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Description : Those dark vibes.. Unfinished tho, still working on it.. I hope you enjoy it, cause that 808 is going places!! Peace!
Description : I was going to create a heavy dark Enigma like track, but again the loops led me where they wanted to. Thanks to all for: looperman-l-1281572-0104977-promenade2239-waldorf-blofeld-arp-loop-plus-delay-134bpm-b-minor, looperman-l-2277780-0111314-mattyfb333-lp-trap-piano, looperman-l-2247732-0114652-hbsamples-hbs-acoustic-session-var-4-b-110bpm, looperman-a-1003794-0009084-soleilxlune-melody-15, looperman-l-1003794-0094078-soleilxlune-piano-15-110-bpm, looperman-l-1273564-0099089-lankframpard-work-it-vocals, looperman-l-1382297-0113257-jbricks-pad-cative-reversed
Tags : | RnB | 10.43 MB
Description : Hope you enjoy it.
This beat are not for commercial use.
Instagram: aconthebeatofficial.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.99 MB
Description : .....
Tags : | Chill Out | 10.60 MB
Description : Dark ambient rnb vibe inspired by 80's sci fi flicks
Tags : | Trap | 2.04 MB | Colab Request
Description : Used another guys loop for this..
Tags : | Chill Out | 9.75 MB
Description : Dark RnB/Chillout vibe while driving at night
Description : Hey guys Always open for collab. Put feat NO1 in your title if you post this online.
Description : So I really wanted to have a song ready for Halloween. But I've been so busy watching Stranger Things that I almost ran out of time. I managed to pull this track together. It still needs some work. But I think it's acceptable to show you guys. I think it's dark 80's electronic pop, but there's no genre tag for that. So electronic will do.
Tags : | Trap | 6.02 MB
Description : Dark and Atmospheric type beat. I would love to hear someone rap on this one. I used a sample in this beat but I can't remember what song it was from. If anyone knows id love to give credit, thanks :)
Description : Dark and spooky, big 808s. Juicy J sample, $uicideBoy$ x Craig Xen type beat.
Rap on this is if you like
Tags : | Techno | 12.42 MB | Featured
Description : Underground techno music, I made it in Fruity 11.
Listen with your heart, and leave a comment.
(My first project in this genre)
Tags : | Deep House | 6.35 MB
Description : Deep Deep dark tune for the seediest of seedy clubs in NYC
Tags : | Electronic | 8.82 MB
Description : The things that go bump in the night.
Tags : | Trap | 5.86 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Something dark. A kind of a poem. Maybe not really music, maybe not really spoken word. In a trap style but no real trap. Hypnotic for sure. With a nice dark self made pad. I done this one for this Halloween forum thing but it is not really something just for Halloween ..... mmmmm .... maybe you just listen to it and maybe you understand what i wanted to say :) ---- you can find the translated vocals under the lyrics folder. Have fun
Tags : | Fusion | 9.07 MB
Description : 85 BPM deep groove track made up of lots of acoustic sounds, especially leftover resonator guitar parts from older tracks. Very busy layering of mostly piano, guitar and cello. Also one trippy, reversed synth sound. Electric guitar, resonator guitar, three pianos, cello, timestretched guitar parts, bass guitar, synth bass, drum loops and a few programmed acoustic kits. One detuned slide guitar part sounds more like dirty bass. Far out, dark and mystical, with a hip hop drum vibe and lots of textural ambience. Maybe this is trip hop - I'm not sure as I think it's pretty hard to categorise. A lot of work went into it so let me know what you think. Interesting feedback appreciated...
Description : This piece is dark and a little threatening.
Description : DARK DADDY TYPE BEAT(0108)
Tags : | Trap | 2.39 MB | Colab Request
Description : it's a dark menacing and naughty chiller 100bpm all looperman loops and the vocal track is an acapella called 'Please Me" picked from looperman rap acapellas,darkly amusing, just for the practice, analog mix
Tags : | Trance | 7.53 MB
Description : Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nozeeroficial
Tags : | Ambient | 2.19 MB
Description : Creepiness crawling in the dark coming after you :D
Description : Dark Type Beat


Made with FL Studio 12
Tags : | Cinematic | 3.27 MB | Featured
Description : another dark ambient
Tags : | Ambient | 9.00 MB
Description : Dark, ambiental electro... made using a dope drum loop called Worlds ways
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1821
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