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Description : I used Serum and Sylenth1 to create all the synths and basslines. I used random percussion samples for the drums. It's not dubstep, and it's not Drum and Bass, but it's elements are heavily drawn from both to create what I feel is a track in it's own class. It's heavy, aggressive, and driving. Some will like it, others won't. As always, mixing tips, suggestions and advice is welcome. Take care. V.
Description : A mix of heavy and fast dnb with some more chill beats. Let me know what you think. If you love dark dnb/jungle, this is your jam.
Tags : | Fusion | 8.22 MB | Featured
Description : Deep grooving, slightly psychedelic cello grunge. There's no guitar but there is loads of electric cello, all played by me. The only other instruments are a violin VST, 5 seconds of Rhodes, a fat organ, a few programmed acoustic drum kits and no drum loops. No bass instruments but I do sometimes use an octave effect on cello parts to give a fatter low end. Starts off with some cool, smooth basslines and a funky little beat and then gets a lot more badass. End section is a real dirty rockin' surprise but it's only one distorted cello part plus heavy drums (very minimal). Have a good listen and then consider leaving me your fascinating feedback. Get ready to rock!
Tags : | Trap | 12.04 MB | Colab Request
Description : vocals by k19, music by me enjoy this heavy take on trap
Tags : | Rock | 5.36 MB
Description : Rock? Pop? I dunno. It's called "Maybe I'm Crazy" but you can't use apostrophes in the title line. This is a song on my protest album APOCALYPSE, which we're mastering next week. Vocals and guitar by Sunny War, additional vocals by Lisagaye Tomlinson. First recorded this song a couple years ago with full loop orchestration and me on vocals (big mistake, not to be repeated!). Now with Sunny singing and playing, it sounds like it was meant to. Not a heavy duty protest song, but lord I am fucking tired of getting lied to by the criminals who run our country. Just sayin'. And I guess that makes me crazy in our age where deceit rules and an astonishing few give a shit.
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.46 MB
Description : Been a long time coming. Heavy, fast, and melodic. dnb
Tags : | Rock | 10.20 MB | Featured
Description : Electric guitar, bass guitar and Superior Drummer. I'm going D.I. for all guitars, giving the multi-effects pedal a breather, and to do some exercises in tone shaping. Lepou amps and Impulse Responses give a rather authentic rig sound. This track gives the heavy, the melodic, the chunky, the brittle and the rockin. I painstakingly used zero additive EQ. That was the hardest part. I would love to hear your thoughts, good and bad, including mix ideas or problems.
Tags : | Trap | 9.69 MB | Featured
Description : A hard Meek Mill crime trap beat with heavy 808's and sirens.
Tags : | Electro | 5.30 MB | Featured
Description : So i'm on break from school and wanted to make something heavy and bigroomy. This is only the first half, i've grown sick of listening to this so many times, so im taking a break from it for a few days. Will come back and complete soon though, hope you enjoy the progress so far!
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.66 MB
Description : Piano based track with heavy distorted bass. By JOHN DOE/XAVIER ZEAN
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.73 MB
Description : Those of you who have been following my recent uploads may have noticed a trend toward heavier music. The main reason for that is my ever growing interest in Progressive Metal. Sometime around early 2003 or so I discovered the band Meshuggah and was totally blown away with the power and complexity of their music. They had just released their "Nothing" album which ushered in the ultra low sonic assult of downtuned slow tempo Alternative Metal, attributed to the newly released 8 string guitar which they quickly adopted as their new sound, pushing Heavy Metal into a whole new territory. This was another milestone in metal music that basically created a whole new sub-genre that many other bands would soon follow. This track is a variant cover of one of the tracks from the album called Nebulous. The original song begins with a different melody and transitions into the main groove here, which I have stayed pretty close to but have added a few dynamic elements of my own. Eight string downtuned to D#, Strymon effects, multiple guitar layers, programmed and live drum samples. Aside from a few areas using synth bass for a bit of drone effect, no other bass is used. Its loud, its super heavy and way out there...Beyond Nebulous.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.45 MB
Description : Here is a heavy kick ass Metal track by Yan Sarevsky. Vocals by Jason Miller of BoltArmy and Red Stone Retaliation. On looperman Jason:BoltArmy Yan:dssdsdsd Thanks looperman family! This was fun to do. Would love some comments.
