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Tags : | Rap | 4.99 MB | Adult Content
Description : this is a song that i did with all original beat to samples just me on everything
Description : A calm, relaxing song dedicated to my fiance. Written, produced and mastered by me. Used a euphoric acoustic guitar melody, with angelic singing in the back of the hook. You and your girl/boy should love this. Thank you!
Tags : | Rap | 9.53 MB | Colab Request
Description : soundcloud.com/hollowxbeatz
Description : I'm thinking this will be the intro to my compilation of songs I'm currently recording. Fairly aggressive with a fast flow. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Description : a song i wrote and recorded, some say i sound like Slim.. maybe i do.. i dont know
Description : late night bar or club closing track....When Texas and Russia collide and collab on a song. Go get my tape free search TexazMane mixtape. peace
Description : 90's like old school vintage vinyl feel beat... Oldschool vintage Instrumental with a vinyl like chill electric piano and a groovy bassline along with a dope drumline...
Tags : | Rap | 8.58 MB | Colab Request
Tags : | Rap | 5.86 MB | Featured
Description : Only for SftK members
Description : Recorded and produced in Reason. Im still going back to tweak the vocals here and there. S/O to Tony Mfkn Maze for the bars
Tags : | Rap | 9.87 MB | Colab Request
Description : Hardcore Rap Instrumental with West Coast Piano and Fresh synths with strings and a bangin' drumline along with a smooth bouncing bassline...
Tags : | Rap | 3.90 MB
Description : Another classic hip hop tune. Real hip hop rap music!! Enjoy guys!! don't forget to comment
Tags : | Rap | 4.82 MB | Adult Content
Description : what a pleasure and truly therapeutic experience to be able to rhyme over this track. thanks so much for the inspiration, Danke.
Description : This one we all wrote it in the lab....collaboration in order of verses...clap,suisun ca/Manik,vallejo ca/DonJuan,vallejo,ca......Bay Areas talent just doing what we love to do.
Tags : | Rap | 8.65 MB | Colab Request
Description : Oldschool vibes with flutes and synths in an orchestral cinematic instrumental along with Club kits... I've finally learned exactly how to get the track loudness up as much as possible, I can't remember what this technique is called right off of the bat but it's with a gain plugin and then turning the beats output level down - 24 dbs and turning the gain all the way up to +24 dbs, also I know it helps to automate the volume levels in the output section to the music from verse to chorus, etc. and bring the chorus levels to a 0 db while I use - 3 db for my verses, including intro etc...
Tags : | Rap | 2.93 MB | Adult Content
Description : Aggressive!!! Written and produced by Yours Truly Feedback is appreciated.
Tags : | Rap | 9.24 MB | Adult Content
Description : Written, produced, and mastered by me. If you enjoy chillin with your boys and hookahs then youll love this song, thank you.
Tags : | Rap | 1.98 MB | Featured
Description : thought it was time for somethimg different. some old school west coast type ish.
Tags : | Rap | 7.29 MB | Colab Request
Description : Edm/Rap + sort of Eminem style sound i guess with the guitars...
Tags : | Rap | 6.02 MB | Adult Content
Description : i record a couple songs every year for my birthday - this is one of them. just a straight verbal onslaught. drums by Nivek18 - i can't find their page, so i can't give them props - also a loop from nightingale - http://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/79723/klaxon-by-nightingale-free-120bpm-dance-harmonica-loop
Description : Just getting back on here. Figured I'd upload something new. S/O to buddahmann for the hot acapella. Hope yall like.
Tags : | Rap | 6.19 MB | Colab Request
Description : Oldschool vibes...
Tags : | Rap | 4.04 MB | Adult Content
Description : Unleashing my inner thoughts (demons) on this one. Written/Produced/Recorded/Engineered by yours truly. Feedback is appreciated.
Description : Hey This is not me Btw This is A verse that i took from mc fight i really like it edited little
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