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Tags : | Electronic | 9.01 MB
Description : electroniccc
Tags : | Electronic | 7.01 MB
Description : This was a song I made about 5 years ago haha. It doesn't really have much melodic value in it, much more a rhythmic kinda track but it has some cool ideas in it. Really shows how far I have progressed since then :) I think it was so long ago that I made it in reason 4!! :-0 Anyway, hopefully someone can get some kind of joy out of it! I still enjoy listening to it every now and again :)
Tags : | Electronic | 3.37 MB
Description : I wonder what this factory produces. Maybe music?
Tags : | Electronic | 2.36 MB | Featured
Description : Done "almost" entirely in Kontakt 5... Verging on Dub-step without actually crossing into that genre.
Description : Hey I got the Idea to make just once something else, inspired by a barbeque. It's kind of minimal with my own influences. Guitar and piano were self-recorded and prepared and some samples you'll find on my track "Capture The Moment".
Tags : | Electronic | 5.86 MB
Description : Landlord, neighbor and I had a great past weekend. This is the song I put together honoring that special weekend. looperman-l-0672953-0075201-ozzi-emotional-piano-ii-120bpm looperman-l-0672953-0075200-ozzi-emotional-piano-ii-120bpm looperman-l-0672953-0075199-ozzi-emotional-piano-120bpm looperman-l-0672953-0075198-ozzi-emotional-piano-120bpm looperman-l-0878670-0073788-ckdepaul13-simple-modern-hip-hop-dr looperman-l-0690801-0077423-863ant-drum-pattern Housecymbals 33-06 DRUMS FROM THE BIG ROOM csPROMO 06 looperman-l-0671112-0079128-danke-space looperman-l-0671112-0079103-danke-childhood-dreams looperman-l-0671112-0067412-danke-chilled-sax looperman-l-0207475-0077827-nightingale-laughin-lightly SB Tamb 04 SB Tamb 03 SYNCHRO-FUNK csPROMO 06
Description : New single that me and Mr. Pidge have been working on for quite a while.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.20 MB
Description : Just a little something I put together, I don't know what genre you would call this.
Description : Music (remix ) is part of this vocal : http://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/9208/party-4-ever-by-hemanifezt-95bpm-hip-hop-acapella The author 's voice leave the following message: Insert the vocal instrumental in , please! I'm just practicing ;)
Description : it is made with all loops i got from this site
Tags : | Electronic | 1.52 MB
Description : Fancy a trip to the arcade?
Tags : | Electronic | 6.25 MB | Featured
Description : Ambient Atmospheric Electronic Song
Description : Finally got my hands on nexus ! hope you like
Tags : | Electronic | 5.11 MB | Featured
Description : A chill EDM song arranged by HalfBeat :) Credited song kit: Cinematic Ambient by DJ Puzzle. Credited Looperman loops: Soft Pluck by Polybius and 4 Bar Drumz by DJShayper. Thanks for sharing your loops and thanks for listening!!
Tags : | Electronic | 5.80 MB
Description : Missing You description: 2015: My pc was at my wifes house while I got my life sorted out. worked at a shelter for five and a half years. In the end, I was nothing and kicked to the curb when I stood up for my self. I end up on the Streets for a second. A friend stepped up and helped keep me off the streets. 2016: My friend lost her dad on NY day. I wind up back on the streets for a month. I get a job and a place to stay in Feb. I lost my Mother in April. My Friend that helped me has no more than six months to live as of July. My wife of 19 years wants a divorce. I got my pc back and this is the first song I've mixed since all this. I miss you Mom. I'll miss you Friend. I'll miss you too dear wife. Missing You! Loops Used:looperman-l-0671112-0078992-danke-floating-pad, looperman-l-0671112-0079008-danke-diving-pad, looperman-l-0671112-0079096-danke-snowman, looperman-l-0671112-0078133-danke-one-of-my-chill, looperman-l-0690801-0077423-863ant-drum-pattern, looperman-l-1039629-0069995-vraino-hihat, Reverse Crash.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.89 MB | Featured
Description : music - Plague
Tags : | Electronic | 8.56 MB
Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Hold My Hand (Analogue Project Remix) from "Hold My Hand / Feel Good" single (2016.06.25)
Description : Hey there. I'm searching for vocals for this song. It's kind of minimal with my own influences. If you want to collab please write me e pn or via squennix@gmail.com. I didn't make a text for it so be sure u can write a song ;)
Tags : | Electronic | 13.96 MB
Description : Playing around with Sytrus plug in.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.78 MB
Description : Another track that I had fun with. What else? I produced and explored the sound.
Description : Little ambient dub track I made! enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 7.19 MB
Description : Martin Miller (Khiflee) - Hold My Hand (MN Remix) from "Hold My Hand / Feel Good" single (2016.05.25)
Tags : | Electronic | 8.01 MB | Featured
Description : Hey Everybody ! I'm New ... It's My First Track That i uploaded . Fresh And Melodic EDM inside box of house music ... I Have a My room for burning the Sounds and it's Soundland ... I call It Soundland ... I Have something up my sleeve and Hope U like it . PLZ comment me , I Wanna read your feedbacks and Make myself Better . Hope U enjoy and Like it ... From NSHBR with love ... 7L
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