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Tags : | House | 19.73 MB
Description : I met a DJ on social media who apparently liked my music, he invited me over Christmas and we became friends ever since
Tags : | House | 4.24 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Not sure if this counts as house or deep house... I'm a little new to house so bear with me.
Tags : | House | 17.96 MB
Description : New hard hitting genre for house called Gqomu which means loud drums currently winning lots of attention from South Africa airways
Tags : | House | 4.22 MB | Featured
Description : Unofficial preview* of my upcoming first produced track. No name for it yet. Its mixed but unmastered and litterly a cut out of the track. Uploaded with first thought of letting it hear to a fellow Looperman member for a possible colab later on. Comments are welcome tho! About the preview, after the drop will start the 2nd buildup with an harder more rawish part behind. Yet to be made :) * It may be changed/further defined etc.
Tags : | House | 9.62 MB
Description : BOUNCY TUNE
Tags : | House | 7.52 MB | Colab Request
Description : No more to say , nothing to do , i create it :)
Tags : | House | 9.30 MB
Description : tribal house
Tags : | House | 17.76 MB
Description : BOUNCY TUNE
Tags : | House | 13.15 MB
Description : bouncy tune
Tags : | House | 5.62 MB
Description : Song made from WA PRoduction - (What About) Free Secret EDM Melodies
Tags : | House | 8.95 MB
Description : Progressive house / Trance
Description : new
Description : If you are interested in making vocals for this track, email me at!!!
Description : hard pumping house track about Jesus CHrist. Thanks to Steelyvibe for her unforgettable samples and acapellas, couldn;t of done it without her
Tags : | House | 8.01 MB
Description : house
Description : Motivation
Tags : | House | 6.24 MB | Featured
Description : Enjoy the track.
Description : rough version of a latin/afro house track that I'm working on
Tags : | House | 4.12 MB
Description : Justin Bieber
Description : Hi all Just a little something i'm working on at the moment and was looking for some advice. I used The Dreaded Phone Call accapella by Looperman user StephanieKay and i'm just wondering is it a bit too much/long for an intro? Be great to hear what you guys think :)
Tags : | House | 3.88 MB
Description : I just made it while playing around with loops! What do you think? :) Shoutout to 7Eventh12 DinkyMixy & Proecliptix for the loops :)
Tags : | House | 1.61 MB
Description : Ur feedback is welcomed. question, how much money would you give for all elements of this track. im not selling, just wondering how much you think this is worth.
Tags : | House | 3.36 MB
Description : I'm looking for a singer to my next song, people who are interested in singer contact with me. Gmail: Instagram: ldreamsmusic Soundcloud: Youtube:
Description : Need help! I've lost all inspiration and I need ideas on how to expand it!
Tracks 1 - 25 of 3690
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