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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Tags : 60 bpm | Chill Out | 1.87 MB | Has Lyrics | Unknown
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Description : Ok, so I got tired of having a zero on my profile under accapellas. This was a freak mistake that came I recorded a sappy song I wrote on a Tascam 246. I accidently stuck the tape in a regular tape deck and got this. If you are really tricky, you could reverse it and figure out the words and hear how really bad I sang 20 years ago. The harmony is split L R. . This song is called Clouds. If you really want to hear the original version, go to the Jetset Indie link in my links and look up Clouds. This is the only piece I have in Accapella for now.

Acapellas 1 - 1 of 1
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