Tags : | Cinematic | 4.12 MB | Featured
Description : In this track I used Tribal Instruments, Flute,brass, Heavy Drums. An ancestral ambience with many flute and percussion sequences. Flute is an instrument that I really like to use in this type of music, because it is an instrument that reminds me a lot of old societies.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.70 MB
Description : UPDATE2: remixed again. made drums more snappy.UPDATE:changed drums to be less glitchy, took away some compression and mixed in the synth part a little louder......Heavy plodding rock tune that I wanted to test my rock production and mixing. Wanted to re-create that wall of power sound that Sabbath and early-middle Judas Priest would unleash on your ears.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.28 MB
Description : My heaviest and most extreme track ever. Also the first (in 17 years) with no synths. It's mostly massive, crashing and smashing acoustic, programmed drums (count the cymbal hits!) and dirty, heavy layers of electric guitar (with a psychedelic, Eastern feel at times). Bass is bass guitar and there's also a slide resonator guitar solo. No drum loops. Synths weren't really needed as this is all about furious but fun brutality. There's also a somewhat funky and relatively chilled out middle section before a return to the brutality and the crazy ending, the heaviest section of all. Don't play this at your grandmother's funeral. Not unless she was a real headbanger. Now get ready for your ears to bleed and then come back and let me know what you think, if you're still able to type...
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 4.99 MB
Description : Ok my lil beat-junkie children, i have a very special track for you just for Halloween. Yes its heavy, and Yes its dark and spooky but the people that already know my DnB tracks expect that kind of stuff from me. So strap down your speakers, turn it up really loud and get ready to bounce...and Please Comment Be Safe and Have Fun my friends (Rest In) Peace Dj Swindla aka Mike
Description : Even though im not fully happy with the result, i think it's good enough to share it with you guys. Not much to say about it. Made in an OPEN G tunning, so that gives it a very powerful "light" and "positivism" to it with the heavy sound it tries to give. sounds messy at some points, but if you can get pass that, i would love to hear someone add some voice to this. If you want the full version of it, let me know. For contact: Juan.ndv@gmail.com See you !
Tags : | Dance | 14.04 MB
Description : A psychedelic techno cello epic. It's not really techno as it's only 110 BPM but something like that (eg breakbeat), with lots of banging beats and arpeggiated acid synths, plus a whole load of my layered cello playing techniques. There aren't that many synths used but they do a lot of work and are carefully automated. No guitar. Drums are mostly a lot of drum loops, supported by a few programmed acoustic drumkits. Very busy and complicated with loads of different sections (funky, chilled, fast, heavy) that make up a constantly progressing trip. I don't know if there's any other cello music like this so let me know if you think there is. Interesting feedback appreciated - criticism, praise, ideas etc. Enjoy...
Tags : | Cinematic | 4.44 MB
Description : This was sort of a learning process to create that heavy movie drum roll that you can hear in the end, the thunder from the distance. Besides the drums, cymbals and hits i created, the snare loop come's from looperman.
Description : this is some dark old school hiphop.. its delivered with raw piercing lyrics and this is not your ordinary lyrics it paints you a picture.its blessed with heavy knowledge and wisdom,at the same time givin you analogy´s with small bits of stories to help the lost souls out there. quick note,am starting to post my songs on youtube again with lyrics on the screen:D helping the views to rise would be awesome of you, peace :)https://www.youtube.com/user/MrJoKeR872 https://soundcloud.com/user-275999884/tracks
Description : Chaotic, heavy, well the usual... My last track split off into two and has come back to one, this, whatever this is, music, an assault charge, Idk, enjoy! Msg me if you want a copy :)
Description : this song will give you an energy boost and pump you up! slashin and slaughtering through out the track with heavy lyrics and deadly energy.quick note,am starting to post my songs on youtube again with lyrics on the screen:D helping the views to rise would be awesome of you, peace :)https://www.youtube.com/user/MrJoKeR872 https://soundcloud.com/user-275999884/tracks
Tags : | Rock | 8.88 MB
Description : Enjoying making some heavy music.
Tags : | Dubstep | 4.63 MB
Description : Hey guys. CuBox is doing a remix competition for his track KCC. I think it's a pretty cool original he made, so I wanted to put my own spin on it. It's really heavy and has lots of dubstep elements, which I am really not used to. Enjoy! Check out the original here : https://soundcloud.com/cuboxmusic/cubox-kcc
Tags : | Rock | 1.44 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Heavy Metal Feel with Electronic sound and realistic drums.
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