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Description : Trapped version of my original acapella(Wet only). Demo track on my tracks page

Description : Wet and dry..

Description : First day of skool..dont go back mummy..(All dry)
to be continued...

Description : Now this is just sad..and jazzy...(wet and dry)i've got a cool lofi beat for this on my loops page..

Description : Wet and Dry. A trapped demo up soon!

Description : From my track same title on my tracks page. only wet. If you want the dry vox let me know...thks...Nick

Description : You're too serious People take it easy..
it's just a game for me people I keep playin
Ever heard of Singapore? aaaand i'm losing U.
Demo track up soon..

Description : Wet and Dry on second part

Description : All wet..Demo track up soon..

Description : Only wet. If u need them dry for commercial track let me know..chck out my demo track

Description : Wet and dry,Check out my demo track on my tracks page..

Description : Forgive me mother.

2 part vocal wet and dry

Description : First part 3 layers wet. Second part dry split. High Mid and soft.
Sync with my beat on loops page

Description : Wet and dry..see my demo track on my tracks page.

Description : It's a world gone mad..Wet and dry..

Description : Wet and dry..sync with my beat on my loops page

Description : Wet and dry..

Description : layered wet and dry split.
U can check out the full vocals on my disco track here on my tracks page. Title: Come a little closer

Description : wet and dry

Description : Wet and dry

Description : Sang this to a Utube instrumental wet and dry..reference track on my tracks page.Actual tempo is 91.5 not 91bpm

Description : I've only uploaded the wet vox this time..let me know if you need them dry. I have a demo build track with just plain beat for collab if u are interested. check it out on my tracks page.

Description : First part dry layered. Second part dry split

Description : Some of that arabic flavor to the chorus. My beat for this is up as well. Chorus on 3 layers. 2nd part all dry and split.

Description : This is the exact wet acapella from my demo track on my tracks page. If you need it dry you can send me an email on my profile page..

Acapellas 26 - 50 of 392
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