Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : Chorus I made for a song that never came out. Feel free to use it for non-profit (Youtube and Soundcloud are fine.) Just put "feat. sunshowers". If you're interested in using it for something that would be monetized message me.

Description : These are pop punk-ish vocals that I recorded for a song a while back! Looking forward to seeing what anyone can come up with using them!

This is already a song that is released on streaming platforms, so please only use on non-commercial platforms! Please add (feat. sunshowers) and tag/follow/message me at @prodsunshowers on Soundcloud so I can check it out!

Description : Not a conventional music style, so I'd love to see what anyone else can come up with! Please, only non-commercial use!

Please credit (feat. sunshowers) and tag @prodsunshowers on Soundcloud and I'd love to repost some. Also, if you end up using it, comment on the track below so I can check it out!

Acapellas 1 - 3 of 3
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