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Tags : | Acoustic | 4.33 MB | Featured
Description : song i wrote the night i broke up with one of my girlfriends
Description : someone shoulld put some lyrics to it
Description : Alvarez and a laptop,
Description : An acoustic track, I hope you like it :) I am considering making an acoustic EP with tracks like this - what do you think? Lyrics in des.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.43 MB | Featured
Description : Loop provided by mykahc. Thanks!
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.12 MB
Description : Looking for feedback, and useful critiques. Thanks for taking the time and listening! Please be sure to comment I willcome any comments.
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.93 MB
Description : Thank you for listening.
Tags : | Acoustic | 91.10 KB
Description : I love the simplicity; headaches, on import something original my-voice-loop
Description : Guitar track, awesome vocals take a listen!
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.34 MB
Description : This was actually my first attempt at recording an acoustic guitar, almost two years ago. I had just learned at the time that STEREO sounds so much more immersive than MONO. I was too inexperienced enough before to think that panning was all that important :P This was my attempt at getting a wider sound with acoustic guitars. The guitars and vocals are all done by me. I did most of these vocal recordings in one take - hence the wobbliness in some parts :P But feel free to comment and let me know what you think of it. - EpicRecord
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.94 MB
Description : A song I had to make in under a week. I hated it, but we had to pitch correct the vocals (my brother does most of the singing) for the lead because we didn't have time to go back and flesh out the mistakes. But oh well. Enjoy :P
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.07 MB
Description : An acoustic cover of Ed Sheeran's A team. Here's a link to the song on soundcloud, if you want to check out my other covers :)
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.18 MB
Description : Loops provided by danke and megapaul, thank you!
Description : Recording on a twelve string, it could use some work but I'm just getting used to recording and making music again... Enjoy and if anyone would like to expand on it, I'm very much up for a collaboration.
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.51 MB
Description : not my genre at all so bare with me, just wanted to try and make something nice and calming to listen to. main guitar loop by user mooz rest by me. any comments welcome enjoy
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.13 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : acoustic guitar instrumental
Tags : | Acoustic | 8.95 MB
Description : Again, another early production from like two years ago. I had a cheap little Yamaha acoustic guitar that I borrowed and mic'd and some congas that were given to me as a birthday present. I used my iPad GarageBand app to record the strings and the big bass drum thingy at the interlude and little electric guitar parts in there too haha. All the vocals were done by myself and my brother throws in some little things here and there with his voice :P Enjoy!
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Description : Hey, this is the first song I have recorded since May of 2014, I just don't have as much time to write and record anymore. I am pretty happy with the way this track turned out. Its made up of a resonator, mandolin, banjo, bass, and vocals. All are played live by me, I spent a lot of time trying to mix this just right so hopefully it sounds good on your speakers or headphones. If you like it feel free to download, comment or favorite. Thanks for listening! Kyle
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.99 MB
Description : Little guitar instrumental made with MusicLabs RealGuitar 3 (VST). It is part of a singer/songwriter-project and not done yet, but I find it quit good how it is, so I wanted to share. Thanks for your interest
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.82 MB | Featured
Description : Thanks, Mooz, for the guitar. Synthesizer by me. John 3:16
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.08 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : This is also an older recording done on my PT6 rig and MBox 1. I recorded my brother playing the piano in one take before heading off to work (took about 5 minutes) and I came up with a melody, wrote some lyrics and recorded vocals over it that same night. Was finished that same night; I was on a roll haha. Took me about 10 hours to record and mix to a satisfactory result; no voice editing or whatever. This was before I knew what a compressor was and so I spent like three hours taking care of the volume spikes of the piano to make it sound balanced all the way through (and it was TORTURE). Feel free to comment! Didn't know what genre this was so I placed it under "acoustic" haha.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.67 MB
Description : acoustic loop provided by danke
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.49 MB
Description : Uploaded the guitar from Gasler, thanks. Novice I am but I like playing. Synthesizer by me. John 3:16
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.94 MB
Description : Guitar uploaded from this site by MrFunktastic, thanks much. 3 different synthesizers by me. Put on the headphones. I hope it makes you smile :)
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