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Acapellas (1)

Tags : 125 bpm | Hip Hop | 6.71 MB | Adult Content | Female | Unknown | Singing | Key : B
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Description : A Song written and performed by UK RnB/Urban Artist Tereza Delzz recorded in Penthouse S2DIO London.

The song is tells the story of Jimmy who is a Wannabe Gangsta.

The Original is to be released on major streaming sites and is a first promotional solo effort from the Artist who has worked with some big names in the UK Urban scene (inc, Wiley) in the past and is about to venture in her solo effort for 2018.

Listen to the original on Spotify here.

You are free to remix in full or to make re-edits to the acapella which is studio quality.

It is requested that you credit the Artist and share a link if you are making it public so the Artist can listen to your work.

You may be contacted if the Artist enjoys your remix to work on original material in the future.

For more info on the Tereza Delzz she has a few videos with various Artists on youtube.

Acapellas (1)