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Description : Running, An afrobeats song about the life of a girl that stole him into an up and down journey.
BPM is 100. The key is B minor and yes autotune has been utilised.

Description : Lyrics available upon request. Based on a mamacita. BPM is 142 but you'll need to chop it as well to make the lyrics fit perfectly. Key is any.

Description : An afrobeats rendition of lyrics with autotune Melodyne. Adlibs included. You can use it how you see fit, just link to what you made in the comments. The BPM is 103 and the key is Bb minor. Enjoy..

Description : My only ask is that you send me what you did with it I'd love to see creation spark. The bpm is 140 or 70 half time. I recommend 140 though. The key is A flat minor/A major.

An 80s Rock type vibe, Synth track I think.

Description : A mash up afrobeats vocal of Adekunle Gold's Before you wake up, BaBa God by Sarkodie. The key is B Major and the tempo is 86 BPM exactly.

Description : The rap lyrics are called shorty should fit a 95 BPM track. The key is B MIN. Please post what you've done with it and let me see your creativity. Bless up.

Description : Hey, the only requirement of using it is to leave a link of what you've done in the description. Cheers
BPM 83 Key: Unknown

Description : Hi, So the only exception to you using my acapella is that I want to hear what you've done with it and have the right to post your work. That is all. This is a drill/grime type acapella. The bpm is 144 precisely! It's a series. Make sure you check out my profile for all parts of the song. Peace 100% original!

BTW you can change the bpm of a loop in Fruity loops DAW. Feel free to tweak it, I just wanna see creativity!

Acapellas 1 - 8 of 8