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Tags : | House | 6.33 MB | Featured
Description : Guys a remix i did hope you enjoy it
Tags : | House | 9.73 MB | Featured
Description : This is the 320kps Mp3 Master that's just come back from the mastering studio... We are allowing only 10 downloads of this track .. so be the first too comment and receive your free tune before we shut the gate...
Tags : | House | 3.46 MB
Description : Series music remix
Description : I went back to my old roots. Really proud of this one it has a really catchy melody :).
Tags : | House | 7.56 MB
Description : Never really used guitar in my house tracks and decided to go ham with guitars in this track.
Tags : | House | 9.78 MB
Description : I need feedback please comment
Tags : | House | 3.69 MB | Featured
Description : Just some house song I made, and decided to mess around with vocal sampling. Vocals by NEW$HOES.
Tags : | House | 9.73 MB
Description : 1st song completed in over a year ... took time of from the grind to work on other productions. Tapping into the despair button to bring out this hopefully catchy tune... post comments if you like and I will return the goodness Currently unmastered - just testing the overall mix levels thru many talented ears before this gets final tweeks or adjustments.
Description : All I can
Tags : | House | 9.16 MB
Description : Hardstyle-Trance song with an touch of Anthem.
Tags : | House | 6.38 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : instrumental about the seven bowls of God's wrath
Tags : | House | 2.48 MB
Tags : | House | 6.70 MB | Featured
Description : House track feat. Lokka. Based on loops.... Enjoy...
Tags : | House | 10.32 MB
Description : A different version of Patricia Edwards, Ain't Nobody Lovin' Me But You. As ever all rights to the lyrics and vocals belong to Patricia Edwards and all other production on the trac belongs to me. Love some feedback and search patriciaedwards for more awesome vocals.
Description : This is an Electronic Ballad and it isn't just a song, its a story of a new beginning. I hope you enjoy it and start the New Year fresh! HUGE thanks to RomyHarmony for giving out this amazing acapella on Looperman! ------ I'm currently in search of someone who can do me vocal tracks. I'd love to colab! Just right that you're interested (if you are) in the comments and I'll contact you!! Thanks! :)
Description : LOOKING FOR SOME VOCALS - any type, sound, style, and gender: Don't Forget is an uplifting, happy but sometimes dark sounding progressive house song. Tempo and key = 128, G# min - Enjoy!
Tags : | House | 3.82 MB
Description : there is an house and edm track made with loops from this site.
Tags : | House | 4.02 MB | Featured
Description : I stumbled upon these amazing vocals provided by Foulds (sung by Thomas Daniel, nice voice) and decided to make a sort of mainstream house remix out of it. I really cranked up the automations for this one, not sure if I overdid it. Please let me know in the comments, any form of feedback is appreciated.
Tags : | House | 1.35 MB
Description : A preview of an upcoming track that I'm working on! Hope you enjoy. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Tags : | House | 6.95 MB
Description : I love Looperman and wanted to share my latest Tropical song. Would like to get some new point of views on it. Notice; its not mastered at all and im working on a bassline. Hope you enjoy and like my newest track!
Description : Dj Clubbeater feat. Patricia Edwards.Do you Really Love me
Tags : | House | 2.42 MB
Description : The next track is made in FL Studio. Have a nice listening . I count on your comments and suggestions .
Tags : | House | 8.08 MB | Featured
Description : this one could be longer. might extend it :/
Tags : | House | 3.43 MB | Colab Request
Description : This is a track in melodic/progressive house. I hope you guys enjoy and NEVER give up on anything in life! If someone wants to colab with me, I'd love that!
Description : This is a demo of a tropical house track I've been working on using some looperman loops. Heres the full song at (you might need to copy the link)
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