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Description : EDM track featuring the vocals of artist Farisha. Mixing was done by me. Let me know what you think of it!
Description : for anybody who would like a new style of wedding music. if needed i can make it longer because i dont know how long an average wedding is.
Description : It's not often you visit the front page of Looperman's loop section and find three separate loops right then and there that would come together into a song perfectly. This was that rare impossible night where it did! Here are you Looperman geniuses and the names of your loops I used to build this track: Danke: Bass Synth Groovy 40A: Lament - The Mortal Coil Kaynine: Muck Hip Hop Drumloop Here are other Loopermen whose samples and loops I selected to enhance the above: Spivkurl: Vocoder segment Mr. Funktastic: Keyboard arpeggios Mmilka: Dark bells Vocoder segment created by Spivkurl Violin solo by Howard Geisel, recorded by FreqMan (not Looperman, so unfortunately I cannot credit their source site here, but will on the one they hang out on with me) Melody, lyrics, editing and arrangement by me Thanks to everyone for your beautiful work! I hope you enjoy!
Description : EDM/Trance of the brillbilly kind! Lifes A Roller Coaster,sometimes you just have to hold on tight and ride it!
Description : no comments
Description : Hey a track ive been working on for about 4-5 hrs or so, its NOT done at all, but looking for some feedback. It needs mastered and feels a bit empty to me at the moment. What do u guys think? should i continue with it? Also really feel like this needs some vocals, ive tryed writing a few lyrics (thats where the title came from). So if you feel like you could help me with vocals that would be sweeet. Also everything in the song is mine except a few sound effects. Thanks as usual guys :D
Description : An older song that I resurrected given the rendered nature of the file, I lost the original project file so I had to go off of the most complete render I could find. Also, I have no idea what genre this is, I can't properly tag and categorize to save my life.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.44 MB
Description : A song about a White Eyed Preacher. Puttin you on the right. Made with all free vsts.
Description : Nice hard and heavy electronic project. At the jam stage currently, but thought I would share...Enjoy.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.58 MB
Description : Electronic/Experimental
Description : I fixed a lot of contrasting parts to make it sound a little more harmonic. Also added some parts to fill some space.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.22 MB
Description : Testing some new toys.. Simulation, mental drive press start now...
Tags : | Electronic | 5.92 MB
Description : Electronic/Experimental
Tags : | Electronic | 6.57 MB
Description : Electronic/Industrial
Tags : | Electronic | 5.75 MB
Description : KInd of 90's beats and lotsa wah wah faux guitar with many interesting melodies.
Description : I made this song using LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio)
Description : what does the internet think?
Tags : | Electronic | 3.19 MB
Description : I am trying something a little different than what I am used to I think, so I decided to work around some synth/drum loops I found from blueeskies mainly that I really liked with a few other loopers so far. When I finish it up I will give the credit list but I wanted to get some opinions on this. I have played around with sounds like this before of course but not to this magnitude in my opinion. There is a lot more to do, well with what I know how to do ha, but lemme know, thanks! -Charlene
Description : GOD OVER EVERYTHING MARSHALL AQUICCI PRODUCER (Electro - Dubstep - Reggae - Hiphop and more ) Stream/Buy music on: http://smarturl.it/marshallaquicci
Description : Minimal tribal electro.
Description : Techno
Tags : | Electronic | 5.73 MB
Description : Electronic song that I spent some time on. I've been working with some new loops from other genres to make some nice sounds. I also think I accidentally made a false ending but oh well :)
Description : Just a track I made for a laugh
Description : Description : Track 'Colony [Reprise]' of Sigh's EP Native Rupture. Please like my Facebook page to show support. https://www.facebook.com/SighMusicUk A nice little edition added to my samples. Reworked by a friend of mine [ELEMENT115]. Brings a twist to the calm relaxing original and gives it more of a aggressive approach. Great work man, Thank you.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.65 MB
Description : MY FIRST SONG! I hope you enjoy! I made it on garageband :D Support this song if you want to hear more!
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4400
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