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Description : hey everyone this is my newest song It is on soundcloud and I really would love for you all to listen to it I think it is one of my best songs so far!!!!!
Description : GOD OVER EVERYTHING MARSHALL AQUICCI (Electro - Dubstep - Reggae - Hiphop and more )
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Description : Hey everyone! new track is here! it consist of three parts, third one is arabic motive with deep bass and my fav one! i think it have dub vibe mostly! big work i've done here! hope u njoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 6.80 MB | Featured
Description : At around the 3:10 minute mark it gets hard.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.37 MB | Featured
Description : A little something while I am still getting mastering down.
Tags : | Electronic | 4.59 MB
Description : Made with Mixcraft 6
Description : So I was sifting through old files and happened to find this little guy I recorded about a year and ago, on the arrival of my new keyboard. I had ideas for lyrics but never had the time to sit down and record em. It's not a perfect mix, but it's a structured song (verse, bridge, chorus, etc.) and it's basically done. Just missing vocals! So I'm giving it to you guys, maybe you all can come up with something haha. Enjoy!
Description : i put a lot of time and effort into this tune. i hope you enjoy. :)
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Description : A SIDE PROJECT am doing :)
Tags : | Electronic | 3.52 MB | Featured
Description : No loops and no vocals on this. Just a test to hear what you people think about it. The piano isn't really working is it?
Tags : | Electronic | 9.37 MB
Description : Electro Punk track with a melodic feel. This is was recorded with a vocalist i colaberated with called Kirstyn Dryer. BBC introducing feature track that has recieved extensive radio play
Tags : | Electronic | 9.40 MB
Description : Same issues as with my first song I created with an iPad. My 5 dollar GarageBand app and time were all I had with me to make this song :P Used the headphone jack and routed it to my PT6 rig a few years ago. This was one of my earliest works. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Song title is "Come Home."
Tags : | Electronic | 3.82 MB
Description : A better free download can be found at my Bandcamp, look up Share the Love by me, MaxXimus K (Im not allowed to post a link apperently that's why I'm just saying it.) - - - THIS WEEK: I've been working hard and hardly working (lol). I've been constantly improving on my styles, I certainly hope you agree. OOH! But I've been wanting to say this for a while; Find me on various games like Realm of the Mad God (as MaxXimusKO), XBox LiVE (as MaxXimus K573), League of Legends (as MaxXimus K) and Minecraft (as MaxXimus_K) - - - ABOUT the SONG: Still working on this style, tried to make something in the style but still absolutly unique. I kinda want other people to try this style too, maybe even to be an inspiration to someone. That would put me at peace. - - - Enjoy all ^_^' Enjoy the Free Download
Tags : | Electronic | 4.12 MB | Featured
Description : A simple, minimalistic, short track
Tags : | Electronic | 4.76 MB | Featured
Description : Dunno what genre this is. It just flowed. Again bigups danke for all the great samples
Tags : | Electronic | 5.86 MB
Description : 2015 Run The World Performed By Beyonce and Remixed By Triple-M.... instrumentals available for vocals. if interested contact me Triplem387@gmail.com
Tags : | Electronic | 1.65 MB
Description : A driving piece dedicated to that damn girl I know.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.87 MB | Featured
Description : 80's song
Tags : | Electronic | 6.80 MB
Description : This is one of my earliest productions that I did at the start of my recording career. I did not have a keyboard at the time I made this song, so I improvised and used my sister's iPad and a 5 dollar GarageBand application instead, and plugged the headset jack into into my PT6 rig and did my best to turn each individual track (which were mono and there were about 25 tracks or so) into a stereo image. Then recorded vocals over it. My computer was so old and slow that I had to mix my music and then BOUNCE it to a new session - four times. My computer (which had 512 MB RAM and an 80 GB hard drive) couldn't handle more than 8 tracks at a time or it'd stop working because the processor couldn't handle it. Took me FOREVER to do. But I got it done. Had a lot of fun doing it too, even if it isn't my "best" work. I'm still happy with it, considering I didn't have many tools to choose from at the time.
Tags : | Electronic | 1.08 MB
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Description : This tune is one of my first,I did it loooong time ago and the main reason i uploaded this is because someone asked that and I made a remix version called Stringor who is already here. I don't gonna re-edit that tune if some one who want to make a "better" version just ask me I will give you all the patten .midi plus the .flp if you use Fl studio.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.86 MB
Description : I think the most perfect song I've made till the moment hope you like it!! Please I'd like to hear your thoughts
Tags : | Electronic | 7.39 MB | Featured
Description : The keep is a soundtrack to a 3d walk-through I did of Fort Clinch State Park near Amelia Island Florida. There's some pretty interesting movements in this piece that broken out into about three major parts . Unlike the other two fort soundtracks this one is way more theme based and less pure sound design. Synthesizers used on this score: HG Fortune STS 24 HG Fortune Scrapes Wizard 2 Pro Native Instruments Reaktor Native Instruments Battery 3 Native Instruments AbSynth 5 Native Instruments Kontack 4 -Sound Iron Olympus Tube Ohm - Pure P Camel Audio Alchemy U-HE Zebralette
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