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About Me


-Common Questions-

Q: Do you ever modify an existing loop upon user request?
A: No, everything is WYSIWYG (as-is)

Q: Can i have just the bass in this one loop you did?
A: No.

Q: Do you take general "make this" requests.
A: No.

Q: Is any of your work sampled?
A: No. I do use practical SFX, however. Like the sound of a clock tower.

Q: Can you tell me where you got the software for your choirs?
A: No, but Google can.

Q: Can i have the stems (pieces) to your loop?
A: Do you have a paypal account?

Q: Do you collab for free?
A: No. The only thing i'll ever do for free is found here on looperman.

Q: So you're just in it for the money and not the art of it?
A: Correct.

Q: Do you have a soul, and do you have a religion?
A: My music, and...my music.

Q: How can i properly credit you for any projects i may use with your work.
A: Don't.

Instruments I play

-Common Questions II-

Q: How much do you charge for an exclusive loop pack?
A: I need to know what I'm being asked to do first.

A: *clicks* I'm disappointed.

Q: I don't have much money to donate, but i sincerely love everything you do and i couldn't thank you enough for your contributions to this site.
A: No problem.

Q: So with that being said...can i have some free loo-
A: Nah.

Q: If i buy an exclusive loop or pack from you will it ever end up on looperman or any other site?
A: "exclusive"

restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned.
"the couple had exclusive possession of the condo"
Synonyms/ sole, unshared, unique, only, individual, personal, private
"a room for your exclusive use"

Q: I've got loads of contacts and my crew is HUGE. I've done business with Drake, Tyga, Migos and even the Lord and Savior Jesu-
A: Never heard of you.

Software I Use

Hardware I Use

Listening To Right Now

-Uncommon But Still Common Questions-

Q: What does your name mean?
A: It's not a name...it's a symbol.

Q: W-...what does your symb-
A: It's a symbol for a name.

Q: What are some of your core principles and ideologies? Do you subscribe to any particular school-of-thought?
A: Always use coupons.

Q: I feel like we've connected on a much more intimate level! Your music is SO refreshing. It's the golden ladle that stirs inside me like i'm some sort of dirty bubbling pot of untapped creativity and imagination ...that only YOU have the power to access.
A: ........first 30 minutes is $50, next 30 is $150. I only do in-calls.

Q: Is there anyway you could help me become a better composer?
A: I'm still learning myself.

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: Internet.

Q: What's your astrological sign?
A: Very libra. The definitive Libra

Q: How old are you?
A: However old you need me to be. In-calls only. Rates still apply.

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

My Music Sounds Like

Esoteric, occult, symbolic, subliminal, addictive, delicious, desirable, enlightening, consuming. shiny.

In My Other Life I ...

-Miscellaneous info-

1.) Kontakt Library (networth): $8,383

2.) 2,100 Days spent as a composer

3.) Favorite type of sound: Dull, warm and muted.

4.) Worse type of sound: Bright, sharp and airy

5.) Average time spent per loop: 2 hours.

6.) Most used FX: Reverb/Convolution/Tape Emulators/Grainulizers/Time Manipulation

7.) Least used FX: Delay/Flanger/Phaser/Distortion

8.) Favorite VSTi: Kontakt Player

9.) Most hated VSTi: Nexus

10.) Most hated type of composer: The ones that "remake" existing sound.

11.) Most liked type of composers: The ones who can make an original melody on the spot.
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