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Tags : | Electronic | 4.58 MB
Description : Electronic/Experimental
Description : I fixed a lot of contrasting parts to make it sound a little more harmonic. Also added some parts to fill some space.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.92 MB
Description : Electronic/Experimental
Tags : | Electronic | 6.57 MB
Description : Electronic/Industrial
Description : Track 10 of 15 from LEGENDARY.
Description : KInd of 90's beats and lotsa wah wah faux guitar with many interesting melodies.
Description : I made this song using LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio)
Description : what does the internet think?
Description : I am trying something a little different than what I am used to I think, so I decided to work around some synth/drum loops I found from blueeskies mainly that I really liked with a few other loopers so far. When I finish it up I will give the credit list but I wanted to get some opinions on this. I have played around with sounds like this before of course but not to this magnitude in my opinion. There is a lot more to do, well with what I know how to do ha, but lemme know, thanks! -Charlene
Description : GOD OVER EVERYTHING MARSHALL AQUICCI PRODUCER (Electro - Dubstep - Reggae - Hiphop and more ) Stream/Buy music on: http://smarturl.it/marshallaquicci
Description : Minimal tribal electro.
Description : Techno
Tags : | Electronic | 5.73 MB
Description : Electronic song that I spent some time on. I've been working with some new loops from other genres to make some nice sounds. I also think I accidentally made a false ending but oh well :)
Description : Just a track I made for a laugh
Description : Description : Track 'Colony [Reprise]' of Sigh's EP Native Rupture. Please like my Facebook page to show support. https://www.facebook.com/SighMusicUk A nice little edition added to my samples. Reworked by a friend of mine [ELEMENT115]. Brings a twist to the calm relaxing original and gives it more of a aggressive approach. Great work man, Thank you.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.65 MB
Description : MY FIRST SONG! I hope you enjoy! I made it on garageband :D Support this song if you want to hear more!
Description : Think I may have gone a lil' Celtic there in the 'chorus' lol. This song makes me wonder why I thought it was a good idea to stop doing this dark electro/metal style and go with glitch coz honestly this sounds way better.
Description : A sort of remix of another track of mine (which I haven't uploaded here). I never know what genre to choose, but it's some kind of half minimal, half orchestral techno electronica if that makes any sense. :/ I'm thinking it could perhaps benefit from some singing or some kind of... uhm... voice thing (to make the track more varied and lively), but since I don't sing myself (or don't dare to?) nor know anyone who's singing would fit (sorry) I can't try it out. Edit: I'm reworking this a bit - due to inspiration - so this version is now to be considered obsolete. :)
Description : track
Description : The sample is Robin Williams from "Bicentennial Man" I played the solo with an empty Coke can. I wish you could pick more than one genre.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.56 MB
Description : I was bored. That's all I can say. Do have to admit for making it in an hour I think I did pretty good.
Description : This is an older track taken from the Touch Sequence (see in my track list) from September 2009. The piece reflects a lot of my clubbing days in the late 1990's... I'm looking for some folks to remix this into something a little less dated. If you do make something with please drop me a line. Please leave a comment...
Tags : | Electronic | 5.68 MB
Description : Track with influences of disco,electro house,progressive house and even dubstep,all managed in one story...
Tags : | Electronic | 3.28 MB
Description : A happy upbeat piece that took a couple turns.
Description : Electronic/industrial track. It reminded me of music I like driving to so I called it Drivin' It's definitely missing a vocal track which I've been meaning to do for ages, but I'm drawing a blank on this one. So if anyone thinks they can pull it off please let me know. Thanks
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4393
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