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Description : Hey. just for fun, not so serious haha. Its a dark vocal cover of
The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army.

Do what you want. Follow me on instagram (myhrtic) for more shit like this. BTW i only anwser on stuff i like, because im a piece of shit.

Description : Hey again!
Well i made this just messing around. Use it if you like BUT.... DONT set it as an original mix, that makes me wanna stop put out vocals here. But i do it for you guys so you can play and maybe have some fun (y)

Description : Hey!
I dont own the rights for this lyrics. Its a vocal cover of the original Lena-Satellite. I just got the melody in my head, so i just recorded this shit and put it out here for you guys. I dont know all the lyrics tho. Follow me on instagram (Myhrtic) for updates and new vocals (y) Peace bruuuh from my closet haha

Description : A new accapella is out!(yay)

Original track at Myhrtic on soundcloud.

Happy to hear your stuff.
Dont forget to follow my instagram so you know when im dropping more vocals and for some sneakpeaks on next ones :) Link on my profile!

Ty so much for using my shit

Description : Here is a new one! Hope you Like it. ^^

Follow me on Instagram: Myhrtic.
To know when the next one is dropping

Description : Hey ya crazy producerfellaz.
Me and ZHVSULVN is happy to share the vocals from our new collab Fiery Violin.

If you are using these vocals, make sure to set it as a remix. This vocals are not like my other ones(DARK). If you want to hear the original its on youtube ^^. Love you guys and thanks for awesome feedback and lovely remixes you done. I hope you like this, but im working on some new deep vocals so you guys can play with. see ya

Description : I wrote this is 5 min. I started to record and now i got this. Hope you guys can make something out of this. I really want to hear your tracks. I have not made a beat to this yet. so are you up for a collab, hit me up! This is more naked than the other. Hope you still like it to :o

Description : Feel free to use this. Made this to my song Wicked pain.

I want to hear what you guys can do with it. Feel free to contact me :)

Acapellas 1 - 8 of 8
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