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Description : Hey, been working on this was looking to get some feedback, what works, what doesnt. The track isnt finished i got some intro and verse stuff to do, the lead/chorus is pretty much done tho, The vocals for now are just there until i can find someone to vocals on it, and if i cant find anyone then i guess this will do lol :) Thanks for listening. Hope you Enjoyed :)
Description : Wanted to make a minimal, synthwave type track. Chase by Moroder was the influence. Didn't try to duplicate it of course. Just used the concept of a retro sounding, basic beat. The loop I manipulated is (again) by MrRobot. Who recognizes where the spoken audio is from?
Description : No loops used in this one and I created almost all the sounds in the FL 3xOscillator so it should be called The Oscillator Song. But I ruined the idea of just using my own stuff with throwing in a beautiful Acapella by Mhyst: http://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/6161/close-my-eyes-62bpm-by-mhyst-62bpm-ambient-acapella Also tried to learn to use the FPC drum machine and some compressors and EQs.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.32 MB
Description : draft
Tags : | Electronic | 5.79 MB
Description : Hey Thanks for listening, this song isnt done but just looking for some honest feedback on what you guys thinkso far, i really like the melody i made but dont know if the synths are working too well... Also everything in here is mine no loops or anything .. so far haha
Description : Inspired by Tea.
Description : Can you guys help me figure out this genre. Im guessing its Industrial. I never know what Im making. Vocals by ESHAR. Awesome lyrics.
Description : I made the instrumental you hear in this song some time ago and finally found some time to record some vocals to it. You can get the concept mainly from the title but its deeper than just it's simple appearance. Had some fun with the effects put on this track, is it too much?
Tags : | Electronic | 8.80 MB
Description : mixed and mastered by Psychedeletribe
Description : Warning. Ladies might get in a romantic mood while listening to this kind of track. ;)
Description : http://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/60077 live percussion sample from ferry terry
Tags : | Electronic | 7.50 MB
Description : New Instrumental Beat Album. Download this song from here to use in your project. http://kronstudiosbeats.bandcamp.com/album/beats-rhymes-inspiration
Description : That's my 2nd song. I started with three drum loops (different genres). I filtered and eq'ed them until they matched. After that, I started playing around with a couple of arps. The rest was simply fun. It's not a very sophisticated track, but I thing it has character.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.58 MB
Description : realizzato con logic pro X
Description : This the second track that I have actually fully finished. I don't really know what genre to put this in. It's somewhere between chillout and dubstep. Tell me what you think. Thanks for the listen!
Description : An emotive tale describing the despair of a princesses lost saviour. Not quite sure of the genre, sort of an industrial dance? Featuring Mhyst
Description : Featuring Chantelle Rowe this track is vocal driven with synth and bass pushing it along. An enjoyable EDM track!
Tags : | Electronic | 4.35 MB
Description : still in process
Description : on FL
Description : I'm trying to make club music lemme know what you think tho.
Description : despite my complete lack of understanding how to use circuit bending in a track, i've attempted it anyway. This is pretty terrible but I feel like it's got potential so please if you have any suggestions on how to improve this it'd be much apreciated. Even the song title, I'm bad at naming songs that don't have lyrics.
Description : MY REMIX ....
Description : Electronic beat with Mhyst on Vocals
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4325
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