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Description : A friend of mine needed a soundtrack for an art installation (a video of him clubbing massive ceramic vases in a massive factory in China) He told me that he was listening to BLEACH a lot during his stay over in China and asked me to come up with a song that could resonate with that vibe. Not really my cup of tea, "grunge", but i gave it a go. Let me know what you think.
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Description : Bass: Bhunt (Brain)--------Drums: Rp3drums (Raymond)------------Main vocals & Lyrics: Incivanpico-----------------Guitars & vocals: TeeGee-----produced using the private band feature at A proper rock'n roll track with just bass, vocals and guitar - I did it as some sort of tribute to Free and the great Paul Kossoff (who I hope forgives me for this poor imitation where ever he rocks hard now). -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The main vocals were recorded just to see how everything fits in, but in the end we decided to use it as it is. Rock and roll baby!
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Description : 2nd Update: Adjusted bass eq and compressor. 1st update: Made some adjustments to the mix. I had 2 compressors that were not set right, one on the bass and one on the master track. Hopefully it sounds better. I've spent the last week putting this pop/rock tune together and started learning parallel compression in Ableton. I found a good YT vid that guided me in setting up an effects rack and some basic settings. It seems to make the tracks fuller and the tracks seem to fit in the mix better as a whole. EZ Drummer, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, rhodes/wurli keys. I have some recorded vocals but they are not worked out so it's an instrumental as it sits. Any suggestions on the mix would be helpful. Thanks! Enjoy!
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Description : Knowing how popular swamp rock is on the loop (HaHa)...right...I thought I should upload one of my few efforts...Actually I had the wah pedal out a while back to record some blues/jazz guitar for our friend Pat (PDMuzak) and it felt like swamp time...If you happen to like the stuff, I`m still down here at the Everglades Asylum (ward 10)..please stop by and help me throw nurse Ratchet in the gator pond....I`ve got a jar of moonshine we can share as a reward....cheers.
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Description : Having fun singing one of my favorite songs of all time. (When The Smoke Is Going Down) By The Scorpions Thanks for taking the time to listen to it. =)
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Description : ...for a freind that got me to work on time when a coworker couldn't. Thanks buddy. Drums downloaded from here.guitar,mix, and edit are me.
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Description : long time I didn't make a track with some rock attitude...this isn't a rock track but there is a groovy as rock does and there are 'live' guitars and's a bit space rock chill from the atmospherical side...hope you like it...
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Description : Had a friend years ago who lived in Pearsall Texas that told me the story of the Legendary "Headless Horseman of Uvalde", which was the neighboring town to him and how some people he knew had actually seen this apparition. Once I went to visit him and his family and one night we drove over to Uvalde and sat on the bank of the Leona river for a few hours in the dark drinking beer, shooting the shit and daring El Muerto to appear. All of a sudden we heard the unmistakable sound of horses hooves on the ground behind us and before we could move a jet black horse crested the hill just a few feet from us at a full stride. It leapt from the bank, clearing a good ten to twelve feet of water, to barely hit the waters edge on the other side. In a few massive bounds he was up the bank on the other side and disappeared into the night. The both of us stood there shaking in our boots for a good 3 or 4 minutes, speechless. After we gained our composure we got the hell out of there. In the truck on the way back to his house I asked him if he was able to make out anyone on the horse, he said no and I didn't either, but it was very dark and it all happened so quick. We went back to the house and talked about it with his family for hours. The next day we realized we had left quite a few beers from our twelve pack at the river. So we went back, found our spot and retrieved the beer. While we were there we decided to look for the hoof prints and relieve ourselves of the fear that we might have actually seen a ghost. There are several ranches in the area and stray horses are always about. We figured the horse we saw could have been spooked by a rattlesnake or was being chased by coyotes. We combed the area on both sides of the river and never found any tracks. Some rocking guitarone with Mexican flavore my muchachos! And if your ever in Uvalde late at night, watch out. El Muerto just might get you! Read more about the Legend and then listen. Dont be a scared! Haha ! EDIT: Supafreakshow took some time to lay down a sick bass track for this. He sent it to me and I couldn't pass up re-mixing the track to incorporate some of the low register runs and fills. I think it really adds some punch to the bottom end. Thanks man, awesome bit of work. Looperman rules !!!
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Description : Symphonic rock - Fully mastered.
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Description : Written 3 years ago and just re-recorded. Cheers. Ps: here we are Pps: yes, great mix/mastering skils, I know.
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Description : A rock song from Farisha.
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Description : Here something new, fresh, dynamic. Somewhere between different genres. Maybe post punk pop rock with some medieval flair. Pure synthesizer music but somehow sounds handmade. No loops , all played by myself. On top of it a little singing from me. Recorded , edited and mixed with Magix Music Maker 2016 and Ultra channel. This song is a new version of the first song I wrote for my very first group. About 30 years old. I hope you can enjoy it and like it. Have fun listening. Comments are of course welcome. A translation of the German text can be found at -lyrics- There is also the German text.
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Description : drums downloaded from, sound clip taken from army of darkness, and guitar, mix, and edit are me.
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Description : Brexit - I guess that is truly the way it is. Here is a salute to you U.K. for the uncertainty ahead.
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Description : What I feel will be the next great rock song you hear on the radio, be the first to hear it before it goes on Spotify, google play, Itunes and everywhere else that sales or plays music. If you leave a comment you will get a free download.
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Description : ...a work in progress.Drums downloaded here from and guitar, mix, and edit are me.
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Description : My first ever track recorded and shared. I'm very new to home recording and using DAW. Don't think too much about the title, it started as a joke with friends and it stuck ;) I'm open to any criticism and advice you can give me ! If you're interested in remixing this track, please add me in your credits and give me a link in the comments =) I hope that you'll enjoy listening to it ;)
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Description : Evisma kindly allowed me to write some lyrics and sing on his amazing instrumental - and here is the result! You can find the uncompressed version on my Soundcloud account here: Please leave comments and let us know what you think. Thanks!
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Description : Old demo, one the coolest ones ;) Have a listen tell us what you think.
Description : Live instruments, vst drum and my crappy vocal :)
Tracks 1 - 20 of 2994
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