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Description : Inspired by another users loops and still in progress.
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.02 MB | Featured
Description : Some of you probably remember my first ever upload on Looperman titled "The Second Awakening". It was a short acoustic prelude and it's still there on my tracks list: However, after more than 2 years this little thing lived up to it's expansion ! The lyricist and singer Nick G. Coward contributed his talent to this forgoten tune and here it is together with a brand new title in order to fit the lyrics. All my thanks to Nick !
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.10 MB
Description : good pella
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.18 MB
Description : self styled flow :0)
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.13 MB | Featured
Description : Hello again! Loops here provided by BradoSanz "Run Right Past You" series. Just changed them up a bit. Thanks!
Tags : | Acoustic | 8.20 MB
Description : An earlier piece I arranged and sung last year. I had another version I posted on here but I just wasn't feeling it, so I dropped it. I used Tonehammer Emotional Piano, my Schecter bass, and added some strings, organ, and brass horns. Lyrics are from a friend of mine Linda Fry. Hope you like!
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.72 MB
Description : Guys This weekend with aid of a few stiff Drinks I came up with this track I hope you all like it. Unfortunately, as from tomorrow back to work and realty.
Description : If you use the track or parts of it plz send me your creations! Wrote it with my son. This is the originial Version
Description : I wont play the whole song on here just a part because I wrote that for someone really special to me and I don't want to broadcast my lyrics on it. sorry. I love acoustic though!. Please if you need a singer let me give it a try. I don't have any intentions on taking credit for a song only thing in mind is showing myself and others if I can sing well enough and keep having fun with it.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.58 MB
Description : This track is about a little girl named Jane she had been in a wheelchair since birth. The song was all put together from start to finish in about 1 hour
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.97 MB
Description : This is a vocal track and a remix of Brado's Amazing Track, Run right past you. I hope you enjoy it, vocals by Amy Rose and Craigus Maximus. This is my first track to remix
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.46 MB
Description : This is a song I wrote and played back in the late 90s.It was done in my home studio. The bass part I played and wrote carries the melody through out the song.
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.72 MB
Description : hello everybody werent uploading new track lately here is what I was work on last whole week acoustic instrumental wanted keep as simple as it is enjoy it
Description : Jam-ming over Drum Track
Description : To the G to the E to the C
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.39 MB
Description : An instrumental for nature.
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.64 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Vocals recorded by a friend in memory of her brother who passed away today one year ago. She happened to give me a link to a little recording she did on her gaming headsets, and I asked if I could download it. Thought I'd give a little tribute and try my hand at capturing that feeling of intimacy, loss and sadness in my first Pro Tools 12 session! Hope you enjoy. I do all instrumentation and harmonies, she sings lead. Let me know what you think. So far, I'm very impressed with PT12.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.51 MB
Description : Hello people this is one of my track I did a few years ago, this is a balllad version then i worked then, i hope you like, good vibes to all
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.54 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Influenced by Nirvana and Alice Cooper
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.31 MB
Description : Although I don't consider myself a religious person I can't escape the cultural bonds with christianity, and so I'm well aware of the forthcoming christian feasts like 'Good Friday' and ofcourse the 'Easter' when christians all over the world are remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For this occasion I remembered I still have something special in my musical archive..:) Quite some years ago, in fact before I even started to compose my own music, I did this rendition of 'Pilate's Dream' which is an acoustic number from Andrew Lloyd Weber's famous musical 'JC Superstar' ! The timing couldn't be better to upload such a thing...but what is so special about it you may ask.....Well, I guess this was my first and probably the last attempt to record myself "singing"...haha...but don't worry, it's more about story telling than proper singing...but then again it's frankly embarrassing either way, so it should be dawning on you that I had to gather alot of courage to even think of putting this in front of you...haha...However this is your first and the last chance to hear Orlando "sing"..:)^^ Happy Easter folks !:)
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.06 MB
Description : hello guys I wasnt upload new track for a while now since yesterday I working on my new track acoustic sound,not sure what genre perfectly it is hope you guys like it
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.94 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : As I'm currently transitioning to Pro Tools 12 (I gave my old rig to a friend in need of it), I decided to return to my roots and write some original songs without any electronic stuff involved. This was the result. Pardon the bad quality, my laptop mic is garbage :P I do hope to get this and others on ASCAP soon and write songs that could possibly be picked up by some of the bigger players in the game. My voice isn't on point due to allergies so this is why I don't like spring anymore :P Cheers!
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.05 MB
Description : Alternative/ambient guitar track i just recently produced. Written, recorded, and produced all by myself. Hope ya dig it!
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.33 MB
Description : This is something unusual stuff from my side but something very special. First thing i have to say is that Phatkatz made a cigar box guitar by himself and loaded a blues loop up. Next thing was that i just played around with a virtual accordion that is inside my new DAW. the third thing is that i watched a picture on audiosparksforart. And all together fits so excellent that i send it to the side as "music for art" .... right now Dan (Midisparks, the owner of audiosparks) told me that there is a contest on his side and this little track is inside. So it would be nice if you take yourself some time and listen to this nice little accordeon improvisation over a selfmade blues guitarand have a look on the picture. And if you like what i have done and would be so friendly to vote for my work, then i have a chance to win this contest :) Sure you can also vote for me if you dont like it ..... Also are comments always are desirable. -joe-
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.69 MB
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Enjoy! Applied loops (fully or partially): TR0Y: 0342363-0027860 (heart), 0342363-0027861 (heartnd), TUMBLEWEED: 0498019-0068255 (G Sharp Acoustic Rhythm), ALEN9R: 0379853-0032082 (Spain Harp), ABNERBESARES: 0390373-0046746 (Melodic Nylon), SINTHETICRECORDS: 0403648-0049546 (Sinthetic - Acoustic Guitars High 01), HOPTIX: 0533630-0044884 (Mission Acoustic), TOLOACHE: 0769063-0053158 (80bpm strong acoustic drum loop), WERTANDREW: 0795430-0055006 (Star Guitar G 120 part 2), DEEPKODE: 0862877-0063110 (Piano 5).
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