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Tags : | Electronic | 6.40 MB | Featured
Description : mind freaking track... i hope u like it! njoy! ;)
Tags : | Electronic | 7.58 MB | Featured
Description : The Rise of Asia.. The Fall of Generation X. Many acoustic sounds and loops to make this organic sounding slightly electronic piece.
Description : Wanted to create a Kraftwerk meets Disco meets minimal track. The result? Lo-fi goodness :) Drums and percussion are programmed except for the 1 fill. Synth are combined loops and MIDI. Comments welcome as per usual.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.16 MB | Featured
Description : Looking for feedback, and useful critiques. Thanks for taking the time and listening!
Tags : | Electronic | 6.91 MB | Featured
Description : something I've been working on
Description : Hey guys, this is a little song im working on any feedback would be awesome. I think the piano with the strange strange synth i have going on is pretty cool, but not sure. Think this song would be cool with some vocals so if you think you could add some vocals then message me :D Hope you like and remember its not finished yet.. lol
Tags : | Electronic | 200.82 KB
Description : psytrance bassline
Description : Mirrorball by ExoTerrestrial ft. Minette. All sounds recorded live, no sequencers used. Only Xiosynth 25 used and an Eventide 3500. Cheers, Exo.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.24 MB | Featured
Description : electronic, psychedelic
Tags : | Electronic | 7.56 MB
Tags : | Electronic | 6.16 MB
Description : I am back with a new track, sorry for not visiting Looperman for such long time, was busy working and stuff.. last track in my "Hellgate" album, sort of bonus track, tell me what u think of it! njoy! ;) P.S i even don't know which genre it is :D let it be electronic
Tags : | Electronic | 7.10 MB | Featured
Description : Layed down some guitar on some loops from the member HardstyleRythm so the credit goes to him. Not any perfect job and I was thinking to redo everything but I let it go:)
Description : First Of all I'd like to thank All the contributors of samples to this site much Appreciated. In this traQ I used 2 beats one at the beginning and one is the foundation of the traQ, I never use one beat I layer my traQs with about 3,4 or more beats to get a different sound plus effectsin Logic. A big fan of Pat Metheny I was learning a guitar part from the way up album. Wanted to color way out the box so the foundation beat here I couldn't resist (Thank U looperman-l-0373650-0057551-gman15-killer-drum-loop.wav and looperman-l-0676737-0065505-dontrale1-clockwork-snare-and-clap.wav) I felt the Pat part I learned didn't go so I put it at the end and came up with a different guitar part that fit perfectly with this traQ. I'm an Instrumentalist who's goal is to create not just for radio but for movies/TV etc. I listen to all genres especially jazz but when I create I fuze sounds together.....I'm not pop or R&B country jazz...I just like creating good music. Please Enjoy and again thank you for your talents and time (" P.S. as far as collab I like to keep things clean I'm no gangster or from the streets so I won't go there. A child of God so I must represent ("
Tags : | Electronic | 4.96 MB
Description : http://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/6073 You put me up on rails Shining lights grow tractor When I look at him Next to on your grave I'm crucified, I am dismayed I won't cheap back Wanting and want to No one cares when you are done to me I love to see them when they're brave You know I'm the best zombie in the yard You don't even know why I can breathe I can read I can see I can lead I can be I can see I can be what you need I can shoot you motherFJ(Fers In your smile cuz you're smilin You now see That you'll never be all the way back home again Death is your home now I am gonna lay her And actually slay her Given back to the ground All the way to the sound And the down, down, down
Description : Remix of a Borgores song Ratchet, for this wavo remix contest It'd be tops if you clicked this link and then voted for this https://wavo.me/borgore/ratchet-remix-competition/borgore_ratchet_e_en_m_rehmx__11225313741210000?u=51e6d74eacfeb04f36002be0&;s=wxQqr7v71-Qp6uAke65zxR67iS4&v=1
Description : My first try on mixing! Please give me feedback if possible. MANY THANKS TO Officialnova!!! His main loops with my tweeks! Please as much feed back even if its a "that sucked" :) Many thanks to all fellow loopers
Tags : | Electronic | 6.06 MB | Featured
Description : I hope you enjoy this track. I'm quite happy with the result so far. The bass loops from Spivkurl really add something extra to this track. A big thnx goes out to those who have upload the loops that are being used here. Please leave a comment if you feel so and let me know how I can improve or whatever you feel to write down. In the end it's going to help me to improve and gaining new ideas..... Enjoy the close encounter!!....
Description : this is a aweseome track hope you guys like it and please leave a commet of how the track songs that will be very nice and enjoy
Tags : | Electronic | 9.75 MB
Description : Electro going backwards
Description : OLD - 1999 - This little piece of music was lost for years. I worked on it around 2000 and then i lost all the data i had. 15 years later i found a mp3 copy on a not labled selfburned cd ..... KOMA every thing is over, we are waiting for you ..... ok, it´s not a real final version but it is all i have - enjoy - i named it first weird but it isnt weird, so i changed it to electronic but its more dark electro hypnotic wave pop or so
Description : Electronic Rock attempt. A bit brickwall but got tired of trying balance everything so I've just put it out there!
Tags : | Electronic | 8.07 MB
Description : Hola, name says it all when you hear it all the way through ha. Been all over the place lately. Playing around with vocal chopped loops. Loops provided by mimerfly, danke, byngsies, techseeker, spivkurl, luteeastwood, wilobowski, weazelbeats, loonygoon1, reed1415, morphx99mq, rojo95, zsb410, zombieme, facade, theofficialfrostbite, and ksilvatheboss.
Description : still in process.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.54 MB | Featured
Description : I think this may well be the best thing I've done so far. Both sound technically and musically. The song's title describes some of what I really wanted to achieve. A simple sound of a sawtooth as the main instrument in front of the piano, but another part of me wanted something completely different. In the latter part of the song I play the drums along with Kong Drum Machine, he is much tighter than I am, but I have more feeling for the fill-ins, I think we complement each other.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4269
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