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Tags : | Pop | 7.73 MB
Description : UPDATE1: Pop tune for my wife on this Valentines day. Taking advantage of the retro-new electronic sound thats becoming popular. Used Minimoog, Moog modular V, Jupiter 8, and Plogue Alter Ego (thanks Bones). Enjoy and please leave a comment!
Tags : | Pop | 6.56 MB
Description : Pop remix of DJRoodys looperman acapella, Hashtag. Song about the sudden popularity of the hashtag symbal and social networks. Hope you like. Hey, SHARE!
Tags : | Rock | 3.58 MB
Description : Mellow rock tune so much to learn finally figuring out how to get the mix not to be muddy and use some mastering plug-ins :-) wish i had more time online to just in the forums with you guys and learn more :-) nilooy-nilooy-guitar-rhythum-02-classic-rock nilooy-nilooy-guitar-rhythum-03-classic-rock nilooy-nilooy-guitar-rhythum-gm-bm-cm nilooy-nilooy-guitar-rhythum-fata-fati-01 nilooy-nilooy-guitar-lead-01-classic-rock nilooy-nilooy-guitar-lead-02-classic-rock anubis-time-bongo anubis-timpani-fxminor2go-cinematic-military-drums sintheticrecords-sinthetic-acoustic-drums-09 prizebeatzent-tribal-1 fusionroomrobb-table-ture theumps-casaba-skip-1 spadeofficial-ethnic-vibe-dry alen9r-ac-pop-drums atlasblue-bang-drum hamood-indian-drum hamood-arabic-percussion-2 guitarjock-drums-from-guitarjock-2-without-crash guitarjocks-rock-drums-3 guitarjocks-gjs-poppin-cherries-4 st3rl1ng-ethnic-drum-yurizan
Tags : | Acid | 2.81 MB | Adult Content
Description : This is ignition to the start of the pop to the bang of the 44 gang, if you get it then your with it, if u ain't then get shanked! nah i'm playing we don't hate, but listen to what we sayin if you ain't fake.
Tags : | Pop | 5.92 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : The other day, I saw a video of a comedy rock band called Axis of Awesome. They managed to sing countless pop hits with four chords. As I was listening, Put Out The Fire popped into my head. Needless to say, I turned into a bearded zombie before my computer work station afterwards. It was fun, though. I really enjoyed making this one. I learned a lot on mixing, mastering and such. If only I could make money with my songs, I'd be set. The song's theme deals with a man who is longing for his sweetheart who well . . . I think I should let the listeners apply it to their own lives and feelings. That's what music is all about right? As for technicals: FL Studio 10 is my sweetheart. She keeps me happy everytime I get musical ideas. Plugins used were as follows: Boo Bass Steinway Grand for chord bass My Guitar Omnisphere Strings of various timbres and gobs of vocal tracks of none other than me! How I'd love to perform this one with some back up singers. It would be such a rush!
Tags : | Pop | 2.92 MB
Description : Fresh Pop/Clubbanger track! I build this track around BonafideENT's amazing acapella. This is what I came up with. I hope you all like it :) Please let me know what you think, thanks! :) No samples/loops used. Produced in FL Studio.
Tags : | Pop | 1.91 MB | Adult Content
Description : This one was recorded via mobile phone so go easy on the vocal quality.. but it still stands its ground. a nice poppy chick track for you all.. made and produced by myself and oasis dukes with lyrics and vocals by oasis dukes and sierra. We would like as much feedback as possible on this one.. so any comments welcome.. here it is a ctachy pop song for yall
Description : hello all... hope your all good.... here is a dirty little roller i made for all the pop star drum and bass big boys out there... hope you like it... please show your support and down the better quality version next week ... cheers
Description : had fun with a fellow Looperman members track, my mic is junk sorry for the bad sounding vocals just a hobby not much $$$invested in. Maybe someone on here can help with my vocals to make them sound better. updated 11/14/10 Rollagee of Looperman was kind enough to help me with my vocals and gave me a good tip for reducing pops on the mic with out a pop screen thanks Cfactor and Rollagee ...Lendy
Tags : | Electronic | 3.32 MB
Description : a mate made this version for me, i like it but its a little to cliche/pop for me (ironically). in the process of re-doing it, make it more kesha/lady gaga with big bass and beats bam bam :P haha The vocals are my worst (i had laryngitis at the time) any comments or feedbacks are appreciated and anyone that can make it better, msge! lol
Tags : | Pop | 3.82 MB
Description : So I've been listening to alot of the music on the radio and it seems that here in Texas the most popular pop artist currently is Lady Gaga. I decided that I would find a song off of her new album Monster to do a cover of and I decided well why not do Monster lol. This was very difficult to record cuz the original was literally all autotuned(most of her music is mainly autotuned yuck) and I refuse to use autotune on my voice. So I worked my voice enough until I achieved the same effect or sound.So the original was a bit underproduced because all of the songs were actually supposed to be on a rerelease of her 1st cd but I still thought it would be great to cover. So this is my attempt. I changed it up in places too and added my style. Enjoy! And if anyone is interested in doing any other cover songs, I'm in! If you can make the track, I can sing it!!!
Tags : | Crunk | 7.26 MB | Featured
Description : A pop song from my album, which is popular, all over USA and soon to be Eroupe. One of my faviorites! you'll love it!
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