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Description : formato canción,propia letra y melodía,con una base rítmica DnB Jazz Step.wav-20172-Free-Loops.com
Tags : | Jazz | 6.95 MB
Description : Because my last track was greeted with such positivity, I wanted to upload one of my older tracks in the same style. It primarily has jazz influences. I started with the guitar and the song evolved around that. Have fun listening!
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.33 MB
Tags : | Jazz | 9.92 MB
Description : It's a jazzy song that I made when I woke up early in the morning. I don't know what the genre is, but it has some trap, vaporwave/chillwave and jazz influences. Edit: Also! Thanks to miles200 for uploading his piano loop sample called "jazz it up piano only 2"
Tags : | Jazz | 3.95 MB | Featured
Description : This is music for crucethus' contest http://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/185952/valentines-day-contest My competition track + bonus track: a jazz standard 'Body and Soul'. I performed this piece entirely from piano arrangement which you can find here https://pl.scribd.com/book/269679525/Jazz-Ballads-Jazz-Piano-Solos-Series-Volume-10 All sounds created using Roland Juno Di synthesizer
Tags : | Jazz | 5.15 MB
Description : Mellow Jazz Instrumental
Description : Guitar over some kind of loop. Electronic, Minimal, Ambient, Jazz, Modal, etc..
Tags : | Ambient | 12.65 MB
Description : I built that track around the song of eSoreni, thanks to her. I tried to mix cool jazz rythm and some more or less vintage electronic sounds, with Music Maker and a tiny midi keyboard.
Tags : | Jazz | 2.75 MB
Description : Jazz track made with ableton and features a 95BPM rythmic guitar loop by ferryterry
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.38 MB
Description : Hip Hop Instrumental..Looing 4 fedback
Tags : | Jazz | 8.83 MB
Description : my first attempt of jazz/blues style
Tags : | Electronic | 6.90 MB | Featured
Description : Used Auxy Music Studio to make this. This is all original. I messed around with jazz chords and the key of c minor. It was a good experiment and i am learning and improving. Enjoy!
Tags : | Fusion | 4.91 MB
Description : Original music - Jazz Fusion, Jazz Pop, Smooth Jazz, I'm unsure? - Thanks to John Roper for his Synth solo.
Tags : | Funk | 1.37 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : First Release, took a detour from R&B/Hip Hop to do some jazz. Contact email mercediismusic@gmail.com !!! https://soundcloud.com/stlockes/equalizer
Tags : | Jazz | 5.40 MB
Description : jazz with pop drums, mixed together with Sony acid pro 6.0
Tags : | Jazz | 7.65 MB | Colab Request
Description : Gospel Jazz
Tags : | Jazz | 5.87 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : a jazz piece I wrote & recorded with my friend Yavor who is an awesome guitarist
Tags : | House | 10.79 MB | Featured
Description : Is a remix from a acapella cover by BabyGee, user in this website. Here the song: http://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/4292/why-try-to-change-me-now-fiona-apple-version-by-babygee-130bpm-jazz-acapella
Description : I can't remember the vocalist,but here is a one off,for fun no profit, 175 bpm, tricky time signature kind of a darky jazz influenced music line,and some great rap,from an aspiring hood artist. Is unmastered,done on an old korg multitrack daw,analog to digital recording.
Description : instrumental, jazz, hip hop, music, avant garde, fly, new, dope, exciting, fire, underground, innovative, go pro, pro, views, viewers, how to get views, subscription, poetry
Description : Minimal Jazz hip hop rhythm with a variant progression.
Tags : | Jazz | 5.01 MB | Featured
Description : I wanted to create a soothing sounding beat/melody. It was originally called, Low Forever; but it didn't fell right. Anyway, it has a mix of genres like Smooth Jazz, R&B and Dance. It feels like a track, you would like to relax too.
Tags : | Jazz | 4.04 MB
Description : Original - smooth Jazz.
Tags : | Folk | 6.23 MB | Colab Request
Description : Slower paced indie pop song, hints of blues and jazz
Tracks 1 - 25 of 814
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