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Description : Teaser track released on PocketBand in July 2014. Enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 7.76 MB | Featured
Description : A instrumental that sort has electronic sound. so much sound going on the track not sure what genre it is, so hard to pick.
Description : electronic "experiment" song I produced a while back. feedback would be nice
Tags : | Electronic | 6.23 MB
Description : Hellooo. Again just playing around with the ole garageband loops ha.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.58 MB | Featured
Description : I envisioned a futuristic squad of special forces agents making their way through a war zone, and a title screen for a game would appear at some point.
Tags : | Electronic | 8.43 MB | Featured
Description : Grey Curves
Tags : | Electronic | 9.58 MB
Description : No drums yet. Original song by EELS: http://youtu.be/iJVhpsKdNS0
Description : wordpress tutorial, tips, plugins,themes,web design,web development and lot's of things we can learn form whatevercodes.com. Its a fantastic web development tutorial blog where people can learn web design and developments. They are also providing web templates for free of cost under GPL. http://www.whatevercodes.com/
Tags : | Electronic | 5.11 MB
Description : Simple, minimal vintage Electro.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.54 MB
Description : Added a new vst called firebird that came with two demos that I really like. Saurus and Nemisis. This new track will evolve.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.32 MB | Featured
Description : First track here for a few months. Been real busy with work and what not, so not had much time to do music. This comprises solely of chopped up loops and samples as i only have my works laptop and some headphones with me. This is a nice chilled out, downtempo progressive piece that moves along quite nicely! :) If there is any obvious mistakes in the mix that I've made, please let me know, thanks! :)
Tags : | Electronic | 8.11 MB
Description : Oranges Do you have visions of oranges? or even just the color orange?
Tags : | Electronic | 8.48 MB | Featured
Description : Just got tired of having too many unfinished mamby pamby chillout songs to deal with!
Description : bored so started playing around and came up with this im going to finish it another day
Tags : | Electronic | 8.06 MB
Description : Simple, vintage , minimal electro. No loops, only synths and drum machines.
Description : hey, i wanted to make something a little diffrent so i got this synth that sounded very weird and made a song out of it hope you like, looking for feedback :D, everything is mine btw, except for the kick and the build at the start.
Tags : | Electronic | 2.01 MB | Featured
Description : something I made in FL stuido
Description : This is my original track of my currently available acapella.
Tags : | Electronic | 3.42 MB
Description : this song is based on the loops from Spivkurl, Xyilent and Nachtigale. A synthesizer adventure and great vocals by Minette Fourie.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.52 MB | Featured
Description : flstudio 11 my first track
Tags : | Electronic | 1.66 MB
Description : In light of the recent loss of a great actor/comedian and one who I've been told most of my life I look like, this is for the lost and fallen. All are kindred spirits to me.
Description : I love this one and so should you, its some hardstyle shiz, nice pianos
Tags : | Electronic | 7.04 MB
Description : Soundquality is a bit poor.I suggest that you listen with headphones first..Thanks to KnowKontrol! http://www.looperman.com/acapellas?mid=KnowKontrol
Description : quickly made this beat nice vibe to it
Tags : | Electronic | 6.31 MB
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4302
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