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Tags : | House | 6.69 MB | Featured
Description : Hey, what is up guys? Its been a while since I made/uploaded a decent house track, so I thought I would give it a try once again. This track is about never giving up in life and to live everyday like its your last. I hope it brings you some cheer while listening to it. As always thanks for stopping by, if you have any criticism be sure to leave it down below. Have a wonderful day!
Tags : | House | 5.43 MB | Featured
Description : I think this one is really a house track . am I right ?
Tags : | Electro | 4.75 MB | Featured
Description : I made my first future house track.Do you like it?I hope yeah.If you want,you can promote/publish this on your youtube channel or other platforms.
Description : Simple house track
Tags : | Dubstep | 8.77 MB
Description : This song is a remake of Nothing Here and Øfdreams song; Black Hole (the_ eternal battle). The original song is kinda short, but pretty amazing in my opinion. Its very atmospheric and has a heavy bassline. My remake tries to remake as much as possible, but keep it to my own style, kinda. The original song is within the 'Witch House' genre, or slightly within the 'trap' genre. I've tried my best to keep it that way.
Tags : | Deep House | 7.68 MB
Description : My new deep house track!
Description : Our Lead Sound Designer and Producer Oddlie created this track roughly a week ago and it got picked up and supported by The Artist Union. Make sure to follow him on SoundCloud if you like the track. We may be releasing some Big House and Future Bass Loops soon!
Description : This is another protest song - literally - happens during a protest. Teargas, police violence, mayhem. In this time of national insanity, how should one respond? I've been pondering that and this song is part of the answer for me. We live in a divided house and everybody's packing. If we focus on hating each other, we're doomed and damned. If we focus on helping each other, maybe we can climb back into the land of the sane. At least that's what I'm trying to believe. Features Sunny War on vocals and guitar, together with a lot of loops, including a backwards guitar in the chorus. Also did an evolving melody chorus to chorus. The bridge - I guess that sort of sums up my present philosophy. Little too much guitar noise (including my dumbass voice) at the very end which I'll have to clean up. Comments welcome!
Description : New bass house track of mine! enjoy!
Tags : | Deep House | 5.87 MB
Description : super experimental. please give feedback, it's valuable
Tags : | Moombahton | 2.64 MB | Featured
Description : I wanted to share an experiment I've been working on :) It's a Tropical house track with a mix of Future Bass Chords. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Tags : | Deep House | 4.60 MB
Tags : | House | 9.98 MB
Description : Melodic Progressive House song 128 bpm Free Download, comments welcome.
Description : Commercial house music
Description : Deep Sensual house
Tags : | Ambient | 8.50 MB
Description : ambient house mcodoodle bugzy
Tags : | Pop | 4.25 MB | Featured
Description : This is another old one. Entirely made from ancient Apple loops I played around with. I like the way it progresses. Was trying to do a dance tune when I started it, but I don't think I'd dance to this unless I was really, really drunk.
Description : Spending time on a bass is always a pleasure, sometimes playing no longer think about it, ended up letting themselves be bought. Personal composition, recorded with the help of Emmanuel Drillin at the Studio of onet le chateau (House of Youth and Culture)
Tags : | House | 11.61 MB
Description : Another track using the Horizons track as a base. Love the House sound on this track. amazing vocals by JukeBox Bully (search jukebxbully for more awesome vocals). All original production on the track by myself. Love some feedback.
Tags : | House | 6.40 MB | Colab Request
Description : Supposed to be Deep House, but turned to mainstream House at the drop :). The music is supposed to imitate the sound of rain, hence the overflow of plucks, glides and spikes. If anybody feels like supplying this track some vocals, which would be awesome, please leave a comment so that I can message you. Also tell me what you think of it, any form of feedback is always appreciated!
Tags : | Deep House | 7.30 MB | Featured
Description : Found some nice vocals and this is what i came up with, vocal deep house with a tropical pipe lead. Download and enjoy.
Description : My first house track!
Description : Disco house RMX you and me, Produced with Ableton Live 9 Suite.
Tags : | Dance | 3.69 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : All my own work
Tags : | Deep House | 10.77 MB
Description : Track in tropical house style
Tracks 1 - 25 of 2835
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