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Description : i dont give a fuck about anything.

Description : energy

Description : wheres the change in my life and when is it coming.

Description : focus

Description : contemplating

Description : i wanna travel to cali

Description : Success is easier together.

Description : share your work.

Description : share your work.
thanks to everyone using my acapellas.
I 've been listening and theres some really good ones.

Description : Share your work.

Description : Share your work.

Description : Share you work.


Description : this is my own acapella feel free to share your beats.

Looperman only allows mp3 files for acapellas and my DAW exports with a very small silent delay on the beginning of anything I export.

If it sounds off...

Just set the tempo of the acapella then turn on the metronome and cut the silence till it sounds right.

Acapellas 1 - 14 of 14
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