He like the willy wonka of sound
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About Me

---Occult Music Maker---

If you're interested in doing any sort of business with me, or have any questions about my loops personally please send your inquiries to :: 40amule@gmail.com

---Loops Terms Of Use---

There are no fucking terms...

----Popular Questions----

Q: Hey 40, can u take out the bass in that pad loop thx!

A: Sure, after you deposite moniez into my paypalz and you can have all the stems you like. :D


Q: Man u so good y u so good what do u use, do u play instruments?

A: I'm actually pretty bad, i mean if you've ever seen me physically make a loop you'd be horrified if not in total awe how long it takes me to find the right key. No i don't play instruments.



A: YES! -whispers something about paypal and monies-


Q: Can i use your work commercially?

A: Sure, all i'd ask is that you come save me from my menial and uneventful life after you make millions. xoxoxo

Q: Do u actually run a cult?

A: Depends who you ask.

Instruments I play

Essentially nothing.

Software I Use

FL 10, Skype, Gmail, Social Medias

Hardware I Use

Microphones, Midi Keyboards, Computer Keyboards, Computer mouses, mouse pads, USB docks, and anything Logitech.

Listening To Right Now


10 Favourite Albums


My Influences / Fav Artists

David Icke

My Music Sounds Like

Atmospheric, Dreamscapish, Abstract, Asymmetrical, Dark, Cinematic, Expensive, Complex, Detailed. etc.

"If a theologist and an atheist had sex it would sound like 40a" - friend

In My Other Life I ...

Run like 8 different cults, yo.
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