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Description : Here's one I started a while ago when I was going through a stoner phase. Well, I'm always in a stoner phase I guess. Anyhow this is a cover track I did of the Truckfighters Gargarismo. Its from their Gravity X album. I worked up all the guitars and drums and then hit a road block. I lacked bass and vocals. So I shelved it for a while. When I found myself with access to a bass I took advantage and worked up the bass track. Well that left the vocal and after much trepidation here it is, my first track with my vocals. Luckily the original song has some pretty heavy effects on the vocals so I followed suit. Fire up a doob and crank the volume knob. Time to space rock !
Description : looping game in E / 140bmp
Description : drums downloaded from looperman.com. Guitar mix and edit are me. Thnks.
Description : Heres a few riffs yay!
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 17.66 MB
Description : playing around for fun
Description : Hey rockers and fellow music makers!Hope you are all kicking ass!!!I haven't been on in ages,so here is a new track I'm working on.There is no bass over this track and the drums need to a lot more full.So its just an idea.Enjoy!
Description : im not 100% finished with this. but i thought id show it any way. i do not own the rights to the vocals. everything else i did my self. sorry im using ripped vocals, dont know many vocalist.
Description : song im working on for my current band. (i would really appreciate tons of comments and ideas coming from you guys on how you think it should go after the "chorus".
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.73 MB
Description : Those of you who have been following my recent uploads may have noticed a trend toward heavier music. The main reason for that is my ever growing interest in Progressive Metal. Sometime around early 2003 or so I discovered the band Meshuggah and was totally blown away with the power and complexity of their music. They had just released their "Nothing" album which ushered in the ultra low sonic assult of downtuned slow tempo Alternative Metal, attributed to the newly released 8 string guitar which they quickly adopted as their new sound, pushing Heavy Metal into a whole new territory. This was another milestone in metal music that basically created a whole new sub-genre that many other bands would soon follow. This track is a variant cover of one of the tracks from the album called Nebulous. The original song begins with a different melody and transitions into the main groove here, which I have stayed pretty close to but have added a few dynamic elements of my own. Eight string downtuned to D#, Strymon effects, multiple guitar layers, programmed and live drum samples. Aside from a few areas using synth bass for a bit of drone effect, no other bass is used. Its loud, its super heavy and way out there...Beyond Nebulous.
Description : Cover
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 4.45 MB
Description : Here is a heavy kick ass Metal track by Yan Sarevsky. Vocals by Jason Miller of BoltArmy and Red Stone Retaliation. On looperman Jason:BoltArmy Yan:dssdsdsd Thanks looperman family! This was fun to do. Would love some comments.
Description : New outro idea for song BPM 115
Description : I do not know the performing artists. I just collected the tracks one by one and produced it to the best of my ability using Sony Acid Pro
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.70 MB
Description : UPDATE2: remixed again. made drums more snappy.UPDATE:changed drums to be less glitchy, took away some compression and mixed in the synth part a little louder......Heavy plodding rock tune that I wanted to test my rock production and mixing. Wanted to re-create that wall of power sound that Sabbath and early-middle Judas Priest would unleash on your ears.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 8.28 MB
Description : My heaviest and most extreme track ever. Also the first (in 17 years) with no synths. It's mostly massive, crashing and smashing acoustic, programmed drums (count the cymbal hits!) and dirty, heavy layers of electric guitar (with a psychedelic, Eastern feel at times). Bass is bass guitar and there's also a slide resonator guitar solo. No drum loops. Synths weren't really needed as this is all about furious but fun brutality. There's also a somewhat funky and relatively chilled out middle section before a return to the brutality and the crazy ending, the heaviest section of all. Don't play this at your grandmother's funeral. Not unless she was a real headbanger. Now get ready for your ears to bleed and then come back and let me know what you think, if you're still able to type...
Description : Ending breakdown for song I'm working on. BPM 220
Description : First track after Father's Funeral...
Description : This song i wrote after trip in Russia BPM 110, standart D tuning
Description : Hey there everybody!Heres a few riffs i put together,thanks for listening.
Description : Showing I can do more than just trap music and R&B. Everything used in this song is from Kontakt 5 and mixed in FL 12. Vocals By Jay Legend downloaded from here.
Description : NEW REMIXED REVISED UPLOAD Double bass kick drums with some hellacious guitar playing as always. Used my Schecter Diamond series flying V on this one. For the bass guitar I used old Kramer bass guitar 4 string. Still in the demo stage. This mix needs to be mixed better any ideas?
Description : Hey everybody!Thanks for taking time out to listen to my tunes.Heres a tune i was kind of putting together.
Description : Cover of metallica
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.35 MB
Description : "Remember the Sabbath day". I went to see Sabbath for the last time the other night here in Dallas. They have proclaimed themselves a Dead Band Walking and are performing their final concert tour. They put on a great show as always but it was a sad ending, as most endings usually are. Since they are one of my favorite bands I decided to put together a little tribute track here. I have been busy working on some doom/stoner metal riffs and also have a lot of Sabbath cover stuff I've done. So I did a little mix of something new along with my version of Supernaut. It's basically a jam that focuses on replicating their sound and styling. I know there's a few Black Sabbath fans here so hopefully you guys will like it. Long live the GOAT, the greatest of all time, the true Gods of Metal - Black Sabbath !
Description : metal genre, played by sebastian.
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