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Tags : | House | 7.19 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : house track i made and uploaded here to see what u guys think
Tags : | House | 4.40 MB | Featured
Description : Hi! This is my first track on Looperman. I've actually been here for a while (on another account) and just fell in love with the community around here. This is a future house track and I would welcome some feedback as I am not very experienced as a producer. Enjoy!
Tags : | House | 7.16 MB | Featured
Description : First Remix, feedback is appreciated
Tags : | House | 6.53 MB | Featured
Description : Having fun with a Deadmau5 chimaera MIDI File, used live and came out like this lol, I liked it even though is not a serious track. Hope you fellas enjoy this a little :)
Description : My first edit hope you like it :) Free download link:;
Tags : | House | 1.16 MB | Featured
Description : This is the song I made for the infomercial contest hosted by Jediswift. His vocals can be found here: . Thanks for stopping by.
Tags : | House | 9.68 MB | Featured
Description : EDM song with a little bit of a tropical vibe to it. Please comment on any way to improve this track! Thanks DinkyMixy and A1b2i3n4 for the snare build loops!, and, respectively.
Tags : | House | 3.39 MB
Description : The next track is made in FL Studio. Have a nice listening . I count on your comments and suggestions .
Tags : | House | 4.81 MB | Colab Request
Tags : | House | 9.20 MB
Description : sit back headphone on and just let the track take you away if you can give me feedback it would be nice.
Description : This track starts with a dark sort of tone, and you get into the drop and it seems all lifted and light and happy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! :D For some reason, the waveform goes crazy on the drop! "Dinky, it says you want to collab - WHA??" By this, I mean I am looking for someone to maybe write and add some vocals to this song. If interested contact me, my email is on my profile page! :D
Tags : | House | 6.32 MB
Description : My first attempt a tropical style house track. Not finished yet. Tell me what you think:)
Tags : | House | 7.01 MB
Description : Martin Miller - Arrival from "Expanded Universe EP" 2016.07.24
Tags : | House | 6.98 MB
Description : As always, you can download if you have left a comment... I'll let you guys hear the story :). Edit: Made the drop-piano better.
Tags : | House | 8.36 MB
Description : I made this track just for fun, Housebeats and a bit of this and that. I´m still trying to get more...let´s say Esprit... into it. We´ll see. :)
Tags : | House | 4.33 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : . . .
Tags : | House | 5.53 MB | Featured
Description : This track is different from my style a little bit.I think it sounds like summer songs dunno what you think...
Tags : | House | 6.30 MB
Description : listen, enjoy, comment, your opinion counts, cheers
Tags : | House | 7.23 MB
Description : UPDATE: EQued better for less muddyness. She just makes drama on the dance floor. Starting out breakbeat like, we morph into High NR house. We need more cowbell!
Description : relaxing summertime house track I am currently looking for people to collaborate with so if you are interested in working with me send a message ! :)
Tags : | House | 6.41 MB | Featured
Description : Remember that song I worked on with asidRn? This is before he fucked around with it. Kinda Deadmau5 sounding. Enjoy
Tags : | House | 2.94 MB
Description : My first public track, I'm pretty inexperienced.
Tags : | House | 9.86 MB
Description : have fun with this track
Tags : | House | 6.57 MB
Description : Melbourne Bounce
Tags : | House | 11.48 MB | Featured
Description : house fusion tune
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