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Description : Original track made with VSTi synths and re-sequenced layered drum samples.
Description : I would love some feedback on this mainly on the mixing and how I can improve. Anything helps. Also, looking for someone to help me mix my future tracks.
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Description : So, I bought a mic. I decided to sing on a track, so I tried toplining for the first time. This is what happened.
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Description : Joe Cramer - vocal; synthesizers and production - promenade2239
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Description : Tried to make a dirty dutch partybanger. The voc synth is not mine but from a sample pack. I think the mastering isa lil off. I used a limiter to lower the gain and panned the synths and drums. Anyone an idea how to improve the sound?
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Description : My own dark creepy dubstep version for halloween.
Description : I know this is my second remix of an Ariana Grande song, but this one came about by accident. I was messing around with a note combination and decided to make it into a song. After a while I realized that I had accidentally recreated the chords for One Last Time because I heard it on the radio earlier. So I threw the vocals on there and polished it. - It's a different track than almost anything I've done in that it's very chill. Enjoy! (UPDATED: Worked on the bass a little bit more, as it seemed to be lacking.)
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Description : Hey guys, been a little while. I took some time to figure out some stuff but im back now with a slightly different style. Im experimenting with some stuff seeing what works what doesnt. Anyhoo this track... i hope you enjoy its a little mixture of Electro, chill, ambient and soundscape. its a little long but hopefully you can listen to it all, ive got a shorter edit but decided to upload the longer one. its not particularly mastered or anything yet so quality isnt fully up to scratch. and also everything is made by me no loops or anything :) feedback on this would be great so comment below with your thoughts would love to hear them :) p.s ive mad a remix pack for this you can contact me here and i can send it over :)
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Description : Electro
Tags : | Electronic | 9.77 MB
Description : First and foremost, I'd like to show my appreciation to everyone who has commented on this track when I had it uploaded. Did a lot of work fiddling and tweaking this track like a mad scientist, and fortunately I think I can sleep a bit better after listening to it. Who knows, maybe sometime down the road I'll tweak it some more after buying some new toys. Until then, I'm happy and excited to share this with all of you. Now, I don't practice religion, not to say I'm an atheist, I just don't follow it 'religiously'. Like many, many others, my interpretation of Ezekiel experience was an encounter with 'unearthly' beings, that's it...my interpretation. It's the only interpretation that makes sense to me. Ok, enough ranting..feel free to leave your thoughts. Pleasant journey! S
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Description : This is a piece of pop electronica that I composed in Noteflight and produced in Mixcraft 7. I created the drum fill and the beat that's used in the verse and bridge using PatternSketch. As I was producing the track, I used some advice that Armin van Buuren gives in an "In the Studio with Future Music" YouTube video to make sure that the kick, bassline, and melody are sufficient for a great track, so I made sure that those things were in shape before I filled in the rest of the instruments. I'm very much a newb, so if you find yourself with a gem of advice to hand me, I'm totally wanting to hear it.
Description : Updated 4:10pm PDT on 10/5/15. Played around with the side-imaging of the track to get more of the stereo field covered; I think I was successful. Anyway, it's nice to be back to making music again! Feels like everything is back to normal... LOL! Anyway, an extremely high-quality, no-compromise rapper is soon to be featured on this track to help tie it together. If you think you've got a better idea anyway, send me something through my Looperman page. Lastly, as always, comments and critiques are welcome! =D
Description : I originally arranged this song, a few years ago, on a site that is no longer there called, breakout band. I decide 2 remix it with another track that I made there titled, "wait...wait".
Description : Was trying to get some nice progressive, hope you like it. Please contact me if you want to collab
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Description : Today was kind of a game changer for me. I figured out musical typing in my DAW, so instead of notating a score in Noteflight and then importing it over to my DAW, I played in all of the parts manually, which meant that I got more irregular, organic performance, instead of precision-perfect. I also ended up mixing, producing, and composing at the same time, which is different from my usual process which usually starts with composition first--and this time I found it easier to establish a groove. So it was definitely a day with a new process, and I think it contributed to my education as an EDM composer.
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Description : Just a Music video of a song I put together made from loops from Vengeance Essentials, and a website called Looperman. I give full credit to those people who made these loops. This is my first song in a while, so if you think it's bad just remember this. Like & subscribe if you want more Mashups! Send an email to me if you want me to use your quality loops in a mashup! Enjoy!!!
Description : Thanks to charlyfive05, NOSP, lolboy356, DCMack
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Description : bouncy tune
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Description : Inspired by the great sound of early Daft Punk and Air. Alternative EDM
Description : This was my first attempt at writing a piece of electronica. It's the starting point! I was using the structure used by Denniz PoP in "One More Time" by Britney Spears; checking out where he put the intro, verse, bridge, and choruses, and how he textured them. The working title was "Pop Song Structure Experiment #1," but eventually I renamed it "So Cold." I wrote out all of the notes in Noteflight, and then took it to Mixcraft 6 for instruments. This was before I figured out effects and levels, and before I found the Looperman community. So, this is where I started!
Description : Track i done trying to have fun experimenting as ive gone off working on mainstream music and underground techno just now so thought i would have fun with music instead and create unusual ideas like this, various plugins used combined with some chopped looperman stuff to create this, hope you will enjoy and it would be fun if one of the vocalists round here would try to put something down on this if it were possible, many thx and feel free to download the 320mp3 version and comment on what you thought, thx from Kenny...
Description : Hope you enjoy!Please like/follow/repost/comment on my soundcloud page! Thank yoU :)
Tags : | Electronic | 8.21 MB
Description : Production was done by use of various samples from looperman that i re edited or resampled and applied with third party plugs and native effects on FL studio 11, hope you will enjoy, Experimental in nature...
Tags : | Electronic | 4.31 MB
Description : I really like how this turned out. Love to hear what you guys think.
Description : Pelican Project Ft. Kronstudios, Ron And Angela Flemming - Lonely
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