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Description : my soundcloud is the same as my name on here, send your tracks there!

Comment tracks below!

Original song is on my soundcloud but i cant post a link, check it out if you want a reference! @sinxi on soundcloud
Description : Credit (ft. Sinxi) in your songs, other than that i hope you have fun with it!
Description : comment your projects below x

Description : Be sure to commnet or email me your tracks -
Description : Post your tracks in the comments and chefck out my orignal cover HERE -
Description : All i ask is that you post your songs below and include (Ft. Outsidde) in the title of your track, enjoy x
Description : Credit me in the remix as 'Ft. Outsidde'

Link to original track for reference -
Description : Link tracks in the comments, include Ft. Outsidde x

Link to original track for reference -
Description : Be sure to write (Ft. Outsidde) on your songs, and post them in the comments, would love to hear what you come up with.

Free for non profit use x

Email me for any queries on pricing for commercial use at
Description : Be sure to include (Ft. Outsidde) in your songs. Comment them in the comments, id love to hear!x
Description : Make sure to credit me as 'Ft. Outsidde' if you decide to use this acapella.

Please link your projects in the comments x

Check out the original song if you need a reference -
Acapellas 1 - 12 of 12
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