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Tags : | Electronic | 5.46 MB
Description : A track that just appeared out of nowhere. Just seeing how it sounds. If you like what you hear here, head over to my SOUNDCLOUD page under the moniker, LATINASSASSIN. Thanks for listening!
Description : About a submarine that gets attacked by a monster.
Description : whats up guys!!! just a snippet of a song I'm nearly done making! enjoy sorry no downloads on this one :( follow my soundcloud if youre interested, its on my profile
Tags : | Electronic | 9.01 MB | Featured
Description : Updated 5/23/15 at 4:50pm PDT. It may not feel like that much of an intro anymore, but it is one. Because you have no idea what the rest of the track sounds like, the title probably doesn't appear that apt. I'd really appreciate if you tell me your thoughts on it: what you like or don't like, what could be improved upon, and so on. I didn't limit the hell out of the track like I usually do with my other tracks and tried eq'ing everything to the best of my abilities; we all have volume knobs if the track isn't loud enough haha. As a last note, I'm producing on headphones that are a tad-bit bass light, so I'm not quite sure if I overdid the low end of my track or not. I heavily relied on a spectrum analyzer to try getting it right but still don't feel all that confident. Let me know if I overdid it or not. Thanks!
Tags : | Electronic | 9.52 MB | Featured
Description : MIDI file plus Soft Synths
Description : Song called Cold. Thanks to SpivKurl, drmistersir, 3rdnipplemusic for their beats and pads.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.49 MB
Description : My remix of the classic song from 1989 by Soul II Soul, ft. Caron Wheeler. https://soundcloud.com/mog-21
Tags : | Electronic | 3.44 MB
Description : A random track that I've made. I'm bored while I'm making this track so yeah....
Tags : | Electronic | 8.49 MB
Description : This is one of my mystical moments I hope you can leave me your comment Many Thanks.
Tags : | Electronic | 8.79 MB | Featured
Description : Here is my latest electronic tune I created with my vivid and wild imagination. I'm not starting a religion war, but it is what makes sense to me. My wife hates me for thinking this, nonetheless, she is my wife...and crazy.Oh well, safe journey everyone! Pete
Description : First edit of EDM track, Working progress, prob more to follow, Thanx to Blunierty for the vocals.
Description : This is my teaser for a new EP that I'm launching at the end of May celebrating my achievement on reaching 50,000 views on youtube, and most importantly, celebrating New Zealand Music Month May 2015 as part of our cultural landscape. Tracklist: 1. 16 Bit Nature 2. 50 Shades of Bass 3. U Want Dat Bass (2 Yo Face) 4. Drop Your Eyes (MODUS Remix VIP) 5. Boss (Collab With MODUS) Wanna remix one of my tracks to be featured on my EP? Contact me for an FLP of your choice and send me your FLP with an MP3 Before 25 May. Better hurry!!! 1. TouretteStep 2. Drop Your Eyes 3. 16 Bit Nature 4. U Want Dat Bass (2 Yo Face) Subscribe to my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/theofficialskux Thanks to PBXD (MODUS) for your collaboration. http://soundcloud.com/modus-music
Tags : | Electronic | 7.72 MB
Description : The first track on the newest untitled LATINASSASSIN project. I was inspired by the motion picture "It Follows", if you haven't seen it check it out...it's different haha. Initially, I made this while watching the trailer with the sound off. The link to the trailer is on my SOUNDCLOUD. Thanks for listening and if you enjoy this at all, be sure to check out the rest of my work under LATINASSASSIN!
Description : Feat. Patricia Edwards (Voice and Lyrics) Music by Piero Pizzul Thanks to Looperman Staff
Description : Title says it all; not finished with this.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.28 MB
Description : I had problems mastering the track so this is the mixed version.
Description : Here goes the first Forkboy tune upload. Mild electronic tune based around a phrase of 'power words'. Powerword phrase provided by Freesounder levinj: www.freesound.org/people/levinj/sounds/8323/. Many thanks. Additional audience samples by www.freesound.org/people/joedeshon/ and www.freesound.org/people/michorvat…s/269502/. Thanks.
Description : This track is inspired by Martin Garrix's Tremor. It's so much different then the original. This is a demo, the full song will be out shortly.
Description : Electronic
Description : Electro Instrumental made with FL Studio If you need FL File pls contact me
Tags : | Electronic | 9.75 MB
Description : Thanks to Steklo for his great vocal performance! What do you guys think? c: I don't have the best headphones so there might be some sound issues that I couldn't detect yet, just let me know.
Description : hard techno made by me with ableton live hope you comment and let me no what you think thanks :)
Tags : | Electronic | 3.43 MB
Description : A section of my latest track.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.89 MB | Featured
Description : Having fun with the Retro Synth that comes with Logic X.
Description : just something i made in fl studio. may finish who knows dont really care.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 4553
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