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About Me

(((For everyone who use my work, i may mot reply, but i'm always listening to them, thank you so much for all of you who have sent me emails and comments. Senpai notices you all))

Hi, my name is matt...i've been a producer for like 6 years now. I'm super uninteresting and generally a dick to people given the opportunity.

I'm really into movies, i love cinema...and i love film theory and critique~. I also like applepie, but not nearly as much.

I learned to compose by putting random notes in the pianoroll until some shit started to sound nice, and ...i'm... not even joking. I can't read, write or understand musical notation or theory and i probably never will...

...because it's hard.

I love the way things sound, and not just music. As cliche as it is, i believe everything has a song in some way. If i'm not humming something irl, then i'm probably not having a good day....at all.

Instruments I play

I don't know how to play a single instrument. I've studied instrumentation for a very long time though, and i guess i have a knack for sound.


Software I Use

crazy busy

Hardware I Use

busy busy busy

Listening To Right Now

busy busy

10 Favourite Albums

super busy

My Influences / Fav Artists


My Music Sounds Like

Atmospheric, Dreamscapish, Abstract, Asymmetrical, Dark.

I've been told i have a "style" many times by many people, but nobody wants to explain to me what that style is so.......

mad busy

In My Other Life I ...

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