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Tags : | Moombahton | 3.06 MB | Featured
Description : I made this, but I'm never gonna use it. So i'm posting it here to get rid of it. use it for whatever, just remember to put "Prod. Zivon" ;)
Tags : | Fusion | 4.58 MB | Featured
Description : Created in FL Studio. Old Custom Project of mine. If interested in using this beat let me know and well work something out. Hope yall have a good 1, Peace.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.17 MB | Featured
Description : This is another Collab with Escarcha Beatz..., Hope you Enjoy & Keep on PLAY!!! THIS INSTRUMENTAL IS FREE TO USE FOR NON COMERCIAL...!!! For more info Contact US...!!! GoTy BeaTs;, ESCARCHA BeaTz;
Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.02 MB
Description : This instrumental is from the Underground Instrumentals Vol 1 by C Shatner Beats and Bonez Beatz. You can grab this track from and check out Striking Daggers at for more Underground Hip-Hop!
Tags : | Trap | 4.82 MB | Featured
Description : This Beat Is For Sale, Contact Me At SoundCloud: Whomadeit
Tags : | Trap | 6.14 MB | Colab Request
Description : *CONTACT ME DIRECTLY VIA EMAIL ( IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE THIS INSTRUMENTAL* Enjoy this hard hitting ambient trap instrumental I made using logic, massive,kontakt, and camel crusher
Description : Produced By Rae
Description : I wrote this song this weekend and recorded it last night with Sunny War on vocals and guitar. (We've got a backload of 10 or so songs but I'm a shiny-object kind of guy.) We kept almost the entire loop orchestration and there are some great loops here. The whole thing is built on looperman-l-0208341-0068163-drmistersir-lonesome-freaky 80 which runs throughout. Mixed with that for the first half is the crazy choral looperman-l-0911223-0101152-silencekills-key-5-pad-81-fs-min across 3 octaves. The musical bridge before the outro is built on the great loop looperman-l-1264531-0079769-arixxonsc-sequence-old-school-escape. My instruction to Sunny was "Play the guitar like it's wrestling with that loop." Sunny plays bass but we also kept looperman-l-1059144-0070847-ebaby8119-the-move-808-bass to go with it. Then there are a couple great bell loops and a choral chant loop at the end, and then of course all the drums. One of the rare times we've kept most of the loops and just wove Sunny's guitar into the orchestration. We even kept one of the guitar loops, looperman-l-1059144-0068323-ebaby8119-the-question, because it's perfect for that moment. I think this song launched a 4th album to be called PATH. Any comments or reactions are greatly appreciated. You're the first folks to hear any of this stuff and this community is instrumental (literally) in making it happen.
Tags : | RnB | 3.50 MB | Colab Request
Description : I have posted this song for the valentines competition but any constructive criticism is welcomed.
Description : [PRODUCED BY RAE]
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.02 MB | Featured
Description : I am very new to production and this is one of my earliest beats. Would appreciate any and all feedback as I am new to the producing game and am hungry to improve!
Description : Chill Smooth Piano Instrumental HipHop Track
Tags : | Jazz | 5.15 MB
Description : Mellow Jazz Instrumental
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.27 MB
Description : This instrumental is from the Ancient Instrumentals collection by C Shatner Beats and Bonez Beatz. You can grab the Wav file of this track and more beats from and check out Striking Daggers at for more Underground Hip-Hop!
Description : Instrumental program music. Art for art's sake. Just trying to have some fun with this music thing. I used the drum loop "Slaughter" by "Dokfraktal" in this track.
Description : hip hop groove instrumental full track including rap / bridge and hook parts. enjoy listening and if use please don't forget the credits.
Tags : | Rap | 3.26 MB | Colab Request
Description : A rap instrumental. Feel free to download. Would love to find someone to collab on this one. Since 2015 i try to produce a track for every Sunday. This one was planned to be released on February 12, 2017. However, i decided to postpone the release just in case someone's willing to collab. By the end of 2017 i will release a free album called "Tracks for Sundays 2017" containing all the Sunday releases.
Description : Quick sample of an instrumental, constructive criticism needed!! Looking for for vocalist or other producers to continue this project and create more.
Description : Stohgs - The Psychosomatic Nature of Man (IV) Instrumental about involving the mind and body into action. This is known as The Psychosomatic Nature of Man.-HR
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.33 MB
Description : Hey guys, I deeply apologize, but this was the instrumental from LAST week's #FreeBeatFridays installation. Between looperman being down for some odd reason and me being busy or absent minded, I uploaded it to everywhere else I lurk but here. Forgive meh D: That aside, this instrumental is free for commercial/non commercial use, so enjoy as usual! If you have a moment, please take a moment to listen to my music. I drop free beats on Fridays and record my own music at my friends studio every other Thursday or so.
Description : rap / sing parts needed. instrumental ready to record including hook / bridge and verse. if use give credit. thanks for listening.
Description : A powerful yet dark bass tone filled track with supporting chords to enhance the overall sound. Various filters applied to amplify and bring the sound to life. Give your feedback and do listen to it a few times and let it get a hold of you. Want to make a remix of this loop for the "Mo Sins" sample loops in my collection on looperman.
Description : Short jazzy hip-hop track mainly created from three samples available here on looperman. Thanks Micah Byrnes for the vocal and lyrics, thanks to Miazyo for the piano sample as well as the saxophone sample. Hope you enjoy! If you want an instrumental version I will upload it for anyone who'd like to spit their own lyrics to it.
Tags : | RnB | 4.06 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My first track of 2017....It's called "Way Back"...I made it in collaboration with fellow looperman--- GrWi2016 It is his Trap instrumental tittled "Bryson Tiller Type Beat 2017 -- here is the link to his page if anyone else is interested in checking out more of his music. ... just a rough mix...trying to shake the rust off...Wasn't sure weather to put this song under Rap Or RNB...Hope you like it.
Tags : | Weird | 2.69 MB
Description : Having fun with FL Studio again after a trip through town looking for inspiration with new sounds. Did some messing around and came up with this. This is how the walk through town felt like today haha. Started with the morning fog.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4207
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