and also for some really sound advice he gave me a few months ago when I "bit more than I could chew" as Sinatra says, in trying to do a website for a friend of mine. I got stuck and he walked me through it like a best friend would. Shane, thank you so much!!!

    Finally, if you have any suggestions on how I can improve the quality of my loops, or if you can point me towards some other styles I'd be happy to learn. I'm a total idiot when it comes to erm... hip-hop or any other style which is not classical, jazz or funky-ish.

    Ok. Me go. Thank you for listening/reading my raves :-)

  2. 73162
    HMNN : Sat 29th May 2010 : 9 years ago

    I've just listened to your channel and must admit I'm charmed. Just one "word" -- I dream to know and compose music like you.
    And what about suggestions -- you should definitely upload some orchestra loops here :P

  3. 439229
    mrE : Sat 29th May 2010 : 9 years ago

    la cascata is beautiful.bebop you are very talented.

  4. 148849
    BrownJenkins : Sat 29th May 2010 : 9 years ago

    Your loops are just fantastic!You play with so much soul and feeling.
    Thanks for your contribution
    French Kid

  5. 379853
    Alen9R : Sat 29th May 2010 : 9 years ago

    just listen your loops,you are incredibly talented!
    fantastic Loops, and continue,good work!

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