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Description : non profit only, lately you guys have been popping off so im posting a specially made accapella, enjoy

Description : non profit only, this is a rage accapella kinda like underground yung fazo so goodluck
follow me @sl.isc
key is f# minor

Description : make sure to dm if you use, also i just dropped a song make sure to check it out thru insta

Description : shoutout anuuu beats for making the beat for this, the song was bad so i scrapped it.
heres the accapella

Description : FOLLOW ME @sl.isc insta
Have fun with this, if you want to post anything regarding the accapella make sure you get permissions from me.
there is a chance i will complete the accapella after shown the song.

Acapellas 1 - 5 of 5
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