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Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.14 MB
Description : My new drum and bass creation with josephfunk. Do you ready for this...
Tags : | Fusion | 7.49 MB
Description : Inspired by member planetjazzbass. Used 4 of his frettless jazz bass loops. The drums are member epicrecord-jazz-kit-steady-snare. I played piano, ring modulated trumpet(ala Don Ellis), harmon muted trumpet and flugelhorn.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.67 MB | Featured
Description : I wanted a sort of fantasy-driven Adventurous dubstep/Chillstep sorta feel with this one.

Please enjoy

MIXING PROBLEM? ANY IDEAS? For somereason the song bass clips :(

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing it?
Description : Something I have been working on, off and on. Guitars and bass myself. Drums AD.
Tags : | Pop | 3.58 MB | Featured
Description : Music & Vocal : Mahbod Karimi
Violin : Farzad Seidi - Udu : Mastane Zohairi - Bass Guitar : Alireza Farshad - Clarinet : Mehrpooya Daneshvar - Piano : Salar Kalantari
Description : Far out, cello-based, deep grooving, progressive, powerful and sometimes aggressive sci fi epic with lots of electronic elements and some dubstep craziness towards the end. Electric cello, slow attack guitar, resonator guitar, a little bit of bass guitar, 5 synths, lots of effects and drum loops and a few programmed drum kits. It all began with the first couple of cello riffs (one pizzicato bassline, one bowed main riff) and the hip hop beats and then grew and grew as I added more synths and drums and worked in some old, leftover guitar parts. It's very detailed and complex and the mix and sculpting of the sounds are as important as the composition. Have a good listen then come back and let me know what you thought of this twisting, turning journey into outer space. Feel free to criticise and/or tell me your favourite parts...
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.83 MB
Description : This is a progressively built up 120BPM Drum and Bass track that can easily be chopped up and re arranged to create your perfect track.
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 17.42 MB
Description : Dnb, Drum and Bass

For a better quality :
Tags : | Pop | 3.21 MB | Adult Content
Description : Music & Vocal : Mahbod Karimi
Violin : Farzad Seidi - Udu : Mastane Zohairi - Bass Guitar : Alireza Farshad - Clarinet : Mehrpooya Daneshvar - Piano : Salar Kalantari
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.78 MB
Description : Some new Drumstep/Drum&Bass style, long time since last upload! :) Hope you enjoy jamming to this!
Tags : | Jazz | 1.93 MB | Colab Request
Description : 2009-2010 Bass Solo made with brand new bass guitar Ibanez GSX Series, I think! Well, a quite Squire 300-400 Pounds Ibanez bass guitar!
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.41 MB
Description : Another drum and bass fresh creation. Enjoy of music.
Tags : | Drum And Bass | 3.73 MB
Description : New drum and bass creation.
Description : Maj - 11,11 at 12:30 / 60bpm, chill out genre /
Instrumental part: whistle, organ, drums, etc... have bene written, composed and arranged by me.
Bass line is played by me and recorded in soundforge (reworked in recycle before used in reason)
flow: jozzua lance (link on "lyrics" section)
chorus: minette fourie
i need your feedback please! TY
track available on my bandcamp:
and on my souncloud:
Description : Fat Bass, Horns, cant decide on drums. please help. Thanks
Description : Hello all! Been away for awhile, finally writing new material.
(EDIT: Finished lyrics, put in last chorus. I'm sick right now so excuse if my voice is especially nasally and out of tune.)
Found this guitar on here, everything else is me. Threw on some drums, bass, keys, and strings by me and really digging it. Still a work in progress, lots of issues, shitty
vocals. Need to figure out transitions for bridge and last chorus, finish lyrics, but let me know your thoughts!
Description : Old featured track of mine, one of my first computer engineered; however, this one which was built on a double bass segment or fragment recording is yet today my favorite double bass play, although not fortunate track, perhaps because i loved to put too much stuff on the drums and the basses! So, the saxophones!
Description : a anime style song i'm writing for my gf using jap anime style structure. i've only uploaded the 1:30 version but i do plan on finishing it. all tracks are original by me which include gtr, bass, and drums.
i made the bass more driven that the guitar. this is a mix i made where the bass is more predominate but i still am not used to Eqing this way yet so any advice i will take note and use.

i am looking for a colab but a japanese vocalist ( preferably female) but i'll take what i can get.
i do not get on here often so best bet is my email.
Tags : | Punk | 8.40 MB
Description : Punk Track I have been working on. DRums are AD and EZ Drummer stacked. Guitar and Bass myself.
Description : Very old brief rough track of mine. All instruments, bass, guitar, keyboards and so on played manually by myself! Although Zoom bass effects used there's even a toy instrument too, a Xylophone, a gift for my older son, at that time just 4 or 5!
Description : Old brief rough featured track of mine! Drums, bass, keyboards and so on played manually,
and probably some computer's sound or else as topping the whole.
Description : This beat is my rendition of a Future RnB type music. I was inspired by "The Weekend" by SZA. It's toned down melody and use of bass is perfect for a flexible vocalist. If you are going to use put "Prod. by 25" in your song and please send me a link to your full song! I am excited to see what you all have.
Description : New song - Please leave a comment!!
Description : This is a very, very old track of mine, mostly manually made, but since was awful it was manipulated and probably topped up with computer sounds! However, all instruments, drum, bass, keyboards and so on were played manually. Basically was a bad experiment, I improvised on my own manually played drums recorded with Microsoft Windows Audio Recording application and then cut and looped with Magix Sequoia and Editor 2004! However, despite all, I liked the solo improvised and I Reverse Engineered basic arrangements all around this very stream, mainly with manual drums, of course looping the initial bit to give some sort of theme around the solo key!
Tags : | Jazz | 9.07 MB | Colab Request
Description : This track is just a solo recorded into 2009 cause I was found of Ubuntu and Unix based OS, thing which had been going on until last year when, after a series of earthquakes, all the computers broke, except this net-book which is the one I've been using since! It was on Ubuntu media player application where I discovered Jamendo and more! My books Kaos, Knoss and Daedalus are based on the emulation of Ubuntu first and recently Puppy OS! This solo brings back some memories, however, it's an improvisation of Tapping Technique with Zoom Bass Effects Chorus. I made many but this was the only one rescued after the earthquake, I think! Maybe because at the time it was the one I thought was OK, so, uploaded on various clouds even some I didn't do or knew about, so recovered!
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