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Description : This one is from mariuszkip's great instrumental track called, Riffology. It fired me up to lay down some vocals. I always appreciate comments. Let me know.. sincerely.
Description : Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore /Atmosphere. Used My Schecter Omen 8 ,6505 red vst, Poulin LeCab 2 with a Humanity's last Breath impulse with Guitar rig 5. Bass is Guitar rig 5 and drum track is a sample..Track might sound hot going to run it through Izotope 7 if any body knows how to use it let me know..lol
Description : Here is a little fun tune i wrote just playing around.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.39 MB
Description : A new piece of my workshop. Written and performed by Eternium alias Choking Hazard.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 9.90 MB
Description : shahram nazeri
Description : Just a few riffs.Thanks for listening.
Description : https://soundcloud.com/user-607170483/tracksAll good day ladies and Gospoda tried very hard to record this track,I understand that there are bugs ...But in fact,it sounds and it sounds not very bad)))I am still in Vkontakte)))https://vk.com/greco_standart#Metall #Race #PastTime #Thomas #VK #Hard #Solo #Gitar #Pleas #Help #
#Tag: #SoundCloud
#Tag: #People
Description : Drum loop downloaded from looperman.com. Guitar, mix, and edit are me. Thank you.
Description : a anime style song i'm writing for my gf using jap anime style structure. i've only uploaded the 1:30 version but i do plan on finishing it. all tracks are original by me which include gtr, bass, and drums.
i made the bass more driven that the guitar. this is a mix i made where the bass is more predominate but i still am not used to Eqing this way yet so any advice i will take note and use.

i am looking for a colab but a japanese vocalist ( preferably female) but i'll take what i can get.
i do not get on here often so best bet is my email.
Description : I used Drum,synth and FX loops from Looperman.com.
The guitars are all me and is a combination of a slight pop sound and Melodic Metal Core. I have lyrics to this and will be adding it soon. Do note that this will feature on DeaDResT's Debut EP. A special thanks go out to WhenOceansRise for making the amazing drum loops available here on Looperman.com!! It really works for this song.
Description : Demo Version
Description : It turned out this Demka, I would like to know the opinion of people))))
Description : (Demo version (Lets goy) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Description : DeathCore /Cinematic /Atmosphere Instrumental Metal track of mine with a Female vocal sample and war sample. Hope you all like it.
Description : hi its a crazy track from 2003 fl 3.i dont know what i do,but my brother and his friends make party with this track,all time.genre, i dont know.they sayd to me upload and here is it.have fun ;)genre i dont know.electro metall? or need a crazy vocal ;)my english is not so good,sorry.
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 6.74 MB
Description : used 4 loops from 3nigmadjing including the insane riser which i love big thanks for that looperman-l-2432186-0114538-3nigmadjing-insane-trap-or-dubstep-buildup and ableton with old greco stratocaster.
Description : Metall )))) (lets goy) vk https://vk.com/greco_standart
Description : Atmospheric metal with heavy crunching riffs and haunting vocal melodies. What was once loved is now left behind to feed the flies. A collab with nicetones101!
Description : Demo version
Description : a metal instrumental session looking for collab
Tags : | Heavy Metal | 5.76 MB
Description : an instrumental looking for a collab
Description : Metal Industrial Track with elements of Symphonic/Cyber /Drone what ever you want to call it.I got board . Used a few samples and added my own synths. Neurotech kinda track with a twist of Drone.
Description : metal instrumental looking for collab...
Description : A very thrashy death metal song. vocal track and guitar track.
Description : instrumental track looking for a voice...
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1678
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