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Description : Hip hop and spoken word fusion lyrics by kamal supreme
There's a message in the music

Description : Hype MC move the crowd lyrics and dope beat
Remix tribute club banger to and for the sisters with natural hair styles

Description : Lyrics about a new car, a new ride, a new girl or one of them. Dope and funny lyrics. Classic song, but I remixed it with a hot trap beat.

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Description : Optimistic spoken word lyrics for the new generation

Description : A funny reggae song about swag

Description : This is the new theme song for the new TV show Bless the Mic Ciphers by Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supsreme for independent and emerging artists
bless the mic magazine dot ning dot com

Description : Smooth soul and spoken word anniversary song

Description : Spoken word poetry advising one to get on their post.

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Description : A spoken word tribute to black fathers on fathers day

Description : A true funny story about a girl who thought buffalo wings came from buffalos

Description : A message to Black youth spoken word. check the tempo

Description : jungle house tribal blend spoken word soul

Description : This is for the bodybuilders. Dance track for the gym rats inspirational

Description : Inspirational raw spoken word


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Description : Gospel rap made to inspire those who don't know that God exist.

Description : Smooth up-tempo sexy house track with smooth sensuous spoken word vocals by Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme

Ready SEX Go House Version

Description : Unorthodox freestyle in a unique style

bpm unknown

Description : DJ's will love this. This is a song to remind you that during sad and unpredictable times, that you can still get up and get out and live your life and your dreams. Hot Indian Bhangra music with fun party inspirational lyrics.

Description : Motivational spoken word advising you to push yourself. Originally mixed with new Bhangra song

Description : Again, a poetry interviewer asked me to write something about Malcolm X and I did it. I hope you transmit it. Peace Kamal Imani

hey yo i dont know the temp so go with what you know and have FUN

Description : My thoughts on Martin Luther King when asked by a poetry interviewer...

Description : Circa 1985 NYC these were the lyrics that I spit in the early hip hop era, but I think they are still relevant for the club, DJs and producers. Have fun

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not sure of bpm check it respect

Description : This was my underground hit in NYC circa 1988. We had James Brown and Sly and the Family Stone samples in it and the era was mostly conscious hip hop. Have fun.

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Description : This is part of a routine that I used to do at shows in New Jersey back in the days but it still will work with your dj set. Have fun

Description : About being in the house too much on lock down. I got claustrophobic 19

Acapellas 51 - 75 of 219