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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : Dry No Mix No Drums If u Use this acapella Make sure u Credit me lil woodie wood and john snow
and also I want u to label the song like so (or it will be tooken down) Lil Woodie Wood - I Don't Wanna Rap Fast (feat. John Snow & _______(your name goes there ) Remix _______ (Your name) Prod. _____ Your name if use this u must also use the whole thing leave a link in the comments i wanna hear what u make

Description : if you use this acapella Title it like this -
Lil Woodie Wood - I Don't Wanna Rap Fast (feat. John Snow & _____ (your Name) Remix _______ (Your Name) Prod. ______ (Your Name)
it was recorded in 110 bpm it should line up perfectly
if u want the dry acapella leave ur email in the comments let me know
Im Open To Collabs I write Atleast one song a day im also a producer leave links in the comments i wanna hear what u make even if its not good

Description : Credit Me As A Primary Artist Not A Ft If u Use this Acapella (Lil Woodie Wood) Look Me up On Spotify 48 000 Monthly listeners This was Just A Verse I Wrote In like 5 minutes And Recorded in one take Drop A Link In The Comments Even Its BAd I wanna hear it Im Also A Prod. My Self And Im Open To ANy Collabs I Make Music Everyday to So I can Work Fast And Better then This This Is really Just A Throw Away Its Also Pitched up

Description : this was done by lil woodie wood credit me as a primary artist and not a ft and also im up for collabs im a prod. and rapper and i own a record label this is a eminem diss freestyle i did off the top Flipped mgks werid beard baar this was recorded in 80bpm alsso has drums on it

Description : Give me lil woodie wood credit as a primary artist if use this and drop the link in the comments even if its bad i wanna hear it

Description : This Is off A Up encoming Track me And Ras Kass Got coming it isnt mixed much if u use it credit me as a primary artist Lil Woodie Wood And Also Drop A link In The Comments EVen if its bad u can upload it to all streaming services and earn money as long as im labeled as a primary artist and not a ft artist the song was recorded on a beat in 82 bpm there is 21 bars here

Acapellas 1 - 6 of 6
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