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Tags : | Rock | 6.04 MB
Description : Many years ago in my twenties I had a dream, a strange one if I may. I walked into a room with with the perception that I knew them from somewhere. Anyways, all of them were glancing at me, but one caught my eye. She was sitting in a bench with a baby on her lap, and as we stared I felt like I've known her. Strange enough, I woke from a dream only to look down in my bed and watch myself sleeping...curled up like a big ass baby...LOL. I descended and woke up. I never forgot that dream. When I first met my wife, I instantly felt like I've known her from somewhere before. Weird eh. But anyways, here we are 15 years being married and all is well. I did mention the dream to her and she thought I was a dumb-ass XD. Kidding! She was bewildered to say the least. This is one of the few songs I promised I was going to upload with a few other songs from our 2003 DEMO. I know, the mix needs much adjustments, so be easy on me when throwing stones..ok XD The important thing is the sentimental value I hold for this song, and which is why I want to share it with all of you. Oh, all acoustics and vocals is me. Lead guitar is my beer drinking buddy, Dave Cohen. Have at it :) Pete
Tags : | Rock | 2.08 MB
Description : Simple instrumental with guitars a drums.
Tags : | Rock | 3.39 MB | Colab Request
Description : looking for some vocals...
Tags : | Rock | 5.32 MB | Featured
Description : A new song that I wrote, I played all the instruments and sang, the drums are from EZ drummer. The track is kind of a cross genre rock track. If you like it feel free to download. Thanks for listening. Kyle
Tags : | Rock | 5.81 MB | Featured
Description : hope you like this track...
Tags : | Rock | 2.88 MB
Description : rock guitars, melodic,layered,harmonised,improvised.
Description : This is my second Rock track. Enjoy and put feedback, what u think about it.
Tags : | Rock | 5.60 MB
Description : An (easy listening) soft rock tune done at 180bpm. Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar / Hammond Studio Piano / Acoustic up-right Bass... 60's style synthetic drums and am electro kit accent.
Tags : | Rock | 9.06 MB | Adult Content
Description : Any praise or blame appreciated!
Tags : | Rock | 9.32 MB | Adult Content
Description : A new band is forming!! Any comments (tips and tricks) appriciated!! Enjoy
Tags : | Rock | 6.70 MB
Description : This is an original song I created back in 2003. It is one of five original songs we recorded at my guitar player's basement for an EP project we were shopping with. Honestly, I wasn't convinced with the mix duties but at the time we thought it was good's only rock and roll, right? lol. I will admit I had a blast putting this project together with the boys. I don't keep in touch with my old band mates, but I hope they are doing well with their lives. Rock on people, I'll be posting the rest in the days to come PS. album name is Human Element. Band is named Society X Spd2-vocals Mark Alexander-drums Michael Todd-bass Dave Cohen-guitars
Tags : | Rock | 7.20 MB | Featured
Description : Starting the year with a clean page again...makes me think I`m starting fresh but as you know that doesn`t always work any magic. I put this one under "Rock" as I think its a kind of slow rock tune but its whatever you think...comments always most welcome...Ed
Tags : | Rock | 3.26 MB
Description : movie score flow :))
Tags : | Rock | 2.84 MB
Description : Just over 2 minutes of mayhem !!
Description : Real electric/bass guitars, Guinness bottles and loads of distortion, delay and aggression. Drums are 4 programmed midi kits, a few loops and many individual samples. Vocal intro has been on repeat in my head for a month, along with the main riff. Guitars are a mile thick and in your face(hehe). A middle section serves as a patch of calm waters. A space for breathing before a last "movement" that is aggressive and my favorite. I'm spending more time writing and recording the guitars, and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
Tags : | Rock | 7.39 MB | Featured
Description : Here's a song I created for you guys! Felt a spark of creativity last night and stayed up a bit to make this into a basic song. I provided the loops for the song if you'd like to restructure it! Real acoustic, percussion, claps and voices. No vocals but already structured for singing. Feel free to download and add vocals for non-commercial use :) Enjoy! LOOPS FOUND HERE ------------- ACOUSTIC: ACOUSTIC BRIDGE: BASS MAIN: ELECTRIC MAIN: BASS BRIDGE: ELECTRIC MAIN LAYER TWO: HIGH FILLER: DRUMS: CLAPS (authentic :P): TAMBOURINE (authentic :P): VOX Filler (sung by yours truly):
Description : Been working on this when I can. Needs more lyrics and the vocals still need tweaking but at least I have vocals for this one. Been working hard at trying to become a better singer. Not great but better than my earlier tries. Drums are AD the rest of the instruments are myself. As always reviews, ideas and general feedback welcomed.
Tags : | Rock | 5.96 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Hi all. This is a song for our first demo (Obscure by A thousand lions). You can get it for free here and find us here: Cheers.
Tags : | Rock | 3.45 MB
Description : For all the vagabonds of the western world.Leather trousers are optional.
Tags : | Rock | 7.11 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : So I've been watching waaaay too many videos about monsters of the deep ocean. So it seemed only natural that I used this theme as a basis for a song. It's kinda got a modern rock sound, so I went with that as a genre description. Please enjoy!
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