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Description : Verses should be performed in a monotone way, something between rapping and talking. Breakdowns should be performed in song. Choruses should be performed with several vocals, something between rapping/talking/Singing and shouting. Bridge performed like the verses. My english isn't the best, so if you see errors or find better words to replace it? It will be much appreciated! If you use it, please remember it's origin!
Description : Skyfall an EDM intrumental produced by me ReckLezz Beatz with special collab of my dawg ELKBeatz Hope you enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 9.34 MB | Featured
Description : What if you combine dubsound with some electronic music? How would that sound like? Well, you can listen to that here :p. Hope you like it
Tags : | Electronic | 7.66 MB | Featured
Description : Hi again After just 2 Days ... Im Back with my Tropical Electro Trap House (!!!) . I Think Its My Best work ever (what is your opinion ? ) and it is my first work in tropical house . PLZ , Hear my track 'aven' on looperman friends ... Leave comments about my first tropical . Hope U like all . its tropical but i upload on electronic genre because of electronic is my main genre. Cheers , Mostafa Ganjali
Tags : | Electronic | 8.22 MB
Description : have fun with this track
Description : APX beat
Tags : | Electronic | 9.30 MB
Description : Elrina : One of my novel character ... I dont know how much i love her :) Now I Upload My Work on Looperman ... So , Tell Me Your ideas about my work . I'm here to listen your opinions . Hope u like Elrina . She's on my avatar ... Can u see her ??? With thanks , MG
Description : just a beat
Description : This is the official Graeulich remix of "Complacency" by Hayden Reed. Have fun :)
Tags : | Electronic | 4.19 MB | Featured
Description : This will be the last track of my EP "The Days With You". As for the technique I used in Another Day With You, I will ask for your guidance and your tips on how to make this track better. Is the drop good? I really need full criticism. Again, pardon me if I'm not familiar with the things that you'll mention in the FL Studio. Thanks guys!
Description : Producer/Songwriter wanted to help me finish an album or EP...structure and musical arrangements etc...any vocalist interested would be a bonus too
Description : Working on a new track, and could need an female/male featuring artist. I'm saying some few words in this song. Contact me if you are interested.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.79 MB
Description : this is ma first step on the fl studio
Description : My latest single! Find it on Youtube, Spotify and other major stores for better quality. Also have it on Thepiratebay. Share it with your friends if you like it! Well met.
Description : H E A R T B R E A K Single by Absalom, off Hail Sagan.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.51 MB | Featured
Description : I mashed up this track from a facebook video. If you want to watch the video of where I got the samples, just add this to the end of the url of facebook: "/8gaming/videos/993894933981837/" (since I can't write the whole link here). My creativity for this track went sky high xD Give out your opinions on this track of mine.
Description : Playing around in FL Studio. What do you think? And which genre would you assign this to? I'm not sure. Hope you like it! :)
Tags : | Electronic | 6.20 MB | Featured
Description : Its been a while...have quite a few unposted guitar tunes but I thought I would try something with absolutely no guitar for a change. I was trying to channel some Alan Parsons Project when I started this one but it wandered off on its own. Now I`m not sure (if I ever was) about the genre but I guess it would fall under Electronica somewhere...
Tags : | Electronic | 4.59 MB | Featured
Description : Headphones.
Description : This is a new remix
Tags : | Electronic | 5.21 MB
Description : Now that I'm finishing the series, I'll make a small recap of the 3 songs I made. The last song (which the "Last Day With You") will be on WIP when I finished uploading the two songs. Listen, comment and enjoy the remastered version of the first track of the series!
Tags : | Electronic | 3.94 MB | Featured
Description : .Feat Scooterguff from an best acapellas thats i find there after the years...! :) i write this song an lone night. Tell me your feelings in comment... :)
Description : THIS is ONE FUNKY ASS DUBSTEP/BLUES FUSION! If you aren't dancing to THIS...then you just aren't in da MOOD!!!! TIGHT as HELL! I am looking for a male Rapper and a BADASS FUNK/DUBSTEP singer to sing with NO effects on this! I want the rapper to stay on topic....with the lyrics....Work together...on this! I have INCREDIBLY HIGH standards and Your vocals MUST be STRONG!!! American IDOL strong! Professional strength! (See Lyrics section for more)THIS WILL be playing in some local Colorado Clubs!
Description : This is a wonderful uplifting piano trance composed by me.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.48 MB
Description : There's a lot of tunes going in my head. Some of them are just not that catchy and what's rare is that it's really catchy. I have LOTS of projects (about 20 - 30) in store and most of them are months ago since I don't wanna miss those tunes. Enough about me, this tune came into my mind a week ago and voila. It's not as perfect as it sounds but feedbacks and a bit of suggestions would be nice! Just don't make it too complex for me to understand. I really don't know deeper than basic mixing. Thanks for listening!
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4895
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