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Description : original by jaxxon d silva, poor thing. Cover by me. enjoy.

Description : poor thing lil peep cover. enjoy.

Key is F# or Fm i cant remember.

Description : original is by jaxxon go support him, this is my cover. enjoy.

Description : enjoy.

Description : Good news, good news, good news is all they wanna hear, no they don't like it when i'm down.

Description : Tried my hardest to replicate his voice with what the song gave me, i replaced all my unwanted notes/freq. and replaced them with his voice pitched to match. And that's how i got it to sound so similar but heavier tone.

Description : enjoy.

Description : Orlando cover.

Description : Only did a quick mix on this so if it sounds out of tune i'm just lazy that's why. Lmk what y'all think

Description : Shiloh Dynasty cover - Brown Skin

Voice is mine, just added some reverb to it.

Description : Vocals from my song down ways, lets see what you guys can do with it, be sure to let me know on here or on my business email in my profile

Description : You are free to use my accapella as long as you give the correct credits i.e "(feat. Randall)" Notify me on here or through my business email on my profile.

Acapellas 1 - 12 of 12
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