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Tags : | Electronic | 5.97 MB | Featured
Description : My very first EDM track produced with the help of the beautiful Looperman community (AtlasBlue) who provided some great loops.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.25 MB
Description : I may have bent some genres when I finished this.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.91 MB | Featured
Description : For My Countrymen... I Work on it a whole Month , like changing Notes , Synths , kicks &... Now I Produce It And make a cover for it That it is my avatar ... still without vocal but soon Ill record vocal on MY track ... its genre is MG House :) Love U , MG
Tags : | Electronic | 7.51 MB
Description : I wanted to make something new yet slightly familiar. (Credit to MrRoads442 for the guitar loop and some guys vocal sample that I can't find anymore.)
Tags : | Electronic | 6.86 MB | Featured
Description : DJ Mix Summer Party: 1 Back in U.S.A. 2 Love Feals Right 3 Teenage Years Mix of 3 songs of my that i made this summer for parties with friends... Enjoy! On Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spe-11/dj-mix-summer-party-1-back-in-usa-2-love-feals-right-3-teenage-years
Tags : | Electronic | 4.07 MB | Featured
Description : I created this one using Mixcraft 6. Pls let me know if u like it.
Tags : | Electronic | 2.13 MB
Description : Instrumental by me and Acapella by JJ Weekz. I just wanna have some fun with you ms music! Some sort of mix not sure genre would matched best.
Description : A song I made using FL 11 and some Loops from Looperman page.
Description : This is what goes through the mind of a cat on xanax
Tags : | Electronic | 3.57 MB | Featured
Description : Looper61 came up with the cool idea of the one hour challenge http://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/183807/1-hour-challenge This is my entry.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.00 MB
Description : Yoohooo... Hi ,Finally I render My Last Track With Name Farland Or Angels? Hope U Like ,Dont Forget Commrnt On Me Friend
Description : I made this song recently and personally I believe it is the best sounding song I have ever made. Enjoy.
Description : Good quality old fashioned music for cats. Cat Muzik.
Description : There 's another own production !! leave comment to improve . Thank you Ahi va otra produccion propia!! dejen comentario para mejorar. gracias
Tags : | Electronic | 3.79 MB | Featured
Description : ok... This is an old track from the beginning of this century when the internet was not much to hang in a christmas tree, as we are saying in Sweden. This track was made back in 2001 and at that time I was using Cubase to create my tracks. I was able to download this drum loop in a format called Soundfonts and I also found the sounds in this track in so called soundfonts. Today I found this in one of my nearly forgotten archives and I just had to share it with you. Hope you'll like it!
Tags : | Electronic | 5.43 MB
Description : -UPDATED 22/08/15- So this a song, right? And the spoken words are my friend Malinda and she's pretty awesome. Still a wip. But I'm loving how this is turning out. I'm using the same drumset as one of my other songs, I know. It's pretty much a place holder til I get something better. Doc Pyro says the vocals are off key but I don't really care atm. I'm not making music for you all to enjoy, I'm making it for myself. I only care if I enjoy it. That being said, if you do enjoy that's just fantastic! If not, I can promise I won't be losing sleep over it. Thanks for reading this wall of crap :D
Description : Thanks to Exfain for great loops. I am happy about this song exept the end.....
Tags : | Electronic | 9.71 MB
Description : I made this track with some arppegios, Clap, Bass, Kick 909, Normal kick, Snare and some hats. All with a base of reggaeton
Tags : | Electronic | 3.58 MB | Featured
Description : Es la primera cancion que cree en fl studio 12, espero que les guste :D
Tags : | Electronic | 737.01 KB
Description : Today is the last day of my summer vacation. Since I haven't done this in a while, I chose to pass the time rigging a new guitar in Reason. I used 9 recorded samples (3 notes, 3 samples each). Here's what came out.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.74 MB
Tags : | Electronic | 3.62 MB | Featured
Description : Currently mastering new material, here is a taste of the new stuff. Dirty electro house industrial fusion...Enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 8.28 MB
Description : From my second album Photonic in 2001, newly updated and remastered, a drone like lament that has a killer solo and backbreaking sound.
Description : Contest entry by me top remix Dario Synth's track "We Are". Check out contest here: https://soundcloud.com/fullstoprecords/we-are-remix-contest
Tags : | Electronic | 4.42 MB | Featured
Description : Another EDM track that I've made... there's a little bit of a problem in the limiter but still sounds nice. Give out your opinions about my track.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4650
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