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Description : I thought I'd make some crud bars. I hope you enjoy it. Contact me on Instagram: Servilious

Description : Finally I have written new lyrics and have recorded them. I hope you like it. I recorded this over Kodak Black - ZEZE. I will hopefully be uploading acapellas weekly. Enjoy! If you want to contact me message me on Instagram: Servilious

Description : Another Acapella off a song me and Misfit Massacre made a while back. Send me what you make of it.

Description : This is an old acapella which I made for a song with Misfit Massacre a while back. I shot the music video for it on Youtube as well. Send me links of what you make of it

Description : I made this a good 2 years ago, show me what you can make of this. Unfortunately I can't remember the tempo for it lol

Description : I was going to release a song a while back called beastMode but this version of the acapella didn't make it. Enjoy!

Acapellas 1 - 6 of 6
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