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Tags : | Cinematic | 5.19 MB
Description : Guy’s this is sound track I have created for a friend who is a documentary film maker. The film is about the distraction of Earth neutral beauty and creating concrete jungles in its place. It was really sad to see so I came up with this track. Majority of it done with minor keys to reflect the sadness I hope you all like it.
Description : This song is a dark reflective song. A sad violin is interrupted with distraction and an ongoing mood in the back ground shares uncertainty. There are elements of happy moments, yet the listener can feel the struggle between joy and sadness.
Tags : | Orchestral | 6.76 MB
Description : A sad and beautiful orchestral track
Tags : | Chill Out | 9.33 MB
Description : I am working on a smapp series of tracks on my impressions of Manhattan. So far I have done two rather uplfiting and energetic tracks. Now I wanted to do something that would represent a somewhat sad feeling I also got during on of my walks through this wonderful borough. The title refers to to the end of day as well as to the end of everything else. Next to the energy I found there is also a lot of sadness and lonelyness going on. I used the remarkable vocals of Shamoozey again, but only a limited part of his recently uploaded acapella. Again I don't know if the lyrics make any sense in combination with the track, but I focussed on the atmosphere. This is great as usual. Many thanks Shamoozey. Please let me know your thought. Many thanks, Doc
Tags : | Orchestral | 3.53 MB
Description : Sadly epic (or epicly sad) orchestra piece. Very short, good harmonies. Close your eyes to get the full effect.
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.07 MB
Description : As we look into the assassin past we see nothing but sadness as he was blindly killing people that shouldn't have died by his hands and on the sad night where him and his brother witnessed their parents murdered in the cold winter night. Also i don't know what to put this under
Tags : | Trance | 6.31 MB | Featured
Description : A very emotional piece, denotes happiness and sadness simultaneously. You are happy for the moment, but sad in the reality it is, only for a moment. Trance Elev 3 Kit 7. Reduced 96kbps for web upload. 9.10min. As always, thank you for taking the time to listen.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 7.44 MB
Description : ANGRY GODS (THE FALL OF THE MAYAN EMPIRE) In my trip to the Mayan Riviera the wonderful experience that I never forget was to find real Mayan Indians, going deep inside of the jungle, talking about the damage the humans made to the world, as ritual they started playing real flutes and real drums in combination with the birds they where imploring to the Gods for wisdom to stop the destruction of the world they said the Gods are angry and they are sad, with the sounds of the different flutes is the way they talk to the Gods. I had the honour to be among them Metal bass, guitar and double time drums represent the fury of the Gods and the flutes the sadness of the people
Tags : | Electro | 6.03 MB
Description : Kiss me Kiss, like shards of speech in the void was sending Kiss, yesterday I lost you forever Kiss. Sad, forget and start all over again Kiss, simple tips as well, I'm tired. Chorus: Kiss me like last time That I went into the depths of your eyes Kiss me with sadness every tear Maybe it was all for you is not serious. Kiss Long nights intoxicating embrace Kiss whispering confessions breath of passion Kiss opinion infinite trusted suit Kiss in the room is empty torn to pieces. Chorus: Do not write I do not answer In this city you I did not meet You walk past I will not even notice Again, I hasten to fate I meet.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.12 MB | Featured
Description : Sad type beat
Tags : | Trance | 6.55 MB
Description : Hey Everyone! This is a Remix I made for Elina Milan's track Sadness! She provided the sad piano midi melody for it and I was inspired to create this remix! I tried to use the feeling of sadness that was in the melody throughout the track and towards the end to give a more upbeat attitude like hope that maybe everything will be ok in the end.Thanks for the beautiful melody Elina! I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope everyone else on here does too! :) Have a nice weekend everyone!
Tags : | Weird | 3.00 MB
Description : ** please tell me if it is not the right genre ** A really mysterious track. A touch of sadness and hope... Just imagine a ghost and a girl, talking and playing together. Then the ghost kills the young lady.... and this is the end... 3:40, calm, mysterious, sad, hope, death, a kind of happiness... one track : The Ghost and the Girl. I need some feedback... oh and! type 1 if it's ok, and 2 if you want a second part. Enjoy!
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.91 MB
Description : A song to my wifey, more or less. I guess you can call it blues-grass. Paul Luria's doing guitar & banjo. I'm singing or whining and doing background. I'm playin' a sadly, beautiful flute in the middle. The whole tune is sad & beautiful. The song-story's about a guy who, it seems, just got out of re-hab or some other institution. I'm also playin' my lap-steel guitar and my one-string street-bass.
Tags : | Blues | 6.24 MB
Description : When somethings good, very good..and starts going wrong and gets far worse than you ever imagined.Then you got some idea behind the inspiration to this jam. 2 electric guitars, ends up with a very sad chord progression going quieter. If you're in a good mood then perhaps you ought not to listen to this....I gave articulation to my emotions in this track and was going to call it "left in sadness" into blues it must go.
Tracks 1 - 14 of 14
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