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Description : 'Persian Gulf' sample by Hamood. I cut and copied his 'Ethnic Oud' for the rest of the noise. Go here if anyone wants to work on this together: (not for making money)
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.57 MB
Description : This is Danielgtrman's track from way back. I've fussed with it a little and added a flute part. I hope it's okay.
Description : Variation on looperman samples Finger picked guitar 2 100 by Tumbleweed and Libertad by DJFredrick for updated version:
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.61 MB
Description : This is a gentle guitars with a whole lot of layers of percussion ozzi-acoustic-guitar-100bpm-gminor minor2go-guitars-unlimited-our-dreams-3 scottb-55-snare-tympani-1 skella - against-the-dark-spiccato-violins-87-bpm skella-final-stnad-off-contra-bass-cellos-103-bpm anubis-battle-loop alividlife-i-was-like-abbacadaba-89 shsmusic-well-day-blues-with-mhyst-laid-back-beat nilooy-nilloy-acoustic-guitar-02
Description : A classic ballad at the piano and cello, with some effects slight, built around the very sensual voice of Emily Richards (snowflake) .... (See on site ccMixter). Thank you for listening ....
Description : Saudades de quem te ama
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.71 MB
Description : Ok here is my second song, I'm having so much fun! Every loop in this one is from looperman. anubis-flute-and-violin, shortbusmusic-acoustic-guitar-with-dealy-in-dm-c-b, nilooy-nilooy-tube-shaker-with-bigdr, danke-singing-flute, skella-final-stand-off-spiccato-violins-103-bpm, skella -another-sad-story-glocken-bells-80-bpm, beyondpeace-cinematic-orchestral-tribal-drums, 3rdnipplemisic-nv-tribal-toms-70, 3rdnipplemisic-nv-arp-c-d-100,maximgold1-ver4y-nice-bells, eaproductions20-trying-to-hold-on-acoustic-guitar, xskullemox-acoustic-guitar-02, nightingale-bird-of-paradise, sintheticrecords-sinthetic-aucoustic-drums-09, thehumps-cabasa-skip-1
Description : This is my first real song using Acid I made to to be a track to go behind a slideshow of my photography of the southern Oregon Coast, i am still working on some vocal loops for it bu there is one part that goes with the mandolin that needs to be sung or rapped and i just don't have the equipment to pull off singing it and trust me no one wants to hear me try and rap LOL I will put the lyric below if anyone wants to give it a shot. ok got a louder version up :-) Used these looperman loops thehumps-gypsy-mandolin-fill-1-140-bpm eshar-congabeat-mas thesavage-belly-dancer-drums dextdee-go-drums
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.96 MB
Description : A little something i made today. The guitar loop is from looperman member Nilooy. Had a lot of fun with this song, especially with the little girl parts. All vocals are done by me
Description : New acoustic song done with 12 string, 6 string, vocals and bass.
Description : One of my all time favourite gongs. Thought Id try taking a stab at doing a cover.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.40 MB
Description : self styled semi acoustic flow for different vocal arrangements hip hop / rap ect :0)
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.68 MB
Description : an acoustic collab with Ivaylo Gorchev who did the instrumental part....I sang the lyrics written by Stanimir Dimitrov..Let me know what u think
Description : This track have a mix of instrument as saxophone,drums,bass, electric guitar, pinao, tambora and guiro. Please tell me what you think about my track
Description : An extremely sad and evoking song about miscarriage. Free download. Enjoy, or at least: be moved.
Description : played,sung and composed by me .
Description : An upbeat song about being dumped. Written over 20 years ago, it took me until recently to set it down.
Description : short piano improvisation, been trying out the alicia keys kontakt patches. those reverberant piano sounds always inspire instantly. sampling/remixing/extending is not only permitted but encouraged.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.03 MB
Description : Acoustic rock. No samples used.
Description : Here is a new track im releasing here so you all can jam to, please leave a link to your recording in the comments section, Thanks!
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.56 MB
Description : Being new to Looperman, I made this track with 100% loops. It was an experiment and I like how it came out. Contains two loops, technically 4 if you count I used all three versions of one loop's variations. First part is the hopeful part, the second half (which can almost be seen as another song, but would be this song's companion) is a chaos; being torn apart. Loops by MINOR2GO
Description : nylon string and synth guitar instrumental
Description : This is an acoustic track that I wrote for my wife that turned out to be better than I was expecting. I played all the instruments and sang the vocals as well. If you like the track feel free to download it. Kyle
Description : I think it is not yet completed, maybe someone can insert a guitar.
Description : Quick song, haven't made anything for a long time so this is my latest thing :)
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1299
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