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Tags : | Electronic | 7.60 MB
Description : My new song, I hope you like! Free Download! - Minha nova música, espero que gostem! Now or Never Show - Cantor Estilo das Músicas: Pop / Rock / Electronic. Contato por telefone ou Whatsapp: 17-996569295
Description : First song From My EP Desert Roads. Like my page and downloads my Ep's: Page: https://www.facebook.com/arielliveonly/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
Description : Un-mastered version of my submission in a remix contest from another site... Hoping to get some feedback as you guys are great at that!!
Tags : | Electronic | 5.40 MB
Description : this is my latest original song that hit 300 000 views so far on spotify in 1 week and get the top charts in many countries,,, hope u like it
Tags : | Electronic | 5.37 MB
Description : Work in Progress
Tags : | Electronic | 6.66 MB | Featured
Description : EDM, a little trancy, please let me know what you think, id love some criticism its the only thing that will help me get better. thanks :)
Description : tring to with dubstep and electronic. I ended up with a little of both. for some reason I found this a little harder to make. it started as an instumental. but decided it sound better with vocals. although not the best vocals.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.83 MB
Description : hört mal rein =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhsKUdZusw0
Tags : | Electronic | 7.75 MB
Description : 132bpm.. Rolling Break, Atmospheric, Minimalistic, bassy, Experimental techno-Break-ish feeling kinda track Enjoy :D
Tags : | Electronic | 9.82 MB | Featured
Description : heres an unreleased version of my remix of payphone. comment and stuff. gonna release it soon. enjoi!
Tags : | Electronic | 2.06 MB
Description : Track 08 from, "The Mercury Train" July 15, 2016
Tags : | Electronic | 11.25 MB
Description : Part of CuBox's Remix Contest: http://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/185452/kcc-remix-competition
Tags : | Electronic | 4.87 MB
Description : It's the first track of my first EP "Live It Up" with Mods. Created with Fl studio 11 in 2013. Very old and for this reason it presents some errors in arrangement. Good or bad opinions are always accepted, let me know what you think!
Tags : | Electronic | 8.85 MB | Featured
Description : Just something I put together in a day of boredom. Very Synth-Poppy. Still may do some work on it. Make the drums a little more intricate, add in some guitar possibly, and maybe some other odd sounds here and there. Not sure
Description : I tried to do this touch, a know if this good, but I'm hosting for anyone interested
Tags : | Electronic | 6.98 MB | Featured
Description : Twin Flame
Tags : | Electronic | 7.46 MB
Description : my first edm track EVER. Need Feedback On My First Edm Track
Tags : | Electronic | 1.18 MB
Description : Just starting adventure with music.
Description : A continuous mix of all the tracks on my upcoming FREE EP that I'll release at the end of November (I pushed back the release date by a month; it'll all make sense in the end =D)... I wrote these four tracks with the intention of them being connected as one song, so to speak... Each track is separately uploaded on my tracks page if you want higher quality... So yeah! I hope you enjoy your listen and PLEASE feel free to leave all the love/hate you want... I deeply appreciate you making it through this description... =)
Description : My last work maybe ... I just wanna put myself out of music for one year . I have an exam in the middle of the next year that can make my life for all of my life . So after the soundland , that you can check it out in my uploads its my last ... I put all my emotions in it . HOPE U LOVE it
Tags : | Electronic | 251.46 KB
Description : I just created this touch on the piano, I hope you like
Tags : | Electronic | 4.52 MB
Description : when the season becomes darker and colder...
Tags : | Electronic | 8.26 MB | Featured
Description : This song is in a genre that I have not worked with before. I started using some old synthesizers from manufacturer KORG that I have not used that much earlier. Then there was a little blip blop sounds and a few hours later, the song finished. I hope you like it.
Description : After nearly 6 months of absence. Do leave a like and a comment and also do share as this helps me grow better. Enjoy. Wonderful Vocals by katrinabarr04 (http://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/6959/the-way-side-by-katrinabarr04-120bpm-pop-acapella)
Tags : | Electronic | 5.43 MB | Featured
Description : Free Me (it was all in your mind) chill song :)
Tracks 1 - 25 of 5108
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