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Tags : | House | 6.49 MB
Description : Techno House
Tags : | House | 6.14 MB
Description : It's something like electro-swing. It's my first one.I try to understand how it's working.Probably the next will be better... I want to share the bass line and the wobble line i've made ,but I can't.It's only for pre-authorized user ...
Tags : | House | 5.65 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : Been working on this hardcore for the past two weeks, although 'twas a bit on/off due to my new addiction to the Silent Hill games as well as @WongKiShoo's shenanigoats (Goddamnit George!). Ignore the weird deep blocky noises that shouldn't be there, I swear Looperman downsamples songs heaps and causes the subs to do that, I don't have that problem on other music sites. I Never ended up finding a full acapella but thanks to @Hektor_Thillet I did manage to at least get SOME good vox. This was a fun one though so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! Vox: Oh, also the soft ending with the arps is to transition into my other song "Klokwerk" when I finally compile an EP. :)
Tags : | House | 7.44 MB
Description : cant love someone i love so much...
Tags : | House | 6.80 MB | Featured
Description : Wow that is the longest title ever... Anyways, hey guys this is a remix of my friend's cover of David Guetta's track 'Titanium.' She is a very talented singer (Jennifer Clark) and was also handy enough to find the same pitch correction, eq, compression, and reverb that was used in the track. We were then able to undercut her vocals and use Sia's original as a base to get a better foundation to try to make it as spot on as possible. I think we did a pretty good job! This is also a raw mix, so there is very limited mixing, mastering and note changes (some of the melodies are not as perfect as I would like them to be.) So basically the song isn't perfect yet but that is to show less experienced producers that first drafts of songs can sound like that. On another note, I also feel like I'm starting to find my own sound as I keep working on this blend of house and chill, so I hope you enjoy the new genre as well! Thanks! Rico L.
Tags : | House | 5.87 MB | Featured
Description : Collab with Amiccuz, cuz they are awesome!:D Haha, see what i did there;)?
Tags : | House | 5.32 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Loud dance House-music with some fx. Thank's to: @mrfunkastic @kaynine @will @beedroom @desire @franzm @atlasblue for your loops I use in that track. This track is free to use.
Tags : | House | 5.97 MB | Colab Request
Description : This song just need some voacls and it´s the perfect song for a summerhit (at least in Norway haha) If you got any ideas, male or female, dont be afraid to contact me
Tags : | House | 5.16 MB
Tags : | House | 6.39 MB
Description : .....
Tags : | House | 9.53 MB
Description : Progressive house, with a mix of a bit of folk instruments.
Tags : | House | 6.64 MB | Colab Request
Description : One of my first songs, but i still feel like it needs som vocals! If you got any ideas please send them to me on i got the copyright of this song!
Tags : | House | 7.37 MB
Description : A track that i made for the valentines day, hope you like it, its free for download but you cant post it elsewere as your own, enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!
Tags : | House | 6.83 MB
Description : Yet another track! Please click the like buto, i honestly appreciate it!:D -This song was inspred by K-391 and Tobu (7obu)
Description : Progressive House
Tags : | House | 9.37 MB | Featured
Description : Three track house mash up for your listening pleasure and if you don't like it then sorry for wasting ten minutes of your life.
Tags : | House | 5.70 MB
Description : .....
Tags : | House | 7.93 MB
Description : Great!
Tags : | House | 6.97 MB | Featured
Description : I found here some Avicii loops. I made this mix using these loops, composed in Magix. I hope You will like it. If You want to download or use it please let me know. Thx
Tags : | House | 8.90 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : This feels like a Dance adventure house track. Did it a few years ago and wanted to share it with the Looperman family. Let me know where the trip takes you...Enjoy =)
Tags : | House | 3.79 MB | Featured
Description : Al Green sample with a beat i programmed from rob papen punch drum vst
Tags : | House | 5.09 MB | Colab Request
Description : This is a big room house song I wrote using fl studio. It would be really cool to get lyrics. Hope you guys like it. Andromyda is my Dj name.
Tags : | House | 5.32 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Atmospheric track made with a folk guitar sample and some strange voices. Au début je suis parti sur un sample de guitare rock-folk.Puis je suis tombé sur des voix d'un autre-mode .Et c'est parti en vrille. Du coup ça fait une ambiance un peu particulière.
Tags : | House | 7.10 MB | Featured
Description : Some ideas and chords glued together. Some electro and tech-house combined together which is some kinda house though. BPM 124 key C#.
Description : A little story of happy and fancy house-music . All made with samples of taht website. T.Y and enjoy ;-)
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