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Tags : | Rock | 3.35 MB | Featured
Description : Track made up with Xpandi software key groove and guitar parts sample etc.
Tags : | Rock | 8.17 MB
Description : Yeah, I know this one is kinda worn, but it's still a kick to play :-P Found a Jam track on the internet without the Slash part, so I just HAD to try it out... what do you think? Hope you like it :-)
Tags : | Rock | 7.69 MB | Featured
Description : Very rough state.. All Bass Guitar, with a few MIDI extras in the middle. Two nights worth of dickery. Was trying to find some fat bass tones and this is what wound up coming of it. Mixing is yet to happen, so there is a bit of conflict, but here's the main idea. Input and criticisms are more than welcome.
Tags : | Rock | 2.50 MB | Featured
Description : omars-omar-dope-drum-loop-1 evisma-light-chordal-bassline-alt reklothewolf-drum-loop Mixed rock using lm loops by artists stated along with some of my own. Thanks people, what you think?
Tags : | Rock | 3.15 MB | Featured
Description : I was really sick like a month ago but had to record something to keep up with my practices, i actually liked this 1 for being sick and its just so effects free, just straight me flowing with no written down lyrics and a sinus cold.
Tags : | Rock | 5.14 MB | Featured
Description : Short song...It's actually a loop.I never got to finish this one but i think it's cool.
Tags : | Rock | 5.69 MB | Featured
Description : Rock track a bit more edgy than my usual pop tracks
Tags : | Rock | 3.77 MB
Description : Live instruments and addictive drums, and vocal is by my friend Sanja..Pumping track.
Tags : | Rock | 7.24 MB | Featured
Description : Carlos Santana grows up on the Arabian peninsula with his BFFs Sindbad and Aladdin came up with two different drum sections for this that seem similar when you are not listening to the small percussion elements. nightengale-cryin, megapaul-orange-pudel-solo-guitar-85bpm, nilooy-lead-fusion-rock, mooz-short-guitar-solo-part-2-of-2-in-a-90bpm, thehumps-mando-1-notes-d-c-c-g-100-bpm, thehumps-c-mando-blues-pickin-1-100-bpm, thehumps-mando-1-notes-c-d-100-bpm, thehumps-cabasa-skip-1
Description : This is a rock music hook
Tags : | Rock | 2.97 MB
Description : Experiment with more synths and lower gain more vintage style amps.
Tags : | Rock | 9.97 MB | Featured
Description : Mega epic psychedelic uplifting rock journey you can dance to as it contains house drum loops, fat beats and massive funky synth bass. Shitloads of varied guitar playing using regular electric, sitar electric, acoustic resonator, slow attack style, screaming lead metal as well as other fun effects such as big, feedbacking delays. Also features a pair of different beautiful, strange, filtered, soaring violin instruments and a few other far out synths and pizzicato strings. Lots of programmed acoustic drums - from funk to dance to metal. I'd love to see a band play this live. There's loads going on here even though there aren't that many instruments so I hope it's not too cluttered, long or boring. Also probably is too loud, intense and lacking in dynamic range. Full track is 12 mins 50 (link is in the first track reply). The end metal solo is huge so stick around for that if you can spare the time in your busy, exciting and dynamic life. Interesting comments welcomed - extra Looppoints and virtual biscuits for the more detailed ones.
Description : My original thought was that this is to be an instrumental about my recent move to a new house and the reasons why I moved, that being the origin of the name of the track. It was meant to feel like a journey or trip and I started putting this together over two months ago, a week before the move. I finally added the electric guitar last week and after our recent collab I decided to ask Vicen to add some vocals here and there to help fill some spaces and help with the feel of the song. He knew exactly what I was looking for and wrote and sang some nice vocals that once again fit just right in with the music. Lyrics are provided in both Spanish and English. This one has a mid tempo western feel with electric guitar, acoustic guitar strum and fills, mandolin, bass, piano, a couple pads, a synth and three drum loops. After getting Vicen’s vocal tracks I added jingle bell midi track and after it was all mixed and ready to upload, I added the harmonica at the beginning and end as an afterthought but I’m glad I did. My thanks once again to Vicen for working on this song and making it better. Enjoy!
Description : once again instrumental track,
Description : Iranian Alternative Music
Tags : | Rock | 2.29 MB
Description : 1 Minute of Rock ! Made in FL Studio 11 Enjoy :)
Description : This one is I guess a pop rock number, it has lyrics that came flying right in with it, but i don't have the equipment, or in truth the voice to record them. I have no idea whose story the lyrics are as they don't match my past or present and hopefully not my future LOL sintheticrecords-sinthetic-awesome-drums darkreine-dark-acoustic-05
Tags : | Rock | 5.16 MB
Description : Just to kill some time.
Tags : | Rock | 3.13 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : So, I made this song a while ago. It's got a pop-rock vibe, and it's one of my favorite tracks that I've made. I hope you guys enjoy it :)
Description : Hey! This is just a guitar instrumental/solo i decided to play just because i love the song... leave a comment if i played alright its been a while... obviously i had to play like 6 different parts including the base and mix them in but yea please tell what you think.
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