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Description : Another creation by me, this track need a voice any collaboration will be great enough, if you want to put your voice on it put the ft. Danriiv without that you can't use it, a lot of work there, slow trap , intro, build up, drop on hard sax , bass trap effects etc , so my name have to be in there, any comments I'll be appreciated, collaboration totally yes.
Tags : | Dance | 2.08 MB | Colab Request
Description : Description: Track created by me this track is only for singers, is a trap track with a build up and a drop, add you voice and used, but you have to add my name on the "ft" contains copyright leave me here your mix I will listening, give my credits if you like it
Tags : | Chill Out | 3.57 MB
Description : i tmade this beat originally for a homie, but she never did anythin wit it. so this is up for grabs for anyone who can use it. drop projects in comments . tnx
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.33 MB
Description : Hey guys, I deeply apologize, but this was the instrumental from LAST week's #FreeBeatFridays installation. Between looperman being down for some odd reason and me being busy or absent minded, I uploaded it to everywhere else I lurk but here. Forgive meh D: That aside, this instrumental is free for commercial/non commercial use, so enjoy as usual! If you have a moment, please take a moment to listen to my music. I drop free beats on Fridays and record my own music at my friends studio every other Thursday or so.
Tags : | Trap | 6.00 MB | Featured
Description : I decided to remove all of my content from here (it was really old - I haven't logged in here in ages), and start over - this is the first track I'm uploading after returning and finding some great acapellas from members.. This first one is a trap drop featuring loopermans own Abgailia W. Feel free to check out my other stuff: - - http://www.SoundCloud.com/NorbzWorld - - http://www.BassPoetry.com - - http://www.DubTurbo.com - - http://www.TrapAttack.com - - http://www.Norbz.com - - http://www.MasterProducers.com - - http://www.BrandingTemplates.com - To help you create artwork etc, lot's of freebies.. If you're a producer, on a PC, and still doing 32bit - I made a lot of VST/VSTi's a while back - all are free - scroll down to the bottom of: http://www.dubturbo.com/dt4-vst-collection.php Enjoy your day~!
Tags : | Rap | 10.86 MB | Colab Request
Description : Aggressive rap beat
Tags : | Trap | 8.90 MB | Colab Request
Description : Dope trippy trap beat, hard 808, a little bit scholarships-sounding but really nice !! Hit me back if you drop something.
Tags : | Trap | 10.15 MB | Colab Request
Description : Hard 808, Spacey Synth and addictive piano, a awesome beat ! Hit me back if you drop something, you need to post a comment to download it, give me a little feedback please.
Description : Supposed to be Deep House, but turned to mainstream House at the drop :). The music is supposed to imitate the sound of rain, hence the overflow of plucks, glides and spikes. If anybody feels like supplying this track some vocals, which would be awesome, please leave a comment so that I can message you. Also tell me what you think of it, any form of feedback is always appreciated!
Tags : | Dirty | 2.97 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : The grimiest, filthiest Friday the 13th release you'll hear in this lifetime ! Drop the comments below!
Description : Some pad loops I never used but I think it came out ok. I would love to here someone do something with this. I make my track outs into stems wav files so it's easy to drop them in and chop of needed. It's 119bpm, If you like it or use it please let me know and credit Oryan55 thanks.
Description : all credit goes out to the OG artists... but our version's better https://soundcloud.com/chefandthc/starving
Tags : | Trap | 2.61 MB | Featured
Description : PLEASE READ BEFORE LISTENING!!! So what's up guys it's been a while and I want to explain why. I was shit at music. Like...shit. So I took many months away from posting to improve the quality of my track be it mastering or just learning how to produce better. I think I'm Getting there. That's why I'm posting this track. It's a remix of Open your heart by Axwell & Dirty South ft. Rudy. I don't like the vocals all that much but I like the sing so I said fuck it. I have all the way up to the build and I'm hung up on the drop. I was thinking I could make it like a hybrid trapstep kind of drop or a mellow bell drop. let me know your opinions and ideas please.
Tags : | Dubstep | 2.24 MB
Description : First song I made in a while, drop definitely needs some work but oh well :P
Tags : | Trap | 10.19 MB | Colab Request
Description : Chill and relaxing trap instrumental, feel free to drop something and to review the beat
Tags : | RnB | 8.77 MB | Featured
Description : I made this Guitar instrumental a week ago i was going to do some recordings on it but i felt lazy and convinced myself it sounds good without vocals. Drop your feedbacks. Soundcloud @illestonDbeat
Tags : | Dubstep | 5.73 MB
Description : sure there are rough times. so drop the bass and chill your heart out/
Tags : | Trap | 2.46 MB
Description : trap style beat made in fl studio using nexus 2 and absynth. all original no samples or loops used, i make my own melodies exclusively. take a listen and drop a line if you would please and thanks
Tags : | Electro | 147.52 KB
Description : drop for melbourne bounce. FL 12
Description : Okay so i was making this track and i had to finish the drop but due to some problems i couldn't finish it. The track is not finished and specially the drop but still i wanted to share it coz i had put some efforts in it and i didnt want it to go to waste. So here it is. Vocals are download from this site.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.25 MB | Featured
Description : Genre - Future Bass, Chill Trap, Dance. Hope you will like the track and the drop. Feedback appreciated.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 624.49 KB
Description : This will be the last preview and last song I drop before releasing the whole project. As usual, leave comments to let me know how you feel about it! Any feedback is appreciated. :) I tried making the topic of this song different than my other ones, so I'm definitely experimenting with this one...
Description : There is one loops from rileymicheal ,backsound from aveh but 2 others from nikkasaur (great work for'em , big up) So i just added the drumps , hit , clap , snare etc... I did little moment before the drop go if some rappers or singers want to sing/rap on it ^^ Enjoy :) !! If you love EDM (Trap , Dubstep , House , Electro etc...) check my other last song & my account: http://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/181682
Tags : | Trap | 7.09 MB | Colab Request
Description : Quite agressive piano trap instrumental ! If you like it, I want you to drop something ! Thx !
Tags : | Dubstep | 1.50 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Thanks to NikkasaurxD for the kick ass drop
Tracks 1 - 25 of 942
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