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Tags : | House | 4.35 MB
Description : OscarMess-Game
Description : Used FarishaMusic's Acapella and did something new with it. She calls it Breathe. Constructive criticism is welcome. Would like some feedback on how this song sounds on various sound systems.
Description : Made in Logic Pro 9 totally ripped off deadmau5's style anyway if you want to put vocals on it, that would be cool & you can use it for whatever you want
Tags : | House | 5.82 MB
Description : hope you like it, cheers!
Tags : | House | 6.90 MB | Featured
Description : Produced in Ableton Live 9
Tags : | House | 6.56 MB
Description : SOUNDCLOUD:
Tags : | House | 7.05 MB | Featured
Description : Something, don`t know just made something... Feedback are welcomed! Cheers! :)
Tags : | House | 4.20 MB
Description : First of all I would like to say that "I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE VOCALS" but felt It was fitting to the type of music I was creating. If anyone is interested in the track it's self to amend or play around with, I could send it without the vocal. Just showing what could be done with this track but sure you guys could do better :)
Tags : | House | 7.60 MB
Description : House Track Made on Ableton Live.
Description : Floored by the flu with not much more to do than compose music. A piece of jazzy chill house. Big thanks to all loop makers. Credit goes to: Sterixx, Planetjazzbass, Abnerbesares, Proecliptix, Dj4real, Kaynine. You rock!
Description : featuring elvor,give me feedback at my youtube channel:
Tags : | House | 9.24 MB
Description : I finished this awesome track. Rate it and give feedback. I don't used samples.
Tags : | House | 4.61 MB
Description : House number with a jump vibe to it
Description : Check out more of my music on soundcloud mayo music :)
Tags : | House | 9.01 MB | Featured
Description : Electro house VIP (varieties in production) version of my older song. I just thought It could be improved and here is the result! :) Every comment is welcome ;) *** You can reupload this on your soundcloud or youtube channel (for promotion), but you can't say you made it. You can also use this in your youtube videos, but make sure to credit me. Whatever you do, please paste link here so I can hear it too :) *** FREE DOWNLOAD 'N' ENJOY!
Tags : | House | 4.80 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Just some House!
Tags : | House | 5.92 MB
Description : My remix of heaven
Tags : | House | 6.38 MB
Description : SOUNCLOUD:
Tags : | House | 4.38 MB
Description : Just an old song I made a while ago in a new costume. Vox by RarCharm, Isaiah Page (Zaylp) and Patricia Edwards (pitched to unrecognizable). And the worlds greatest house piano loop (oh yes it is) by MrFunctastic. Still having issues mixing this together. Always something drowning or taking all the space.
Tags : | House | 2.88 MB
Description : Advice Needed
Tags : | House | 9.16 MB | Featured
Description : I've been gone for a while, and haven't uploaded anything here so yeah... here is something i "finish" recently :3 Hope you enjoy.
Description : This is a House song that I wrote lyrics for, I also sing in this song. The beat was made by Littlebrams and basically I'm looking for a vocalist to sing this song. If you listened to the song and you are interested in being the vocalist, please leave a comment.
Tags : | House | 8.63 MB
Description : Single Chord track uploading after a long time.
Description : with my comments at beginning
Tags : | House | 8.19 MB | Featured
Description : I come with a new style of EDM, leave me a feedback.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 3253
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