Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : This is a hook I wrote and recorded for a piano house type beat. Please DM me on social media if you would like to collaborate. @jaymuusixx

Description : this is a song I wrote with a catchy middle hook. please DM me via instagram jaymuusixx to collaborate. PLEASE ADD ft Jacobi for free usage such as soundcloud or YouTube.

Description : These are some vocal harmonies I think would work well in an tribal beat or African house. Please send me a DM on instagram Jaymuusixx if you would like to consider these vocals for a profit song. For a non profit song ie soundloud / YouTube, please PUT IN THE TITLE OF THE TRACK FT JACOBI - thank you. I Look forward to hearing your editions of these cool soulful vocals.

Please use my instagram if you require each Vox separately.


Description : I think its suited to minimal house, pop or any sub house genre.
if you wish to use this song please put Ft. Jacobi in the title.
Likewise, if you wish to put on any other streaming service, such as Spotify etc PLEASE reach out to me and ask for permission.

Im really eager to hear feedback comments & any ideas musically. Also excited to see what kind of music people make :)

Contact inf listed Below.
IG: @Jayjehromemusic - you can contact me here.
Thank you :)

Acapellas 1 - 4 of 4