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Tags : | Electronic | 8.58 MB | Featured
Description : We meet again... This is a little electronic, hip hop, alt rock inspired song its a little crazy with weird ass samples and strange pitch manipulation but i think its pretty cool. As always im NOT done yet, need to add to the chorus but everything other than a final mix is pretty much how its going to be. Theres some clipping at points but ill fix that in the final mix. Theres no loops or anything only vocal samples so feel free give me any advice or feedback on what you think i could improve! that would be awesome! or if you just think its cool as is that would be helpful to know also.. this is a long ass description sorry, ill go now Bye!. Are you supposed to say Bye in a description? i dont think so, oh well. Hope you enjoy!.... *whispers* "bye"
Description : Hi ! Its Mostafa ... I bring a new track , I love The melody hope u like too . ilove rain too but i didnt out rain sound in the track ... Mixing was very very fast , sorry if it is bad ... gimme feedback and leave comment . LOVE ... 7L (MG)
Description : So here is my first ever RnB EDM song guys. I need all the feedback you can possibly give me because there's a chance we will have to perform this song next month. Also, if anyone is willing to mix this song for FREE because I don't have any money I'll greatly appreciate it & you will receive credit on the song. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did making it. Download, like, and comment as you please.
Description : planing to sell this amazing EDM Sample...i will finish it when i get a buyer to understand what is his idea !
Tags : | Electronic | 6.36 MB
Description : some dreamy tune...
Tags : | Electronic | 7.65 MB
Description : This track went from a remake to a little twist. Future Bass Enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 7.56 MB
Description : Latest tune from FootMuzik
Tags : | Electronic | 9.56 MB
Description : Ügynökség - Régi világ (Electro Concept /Khiflee & Analogue Project/ Extended Dance Mix) from "Régi világ / Minden (remix)" (2016.07.03)
Tags : | Electronic | 4.81 MB | Featured
Description : I received a sample pack from a friend and decided to make this very chill track using the samples. Not perfect but hey, I like it, and I hope you will too. Enjoy.
Description : Just a meme song i made up, i did it for loughs. I didnt take this song seriously, so its not perfect but i hope you enjoy. Il later post SOME loops of this song, so you could make a better song then me :D
Tags : | Electronic | 3.63 MB | Featured
Description : Hey guys this my new track Let it fly
Description : MADE IN FL - According to a friend, a mix of Pendulum, Infected Mushroom, and some others I dont remember, otherwise I have no f***ing clue what genre this is.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.59 MB
Description : electronic
Tags : | Electronic | 3.73 MB | Featured
Tags : | Electronic | 3.91 MB
Description : Sparta the land of the warrior RUN Spartans
Tags : | Electronic | 12.96 MB
Description : synth practice
Tags : | Electronic | 7.89 MB
Description : Please follow me on instagram:https://www.instagram.com/noisy___123/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/elias-moreno-886340379
Tags : | Electronic | 5.51 MB | Featured
Description : acapella - knowkontrol prod. onethree13 https://soundcloud.com/onethree13/electrocity-feat-knowkontrol
Tags : | Electronic | 9.89 MB
Description : electronic
Tags : | Electronic | 9.91 MB
Description : Its me after a long time ... hi friends . did you miss me ??? ( ?!!! ) One night , when i was alone in home ... decided to work on melody dancing in my mind , and started to produce it ... i picked up my guitar and start playing ... finally i insert my mind to fl studio and now im here to share with you .............................. and about name i can say that its a main subject inside my brain , about me and one of my scripts i wrote when i was 15 . Its about myself and my lovely assistant in PC ... My PC crashed and hard disk now is burnt ... But still i have my burnt HD , because of her/it . Soooo , please know that me and 7Lands Are One person . My last track was Soundland ... and now its Coding ya . Mastering is a few terrible! plz Hear it and send me your opinions . Be good and i have best dreams for you ... 7L ( MG )
Tags : | Electronic | 3.66 MB | Featured
Description : Special thanks to eshar for her great vocal loops! and also to thecosmiceffect for his orchestra loop! feedback is appreciated
Tags : | Electronic | 2.35 MB
Description : Track 02 from "The Mercury Train," July 15, 2016.
Tags : | Electronic | 5.72 MB | Featured
Description : Marmelade Demo is one of the first projects that Auxy Music Studio made with the app. Its sort of a tutorial thingy and so i remixed what was an 88 BPM loop into a fast and catchy (150 BPM Key:B Minor)song. Please feel free to comment and you may use this song freely! Enjoy the listening experience! I am not allowed to link to soundcloud, but my soundcloud is Davidgotskill and i have allowed free downloads on the settings of my upload. Enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 5.91 MB | Featured
Description : In Haitian Vodou, Papa Legba is the loa who serves as the intermediary between the loa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and is believed to speak all human languages.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.58 MB
Description : MADCAT - Forgotten Hero (Khiflee Remix)
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