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Description : what is bacalao you may ask? its salted codfish in the caribbean when a girl is upset and jealous bacalao is a slang that they are salty


Description : club vibe

Description : tune about pandemic

Description : diffrent vibe


Description : dabcehall reggaeton

Description : reggae western

Description : new vocal for remix!

Description : jus a quick vibe

Description : some positive vibes my latest release to remix!

Description : sort of moombaton vibe!

Description : just a small vibe maybe can be used in the edm style

Description : Cool summervibe for you guys to remix!!

Description : dancehall and trap vibe!

Description : cool summer style tune for remixes!(non commercial)

Description : Dancehall style

Description : my latest for remix!

Description : This one is a sort of clubby vibe!

Description : would like to hear a great remix of this acapella fun song!

Description : experimenting with a diffrent vibe!

Description : made a tune to big up all the strong women out there diffrent type of vibe

Description : Fun tune! thanks for checking out my pellas:)

Description : Dancehall/soca vibe

Description : reggae style lyrical

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 177