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Tags : | Pop | 8.72 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : I'm glad to present you this new stuff! I've already written some lyrics on this. This the karaoke/instrumental version. The vocal will come soon. I hope you enjoy this!
Description : This track was composed only with looperman samples even though I do not remember by whom they were created vocal: http://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/4861/neverfade-by-natemonoxide-125bpm-electro-acapella Sorry for my bad english. I hope you enjoy the song
Tags : | Dance | 5.09 MB | Featured
Description : A change of direction for me. Although I have always made lots of different genre tracks over my 10-11 year arranging career I have predominantly become known for Funk. This is a dance track and I've used the vocals of a very talented singer called Leanne Brown. Her vocal pack is available from Loopmasters.
Description : Here's one I started a while ago when I was going through a stoner phase. Well, I'm always in a stoner phase I guess. Anyhow this is a cover track of the Truckfighters Gargarismo from their Gravity X album. After working up all the music I decided to shelf it for a while for lack of vocal. Then after much trepidation I decided to wing it myself. The song is a bit high for my range but I made some pitch adjustments and I think I got it close. I'm still playing around with it and certainly open to suggestions. EDIT: cut some high EQ on the vocal
Description : record your vocal and send to me for mix master free ;) mohammadhoseini74@gmail.com
Description : This is quite a long, moody track from (what would be) side two of my next LP ('Skyhorse'). I like the mix of grim 70's European synths, mellotron emulation, funky drummer loop and OTT choral effects so I probably won't change the basic feel of it. It made me think of wartime, the Blitz etc and so the lyric is based on the opening of the Powell & Pressburger movie "A matter of life and death". If you haven't seen the film, the gist of it is that the guy's falling in love with the woman he's talking to over the radio as his plane is crashing to earth. It's a great film, but I'm not sure I've managed to convey the full effect of that narrative with this vocal take, so I'd especially appreciate comments on how better to do that. Cheers guys.
Tags : | Dance | 6.62 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : So, NapoleonicEmperor posted in the forums that he was interested in collaborating with producers who could produce 80's style tracks. I have never attempted that, so decided it was a worthy challenge. I have no idea if this draft track actually does sound like 80's. Definitely does not sound like SAW. I need work up to that level, but I'm trying. This track uses mostly VST emulations of 80's instruments including Linndrum, Juno 60, Vox Continental, Prophet 5, and Jupiter 8. This version of the track is incomplete, but I thought I'd see if I could get some feedback at this stage. I have written only one verse, which I've had to just repeat in this version. The track should really have three verses. Much more work required on fine-tuning the mix. Too much reverb on the vocals? I can't believe that I've actually posted another track with my vocals. NapoleonicEmperor probably could do a better job on them, but I must admit I did have fun trying out different vocal styles. Anyway, please give me some suggestions/advice.
Tags : | Dance | 10.02 MB | Featured
Description : Thanks to Michael Lacroix, and eSoreni for the vocals. Original chant vocal was at 85 bpm, but I tuned it to 128 bpm to fit with song. I made this song in about 2 days. I am still working on other projects so keep posted to see more. Project started: 2/9/17 Total time spent on it: 11 hours 23 minutes. Thanks for listening!
Tags : | Dance | 6.89 MB | Featured
Tags : | Orchestral | 4.28 MB | Featured
Description : "Underworld", my new sound track with the vocal of steelyvibe. I hope you like. Thank you for listening !
Description : This is a little future bass song that I was really hoping I could feature some female vocals on. So if you're female and have vocals, let's do this!
Tags : | Trap | 9.01 MB
Description : i found this vocal on this site and it works a treat, enjoy!
Description : some liquid vocal jumpup business hope you enjoy peace!
Tags : | Trance | 9.22 MB
Description : Vocal trance track.
Tags : | Funk | 8.79 MB
Description : I tried to create a little bit more funky track, with vocal samples of "Raise the funk" by Urban Shokker, thanks to them !
Description : Short jazzy hip-hop track mainly created from three samples available here on looperman. Thanks Micah Byrnes for the vocal and lyrics, thanks to Miazyo for the piano sample as well as the saxophone sample. Hope you enjoy! If you want an instrumental version I will upload it for anyone who'd like to spit their own lyrics to it.
Description : I need a singer for the build up. If you can suggest one, please do, it will be a big help. If you want to be one then email me karlmendoza707@gmail.com or comment below saying you have an acapella for the track and name you acapella "cheat vocal version" BPM is 150
Tags : | Folk | 4.39 MB
Description : Yet another folk oriented track from the Eastern Europe this time with enchanting vocal loop provided by the looperman user Ratsouk. Being the Slav myself I hope i've found at least partially that unique vibe from the East.
Description : LITerature delivers a smooth hook influenced by pain and struggle with an even more heartfelt verse. K19 also jumps on the second verse. For exclusive vocal work from LITerature contact weare4rheal@gmail.com. Email workwithk19@gmail.com for K19. **NEED BEATS EMAIL MRWONDAHFUL@GMAIL.COM **
Description : An Orchestral Hip Hop Song The First Flutes Name Is Xio,Its Chinese. Tnx To Buddahmann For His vocal.If You think Quality is Garbage Dont Blame On Me :) The Quality was Pretty Bad If You Want Work with Me On This Beat,Here you go: erfansohrabi@outlook.com
Description : Hey there, this is a track I started to make two days ago... It contains psy-trance with some dub-elements. It's not finished yet. And I'm looking for a vocalist to sing something in for this one. The guitar in the end I recorded at four o'clock in the morning and I wasn't very concentrated, it will be re-recorded soon. If you are likely to do some vocals for it, please write me a comment or an e-mail @ squennix@gmail.com. Greats, Squennix ;)
Tags : | House | 6.98 MB | Colab Request
Description : Not complete song but rather some general idea.I am looking for some vocal to fit in.Deadline is end of feb. 2017. I will give download link after you contact me. Cheers
Tags : | Rock | 6.87 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Stumbled upon this idea I started back in May, it had the acoustic guitar and a rough drum track. I added bass, 2 rhythm guitar tracks, a lead fill guitar track, tambo, a single lead vocal track for the verses and I doubled all the rest of the vocals. The lyrics are vague babbling about not much really but they were lots of fun to sing. Learned much about the multi band compressor in Ableton putting this one together. Worked on trying to get a better guitar and bass sound. I tried not to push the compression so much on the master track. Enjoy!
Tags : | Deep House | 7.30 MB | Featured
Description : Found some nice vocals and this is what i came up with, vocal deep house with a tropical pipe lead. Download and enjoy.
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