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About Me

-Contact Info-

Please do not contact this email if it's either a question about a loop, a link to your track, a collab request or other miscellaneous inquiries. Please use my looperman contact page for those questions. I will not reply to non-business related questions on this email. (Not even joking, brahz)

Name: Matthew Owens.
Age: 24
Email: 40amule@gmail.com
Residency: Virginia, USA
(For requests, questions or links to your work or other non-business related inquiries you can contact me via my contact page provided by looperman or click here: http://www.looperman.com/users/contact/782612)

---Loop Terms of Use---

All of my work i upload can be used commercially and non commercially. I very rarely reply to comments posted in the comment section of my loops, and it's nothing personal. If you have a question PLEASE contact me via the methods listed above.

Instruments I play

Essentially nothing.

Software I Use

FL 11 exclusively.

Hardware I Use

Microphones, Midi Keyboards, Computer Keyboards, Computer mouses, mouse pads, USB docks, and anything Logitech.

Listening To Right Now

The heart beat of the universe.

10 Favourite Albums

Anything i don't have to buy.

My Influences / Fav Artists

50a, 60a, 120a

My Music Sounds Like

Atmospheric, Dreamscapish, Abstract, Asymmetrical, Dark, Cinematic, Expensive, Complex, Detailed. etc.

"If a theist and an atheist had sex it would sound like 40a" - friend

In My Other Life I ...

Conquered nations, laid with queens, died in battle, birthed a star, ate the sun.
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