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Description : It's time for the women to step to the men and ask them to dance. Sadie

Description : Spoken word for house music by Kamal Imani about being free

Description : Freestyle reminiscing of growing up in the Bronx NY

Description : Spoken Word metaphysics

Description : House and Spoken word fusion with background singing riffs.
Rezawrecktaz Music ASCAP Publishing

Description : A fun song to amp up the crowd and get the party started

kamal supreme aka kamal imani rezawrecktaz music ascap

Description : an uptempo song for the graduation with spoken word

Description : Inspirational lyrics for deep house music

Sirvivor is the gear for men who have made it through tough times and keep rising to the top

promotional song. If you can use some of the lyrics, have fun, please credit kamal supreme

Description : The Bishop is late again and Rev. Amen has to fill in until the gets to the zoom call. Once again, he's talking a little too much lol.

Description : Another hot up-tempo banger that will help you to get your work out started! Dance for 5 minutes to East Indian Bhangra (Belly Dance) music with the hype of DJ Kamal Supreme giving you a little strong encouragement lol.

Description : Hot hip hop motivational lyrics

Description : A spoken word message about individual and collective love and how it heals.

Description : Inspirational Spoken Word by kamal supreme aka Kamal Imani

Description : A song for the skaters. This song is free to use and you must contact me for commercial use.

Bless the Mic LLc Powerbroker kamalsupreme

Description : Spoken word inspiration about depression and God.

Description : Every once in a while, I meet a man or a woman who is a complete stranger, but they bless me with wisdom and more. I put it in a song for you. Amen

Description : Comedy, making light of my hospital stay

Description : An inspirational ministerial sermon given by Minister Kamal

Description : Spoken Word hip hop poetry strong inspirational vibes

Description : We've all been going through a lot and it's time to renew, let go and let God!
The Word Needs a Revival by Kamal Imani is a hot contemporary inspirational
rejoicing dance song!

Description : A go go song by Kamal telling you it's ok to vent and shout!

Description : Roots reggae inspirational. A lot of echo and some reverb. Perfect for reggae mixes.

Description : Optimistic with singing and spoken word

Description : Motivational short speech

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 219