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Tags : | Rock | 4.12 MB | Featured
Description : Wow, its been 4 years since i uploaded anything here. Same story really, met my dad with an idea. With this result. hope you'll enjoy it! :)
Description : The thinking zombie made a kind of a folksong. A protestsong against the stupid humans ..... A little halloween fun for all the loopers out there. I used two loops looperman-l-0498019-0061370-tumbleweed-guitar-loop-3-f-g-am-g.wav and looperman-l-0498019-0061369-tumbleweed-bass-3-110-f-g-a-g.wav ENJOY
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Description : Demo Instrumental
Description : Bear sent me another song he had been working on; I cannot say enough about his songwriting and musicianship. His tracks are always beautifully started and easy to master. Bear - drum loops, piano, pads, rhythm guitar, horns Me - vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, harmonica, bass guitar, FX
Description : looking for some lyrics and a bass line thanks
Tags : | Rock | 5.49 MB | Featured
Description : Looped a riff that Danke made, and recorded some drums and vocals for it! Enjoy! Rock/grunge.
Tags : | Rock | 8.79 MB
Description : Acapella by Seamus "Shamoozey". Lyrics from the song by Eric Bogle - No Man's Land (Green Fields of France). Electric Guitars by Megapaul. Hohner harmonica by RatRidge.
Description : Something a made. Rock/Metal inspired. If you feel like collaborating. Send me a PM and we can come up with something. If you want to record some vocals on it, do it! Would like to hear what you come up with!
Tags : | Rock | 6.21 MB
Description : Music, Lyrics, Instruments and Vocals by Ian Ranmann - Song worldwide registrated by SABAM Belgium - WIC Ref.: 202574100
Tags : | Rock | 9.66 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I have been working on writing a lot of Classic Rock tracks and I think I hit this one on the head. This could be straight out of the 70's. The words in this song are my advice regarding Love.
Tags : | Rock | 3.55 MB | Featured
Description : Little bit of heavy rock...Live instruments and my crappy voice... If some singer want`s to colaborate...Contct me..
Tags : | Rock | 4.40 MB
Description : Music, Lyrics, Instruments and Vocals by Ian Ranmann - Song worldwide registrated by SABAM Belgium - WIC Ref.: 150548600
Description : Unfinished track I'm working on, based off of Danke's "Black Roses" piano loop. Looking for a collab! I'm looking to go in a Rock meets Electronic or Dubstep direction, but I'm open to ideas. I have lyrics for a bridge, but it doesn't sound right with just a piano. I need amped up instrumentals. I really want to bring the pre-chorus ("everybody, c'mon, everybody") back at the end, but up an octave up in a belt with some heavy guitars possibly? I really want to amp up this song. Please excuse the piano in the chorus. It's not as beautiful as Danke's arrangement but I needed a change in chords. The song is in E minor by the way. Tempo=
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Description : UPDATED 10-24. Do you like my waveform? Very slim and hip, bet you wish you had a waveform like the waveform I have. Too bad you don't, maybe you should getcha one.... yeah, that's weird. Anyway,...Looks are deceiving. Bass guitar with MIDI drums and MIDI piano. Critiques are very welcome.
Tags : | Rock | 8.89 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I have always loved the sound of the harpsichord. I wrote the song with the harpsichord line and then everything else fell into place for me. Using Apple drum loops and I am performing the following…vocals, guitars, bass, harpsichord, synths. Sort of a theatrical rock song.
Tags : | Rock | 4.44 MB | Featured
Description : This is made to sound Old School,it's some brillbilly style progressive soft rock,middle of the road stuff...Enjoy it as your worth it.!
Description : Improvisation in Rock. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Sax and Organ. Simple improvisation in studio. Good listening
Tags : | Rock | 3.27 MB
Description : Recorded this in cubase with live instruments and vst drums.
Tags : | Rock | 6.14 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : "Any raindrop is a miracle" rain is a music for the soul but for the ears I've made it conversing with acoustic guitar themes I've composed, electro rythms, drums, bass and electric guitar. Special touch on the final acoustic solo by Jay De Nuit
Description : Just a random piece
Tracks 1 - 20 of 2787
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