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Tags : | Rock | 4.49 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : What can I say about a song called Strange Dreams of Dr Mortimus Lyle,
Tags : | Rock | 9.72 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : This is the completed song that I previously uploaded, which you can find here: My older brother does lead vocals, I do all instrumentation and backup vocals, except for the solo guitar parts, which the oldest brother did. Recorded, mixed and mastered in Pro Tools 12 by yours truly. Comments welcome! LYRICS PROVIDED
Tags : | Rock | 3.67 MB | Featured
Description : This is my cover of Frank Zappa's beautiful waltz - Sofa Number one, from my favourite of all his albums, One Size Fits All.
Tags : | Rock | 4.10 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : the song is about all the homeless people around the world
Tags : | Rock | 8.67 MB | Featured
Description : Another rock track which is a little bit more complex than my previous two uploads of the Kyudards Band.
Tags : | Rock | 7.57 MB | Featured
Description : instrumental
Tags : | Rock | 5.58 MB
Description : Head phone please, There is a lot going on in the background of this track This is a song off a concept CD I wrote Alice In Wonderland.
Tags : | Rock | 6.84 MB
Description : First studio song I ever made.
Description : Another demo from 2013-2015
Tags : | Rock | 6.27 MB | Colab Request
Description : BPM 100, standart D tuning. Enjoy ! and don't forget show me your mix ! thx !
Tags : | Rock | 1.61 MB | Adult Content
Description : More demo work. :)
Tags : | Rock | 4.37 MB
Description : This song was co-written by Steve Stevens of Billy Idol.He also played on the Michael Jackson "Dirty Diana" song and video. You will hear in the lead his Ray Gun, one of the many trade mark licks he has.
Tags : | Rock | 4.75 MB
Description : this track is not mixed but you can get a idea of how hard hitting it will be. I am going to do final mix later in the week.The song is about the world machine as far as working for the man goes. the into was done in one take.
Tags : | Rock | 7.44 MB
Description : This is one of my earlier progressive instrumentals. It consist of funk and rock added with a pad and sequencer. It is also constructed for vocals I'll be adding further down the road. I used my Strat and Line 6 HD400 for guitar work, my Schecter bass going through a Presonus Studio Channel preamp interface and adding my Studio Devil Bass vst for a cab simulator, which is arguably the best bass simulator software imho.. For drums I used Toontrack Superior with a couple drum loops. I don't have the separate stems (lost from PC crashing) to correct a few clippings so I tried masking it by adding a certain amount of reverb and automated the high frequencies during the break before the second verse. Anyways enough with the All thoughts are welcomed. Pleasant listening :)
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Description : Instrumental
Tags : | Rock | 4.44 MB
Description : I wrote the bass line first on a keyboard, when I recorded the track I used FRETLESS Warwick Bass.
Tags : | Rock | 4.19 MB | Featured
Description : Song recorded recently with my dear friend Sanja... Live instruments and VST drums.
Tags : | Rock | 8.48 MB
Description : A while ago I came across a song from a friend of mine, and it instantly became one of my favorite work of his. I asked him if I could do a remake and with much enthusiasm he insisted .Joe Loss is his name, and some of you might know him as Lost Joe. Joe sang of couple of lines on here, and I sang one. I used my Strat guitar running theough a Line 6 POD HD400 floor controller, Schecter bass with Studio Devil vst, and Toontrack Superior for drums. Here is the original link to Joe Loss (Lost Joe) 'Waiting For The Light'. Feel free to comment. Hope you like :) Pete
Tags : | Rock | 7.90 MB
Description : This is a song about Crack cocaine and how many people have lost everything to the rock.
Description : Song about an escaped criminal who has nothing to loose and everything to gain.......
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