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Announcement! As of 7/18/2014, 3:40pm on a sunny afternoon:: The artist/musician/composer-guy colloquially referred to as "40A" (short for 40acrez) will be selling ALL his MIDI files!11

All my work is 1000% original composition.

With that being said; to all the producers who've been curious about my work can now get their hands on my MIDIz!

I will be selling them as bundles/packs for 6$ and i'm uncertain at this point how many midis will be in each.

Continued you in "Instruments I Play"

Instruments I play

"What is a MIDI and why would i need it?"

In laymenz terms, a "MIDI" is raw notation. It is the DNA of every melodic or non-melodic composition that has been produced directly out of DAWs (...DIgital Audio WOrkstation). The vast majority of all the loops you hear on looperman comprise of notes neatly arranged on a pianoroll, and what gives them their "persoanlity" is the instrument or FX the producer loads onto them.

But in essence they are all just note files.

So the benefit of having the exact notation of a melody is limitless. You can load any instrument you want onto them and you can modify any note in the score with complete impunity.

Here's an example of what it would look like if you were to load one of my MIDIs into your DAW

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Software I Use

"What if i just reupload your loopz as my own"

That's always a possibility, and not to brag or boast...but the loops on my page often times exceed 200 notes in a single score(i have one that is 356). The average notes for a looperman loop is round 40. So unless you have loops of similar complexity and shape it would be pretty hard to pass.

"What if i just resell them"

Honestly, you're paying to do whatever you damn well please. It isn't in my place to question what you want to do as a purchaser of my product.

If in the event you make millionz off of a 6$ purchase, you always know where to find me :)

Hardware I Use

Thanks for reading, and always, thank you for the mad love and support I've received over the years from this community.

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