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Tags : | House | 6.48 MB
Description : I decided to go by a better, less...numbery name. AND this is my first offical song from that name. New style of house I decided to try :P hope you all enjoy.
Tags : | House | 7.35 MB | Featured
Description : Maybe got some mastering problems, but I think it sounds nice. Any feedbacks are welcome! Cheers!
Tags : | House | 2.76 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : latest track by lielet get us up to a hundred likes!!!(:
Tags : | House | 4.01 MB
Description : listen, enjoy, comment, your opinion counts, cheers!
Description : Sample
Tags : | House | 9.44 MB
Description : Sometimes when I create dance music...I want to feel it...maybe even getup and shake my 1 Hope you like this one?? Thought I'd experiment with some bassline genre in the background of the song..since its my first time at creating some.
Tags : | House | 6.40 MB
Description : SOUNDCLOUD:
Tags : | House | 5.55 MB | Featured
Description : fingerlicking by SDM
Tags : | House | 317.42 KB | Featured
Description : Tech house loop 01
Description : Some beats and percs im messing around with. Do the percs sound ok with the beat?
Tags : | House | 8.67 MB
Description : Here's a little tune I created last night...I think its tight..however please note this is a DJ Friendly Edit meaning this is created for dj's with intro & outro beats or top end beats. Hope you enjoy as its a wind down from the progressive 128bpms that I usually put up:) DJ-SLT-UK
Tags : | House | 6.24 MB
Description : SOUNDCLOUD:
Description : This is my first deep house song :)
Tags : | House | 9.70 MB | Featured
Tags : | House | 8.47 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Here's a little number that I put together in about 1.25hrs featuring vocals by mhyst which you can find the profile via the accapella section here on Looperman. The vocals took the longest to do as I had to separate each sentence and do my thing to them in order for the vocals to work in a 128bpm track instead of the 140bpm that the vocals were originally set at. This is a straight 4:4 track with a bouncy melody and bits of this and that....yes I could change up the melody a little but this was more of a test to see if I should continue using accapellas from Looperman... Hope you enjoy & be sure to let me know...cheers:) DJ-SLT-UK
Tags : | House | 9.73 MB
Description : "Take It All - (Gonna Make The Mix Just Right) Is one of the new tracks for 2015 if you like this Progressive House tune then let us we are saving the best 5 out of 12 new tracks for 2015 until last. The Overall song is finished apart from a female vox that will be slotted into the first verse after the initial main melody opener. The male vocals is offset - so some may state its not in time...that's ok...its not meant to be. When the breakbeat kicks in it should help soakup the what seems out of time male vox on the bridge part of the track. The glitch style female vox's are purely fillers until I can find a female stem that fills the void. If you know of any female vocalists that could fill only parts of this song then im interested in hearing it...main key is E_min.
Tags : | House | 7.48 MB
Description : Just a nice russian singers acapella and some creativity. From now on my name will be Cop1Cat and on this name I will public my works just don*t want to create a another profile. Cheers!
Tags : | House | 5.39 MB
Description : SOUNDCLOUD:
Tags : | House | 3.47 MB
Description : MADE IN FL STUDIO
Tags : | House | 7.73 MB
Tags : | House | 8.02 MB | Featured
Description : My new electro/ swedish house track. Several different part of synth and hard piano drops makes this track a bit chaotic. Let me know what u think about this track. Enjoy ...
Tags : | House | 4.02 MB
Description : I'm done this awesome song.
Description : I sometimes go to the other place in my mind. This is what happens
Description : Loops from Mr.funktastic and other great people from looperman!
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