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Description : This track contains several loops from various Looperman artists, listed below. Merry Xmas! Applied loops: THEHUMPS: 0308224-0052308 (C Mando Blues Acoustic Guitar Fill 1- 100 bpm), 0308224-0052216 (Mando 1 Strum C-D 100 bpm), 0308224-0052215 (Mando 1 Notes C-D 100 bpm), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0006824 (Triangle 116), 0071878-0004044 (Fragment), 0071878-0003099 (Lion Perc and Orc 01), BILLYENGLAND: 0133538-0005877 (Sparkle Piano), 0133538-0005879 (Dream Vibe), DEVODALE: 0134239-0044149 (Devodale - AmGFx2 - Pt4 Wah 030511), RAYKOEDFOE: 0146059-0015988 (Dusty Steel Guitar), ACIDPARADOX: 0152969-0011344 (Medieval guitar loop), REALSTRINGS: 0175741-0009205 (Real Strings - 8), CHRISTPSPAROGLOU: 0128032-0023631 (Akoustic machine loop), CHIEFJUSTICE: 0138351-000600 (Cow Bell Loop), BIGFORTUNE1: 0090927-0002582 (Basic Jambeau), ENTER_THE_RETURN: 0096555-0014434 (Am F C G Chord Progression), ANCHOR: 0072432-0001988 (Hungarian Piano 01), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0017887 (Our Voices Never Touched Guitar Riff), CENTRIST: 0079105-0003788 (Acoustic Guitar Picking 1), INNSTRUMENTALZ: 0265235-0019477 (Piano Loop 1), TZA1800: 0239374-0052187 (Woodwind and Mallet Percussion Melody), ICZAR13: 0190625-0012289 (Acoustic GTar loop), BENRUDGE: 0303073-0021908 (Melancholic Piano Loop in A minor).
Description : guitar version
Tags : | Acoustic | 878.33 KB
Description : Industrial Rigging site is exposed to risks for workers including industrial riggers. There are several guidelines that are important for them to follow to avoid any misfortune. This audio explains what an industrial rigger must do when lifting equipment or performing industrial rigging jobs using slings or ropes. Atlas Rigging & Transfer is associated with Hoisting, Rigging and Machine Moving Services since 30 years. It is a one-stop shop from Heavy Machinery Services to Industrial Rigging & Fabrication Services as well. You can find more about it at, "Atlas Rigging & Transfer Address: 8556 S 4000 W, West Jordan, UT 84088, United States Phone Number: +1 801-566-2120 Website:"
Description : acoustic guitar instrumental
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.97 MB
Description : demo promoscore
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.80 MB
Description : I think its about time i start working on a album for the people that do like my music. No voxS to this, just music of whats to come on the album. NEW ALBUM COMING SOON MY FRIENDS - HEART YOUR FACE-
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.82 MB
Description : A Piano and myself - a Carole King style. Hope you like it.
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.36 MB | Featured
Description : I try but not much of a singer...
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.88 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : guitar /guitar synth ditty
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.19 MB | Featured
Description : In most situations in life people don't know how to feel inside, Try to imagine the Piano as happiness and the Guitar as sadness. In the beginning they are perfectly entwined but through the rest of the song they are going back and forth, until the end were the piano takes over, its worn down but still there. So no matter how down you feel, it gets better.
Tags : | Acoustic | 9.18 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : acoustic guitar instrumental recorded on Digitech effects pedal..
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.45 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : mellow guitar and guitar synth instrumental
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.66 MB | Featured
Description : This is an old song with alot of reverb. Enjoy everyone and thanks for all the support, remember comments always helps. -iAmLess
Description : This is a "rough draft" of a song that I'm working on. Any bit of help, would be much appreciated.
Description : Here's a song I wrote! Please tell me what you think. I'm not really sure what it needs, but I was hoping you guys could help me out with that.
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.62 MB
Description : Ive tried to make a full song of a simple piano instrumental..all voices are mine, curious what you think^^
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.17 MB
Description : Nearly completed a 6 week songwriting course. This was for one of my assignments.
Tags : | Acoustic | 508.36 KB
Description : With Capo 3rd
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.06 MB
Description : Track by me: JohnnyDh Loops from Morpheusd: sad strings part 2, and sad guitar part 2 Vlalys: Sad piano thank you very much!
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.59 MB
Description : recording sound in home. Using guitar with GuitarRig4
Tags : | Acoustic | 964.17 KB
Description : m?sor beharangozó
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.85 MB | Featured
Description : Music by The Electric Note Lyrics by Jalyn
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.04 MB
Description : piano
Tags : | Acoustic | 8.67 MB
Description : This is a song I wrote, with a friend (Robert Phillips)... A few years ago now, but it still fits the bill in my book... Blues is real everything that is done today, with a groove emanates from somewhere near the blues... This is when I thought, I could still sing, " Just Dreaming " Time slapped me back into reality...Hahahaha... Hope you all enjoy... Peace...TG. CAN-A-MER Publishing reg.©2010
Description : My first track, so please comment :)
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