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Description : In Key D# Minor BY DOWNLOADING YOU AGREE ANY AND ALL USE OF THIS ACAPELLA will have "Michael Mayo - What's Right (YourNameHere remix)" as the title! And I reserve right to remove. Also IF YOU DO WISH to use a different name or COMMERCIAL USE you will contact me itsmichaelmayo.com/contact under "commercial use"
Description : Asta Manana is another Shamoozey original acapella. BPM 100. Key?
Its a sad story about a man leaving a woman with ups and downs. Boy meets girl, girl is crazy, boy leaves! Whats new, right?

Not sure what genre? Maybe trip-hop or something Mexican. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released"
for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.
Description : This is something I've been meaning to do for a while. It's kinda lame but whatevs yo. Sorry for some of the choppy transitions - I kept screwing up so I took the best bits from each take and put them together (it sounds better with an instrumental, I promise). Since this isn't that linear rhythmically, I added the 4 beats at the beginning, which should line up exactly with the whole measure before you want the vocals to start.
IF YOU USE THIS: credit me as Chaucie and send me the link. I always love to hear what y'all do.
Description : Saw a wonderful lady on TED conference Candy Chang from New Orleans that wrote on derelict house - Before I Die I Want To......

Those six little words have traveled all over the world in different languages, this is absolutely amazing to share publicly about what you want to do before you die. Death is a weird experience to think about, but we all do it at one time or another.

It really got me thinking of what I want to do before I die and it brought up so many thoughts and memories. It was an awakening for me about whats really important in life.

So, my question is what do you want to do before you die?
Description : Cuzzin Coo FT. Justin Walden & Sneak PeeK.
If U use this R download, please, dont 4get 2 comment & post a link of ur upload! U can call it whateva U like, jus please dnt 4get 2 add CUZZINCOO n the title!
-Cuzzin Coo on hook-
1st verse Justin Walden
2nd verse Cuzzin Coo
3rd verse Sneak Peek
I have remixed this song myself 2 give examples of how different it can sound ckeck out the remix & original here & let me know what u think!
Ive also added no effects so vocals are dry.
I look forward 2 hearing what U guy come up with. Enjoy!
https://www.facebook.com/CuzzinCoo LETS MAKE MUSIC
Description : The acapella to my new song "Whats The Verdict"
Not much effects added, I put some sound Fx on the intro that is included on this vocal, i can separate it into verse's and the chorus and upload them upon request let me know what you think.

Here is the link to the full song so you can get a vibe for how the track was put together

Leave a link to what you make with it!
Description : Just show me what you do with it and thank you for using it. I love hearing what people do with my spits. Just to let you know there are two people on this that me minor and my boy mr. whatif. And together we go by the name alzhrhymers. you can find us on http://soundcloud.com/minor-3. thanks
Description : KEY: C MINOR & BPM: 145

This is the WET version of my Acappella from my Take What's Mine track. (has effects)

1. My name, Stephanie Kay, must be credited in the project title and/or description.
2.For commercial projects, please notify me via email w/ a link and brief description of your project.
3.I ask that I have the ability to post/share your song (once released) on my social media accounts & can credit the vocal work on my website.
**IF there will be any issues w/ the above, please email me or facebook message me.

You can "pay" me w/ a Facebook like www.facebook.com/stephaniekaymusic ;)
Description : Its been awhile, so i thought i would a little something.
Its from a track called "What's Good" that I'm working on right now.
Hope someone can use it..
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