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Tags : | Rock | 5.93 MB | Featured
Description : hope you enjoy this one...
Description : looking for a vocalist then i can put lead to it, master it then who knows
Tags : | Rock | 6.25 MB | Featured
Description : A new song I wrote for my wife, the drums are from EZ Drummer and I played everything else and sang the vocals. It could use a little more work with some eq but I am tired of working on it. If you like it feel free to download it. Thanks Kyle
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Description : Something a bit more heavier.
Tags : | Rock | 1.44 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Heavy Metal Feel with Electronic sound and realistic drums.
Tags : | Rock | 951.60 KB | Has Lyrics
Description : Trying out some drum kits.
Tags : | Rock | 2.31 MB | Featured
Description : Here's the first half of my next single, its a rough demo, still gotta redo some parts and master the volumes , as well as complete the 2nd half of the song, just want some input if its sounding good so far or things to work on. Anyone who listens to like Staind, or Hinder I was going for that kind of feel acoustic rock.
Tags : | Rock | 2.02 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : I came home from my aunt's memorial service and felt the push to add vox to this great alt rock track by Kargalar. --- This song is for you, Iluminada. Rest in peace. Guitar, bass, drums by Kargalar. Vocals and lyrics by Iti Yati.
Tags : | Rock | 2.77 MB | Featured
Description : Hoping this will bring some much needed rain! This has been one dry summer. See the video here
Description : Update 12.09.2016 - I widened the Metaled vocals a bit, reduced volume on the "machine" rap section at around 3:00, and also added some effect to make it less harsh. dropped a little the guitar so the drums are louder, and some other small stuff. Let me know if better now :D This song started with me finding the vocals by Metaled, and thinking what can I do with it. Again, is it rap? Rock? Blues??? Please give me your thoughts on it, and also about the mix, always happy to get input. And if you just listened without commenting, that's cool too my friends. The track was made in the private band section at OK, here are the credits ................... . . . . . . . . . . . . Drums: My trusted mate Raymond (rp3drums).......bass-Ernie44o - great bassist I have the pleasure of collaburating by me. Vocals on this track are: -------------- Male vocals by metaled Dreaded phone call by Stephanie Kay "The number you have called" by Currybienchen No mans land by Janis71 and "hey oh haa" also by Janis71.
Tags : | Rock | 2.44 MB | Colab Request
Description : A very "paramore" vibe is on this one. Punk pop is not actually my style, it's an old recording indeed. If anyone wants the full song for a collab, let me know in the comments !
Tags : | Rock | 7.85 MB | Colab Request
Description : A slower Rock Track with a bunch of guitars and some synths. Drums are Addictive the rest is myself.
Tags : | Rock | 7.55 MB
Description : Thank you Romy Peace
Tags : | Rock | 7.08 MB | Colab Request
Description : I have had this one sitting in a folder for over a year. Decided to clean it up and hopefully get some feedback. This is the only track I have done so far with real acoustic guitars. I recorded it through a microphone as it is not a Acoustic Electric. Also has Live bass and some synth added. Drums are Addictive.
Tags : | Rock | 4.60 MB
Description : This is music for a video game that I am composing music for. It is my attempt at seamlessly blending MIDI electronic elements with recorded guitar. Anyway, I hope it is enjoyed.
Tags : | Rock | 5.09 MB
Description : for those lonely peoples who travel through deserts, mountains, waters, roads, cities, counties...hope you enjoy it...
Description : More demos days work - starts off a little more mellow than normal but picks up nicely :) Please let us know what you think.
Tags : | Rock | 1.81 MB
Description : This is the start of a song I'm working on , I want you to tell me if I should continue it or scrap it, and maybe some ideas on the 2nd half of song for lyrics, music changes anything like that, I want music to stay kinda simple , ballad , slow style though if i do continue it.
Tags : | Rock | 11.19 MB
Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Bad Girl (Rock Version) from "Bad Girl / Sixty-Nine" single (2016.06.09)
Description : More Demo work!!! Please! Leave feedback. Even if you think its trash. Please tell us why.
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