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Description : If I looked like this would you still want your gift?
Merry Xmas
If I looked like this would your parents be pissed?
Are you a narcissist or a racist?

Description : A hot happy new year song with exciting and cool vocals

Description : Hot lyrics that will take you and your audience back to the old school with New Jersey hip hop pioneer Kamal Supreme

Description : By popular demand and request, I did a vocal remix for this song "I Got jesus". Enjoy

Description : When a man loves a woman. Spoken Word poetry and hip hop fusion by Kamal

Description : Metaphysical spoken word poetry by kamal imani aka kamal supreme

Description : Spoken Word originally set to jazz about dichotomies and freedom. From Kamal Imani the Unorthodox Guru CD coming soon

Description : East Coast rap. Advising my enemies to fall back.
Not sure of tempo

Description : High energy hook with echos, smooth delivery about getting away

Description : Afro trap, afro pop, dancehall and rap.

Description : A spoken word piece about persevering spiritually

contact me at cipherkam at gmail dot com

don't know the tempo

Description : Party club vocals for djs and producers for new years eve and the holidays. The track must be cleaned up, I forgot to turn down the background music. Pleasse Credit Kamal Imani or dj kamal supreme

Description : Racism is so bad in America and on our planet that if aliens would come, they'd bug out on how crazy we look fighting over colors.

This track has a lot of background noise, but I wanted my looperman people to have it.

Please credit Kamal Imani rezawrecktaz music ascap T.Oats

Description : Due to severe low esteem due to racism, black kids are asking questions and kamal Imani is giving the answers via spoken word poetry

Description : Spoken word about people leaving or not, hypothetically to Africa on Marcus Garvey's Black Star Line.

Description : All people come from our ancient African forefathers and mothers. Perhaps if we knew this truth, we'd be better off, but it is, for some, a hard pill to swallow!

Description : A response to police brutality and racism of the African Moorish community in America

Description : A fun and silly song. Reggae Afro Beat flavor.

Description : short freestyle about police brutality in america

Description : Kamal addresses the possible causes of division of Africans and African Americans

Description : African unity reggae dub poetry spoken word lyrics

Description : up tempo hip hop guy flirting with a girl, she is in a rush and wants him to kick game (flirt) with a quick elevator pitch.

Description : A metaphysical spoken word song about your true inner potential and mission on earth by Kamal Imani

Description : A spoken word poem about the condition of African people.

not sure of tempo. I freestyled without metronome

Description : Since you Gotta Be in the House Just Dance is extracted from my latest Bhangra song.
Feel free to use it for free for promotional.
Please contact me for publishing/selling the hook.

Please credit DJ Kamal Supreme for this song and check it out online.

Acapellas 101 - 125 of 233