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Description : Um, I forgot how it goes.
Description : Hello! I also published the track.)) Created it a week ago. Listen, evaluate, criticize! Sorry for the English, I write through Google translator))) It would be super if someone created a capella on my track, preferably female vocals!
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Description : Something I've been playing a round with for a while, I finally got a chance to record it, I welcome any criticism as this is a new avenue for me, Enjoy and thank you for listening.
Description : This is the first demo I've ever made and pretty rough around the edges. But this is one of my favorite songs I have written. Its a very simple song but I hope ya like it!
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Description : It's commenced functioning coming from The early 90's in Britain, Central London. Reid Electrical w1 is NICEIC permitted licensed contractor and in addition NICEIC local electrical and in addition fire alarm engineering organization. The service provider includes household and also industrial businesses. The business offers electrical, flame, safety and IT demands. The very proficient technicians are ideal within their career. Skilled specialists do they work on time period and furthermore Fix any issue with out stressing the client. The Organization is out there 365 days a year providing finest potential customer support.
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Description : Here's a piano-only piece I made from scratch using Fl Studio. It took a long time, but here it is. This is based off of the Pentatonix version of the Daft Punk Medley. Tell me what you all think? Thanks! Pentatonix's Vid :
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Description : Sometimes i think if your thinking of me. I don't know what to do with these acoustic songs. No one knows i sing no one in my life even knows i play guitar. I don't know anymore. -iAmLess
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Description : The voxs are a little high in some parts. I feel as if this song could have been preformed a lot better with voxs but i guess it works out. Comments always help. Hope you all are doing well -iAmLess
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.33 MB
Description : Engl: "In The Light Of My Shadow" | Improvised piano. Simple expression of a feeling with an oppressive low state of heart. Thanks for listening. | CC-BA-NC-SA-3.0
Tags : | Acoustic | 1.88 MB
Description : 3 guitar parts sample of what a real track of mine is
Description : (1) guit acoustic and synt. looking collab, with. singer, and guitarist , for commercial use , after arrangement with me .If it make you fell something, you are a writer singer, go head,and let me hears what you did and what you want to do. (2) the idea of bloc notes to make a short track who resume my idea and working on it later, i need to know what you thing, or if you want try to work on it, its mostly for guitar and singer , and musicien who likes melodies
Description : A simple acoustic set, i'd like to make it into an alternative song if possible. Open to ideas.
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Description : good night3
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Description : While mourning the temporary death of my bass' active electronics, I picked up the acoustic Fender Squier with AT LEAST 8 year old strings on it. This is just acoustic guitar and some MIDI drums, with a loop from ferryterry giving light percussion throughout. This, I would say, is the first half of,... something. Haven't figured out what, yet. Ideas for continuing are always awesome. "Not Bad"s are now welcome, after my regretting telling a "not bad"er to "Lick Nuts". Would be nice to be able to remove your own comment responses after intoxicated outbursts. Anyway, here's half a new track without my bass guitar.
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Description : good night 2
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Description : Hello hello. I kind of took a detour and made this one loop wonder. I found this loop today by theHumps and I really liked it. I didn't add anything else to it. Just vocal layers and the lyrics, but welcome anyone who to add anything. As usual I don't have a problem with that. I hope you like it, thank you! Here is the loop link.
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Description : Made this with the help of a Piano Loop i got here a while ago, if you recognize this loop please leave a comment on who made the piano! PS: sounds a bit different due to compression and effects and its edited, chopped, crop ect... Hope you guys enjoy (:
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.38 MB
Description : Acoustic guitar intrumental.
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.64 MB
Description : This is another old track. The vocals are a Little high and sharp but i still hope you find someway to enjoy it. As always i love getting feedback on my voxs, thanks for taking the time to listen. This track is about having something with someone else that no one else has and that no one will every understand because it's something so amazing. -iAmLess
Description : 111111111111
Description : The guitars came from Inaaronspants and I recorded all of the acoustic percussion.
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Description : Song by me
Description : A song I could play in my sleep. I`m gonna upload some loops later here. I`m a little bit busy with other things right now, hope you like this little melody:) I `m gonna do this one again when I get my better mics working... Cheers! Ake
Tags : | Acoustic | 4.19 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Heres another finished track. This one is a bit old. It's about somehow finding the right person. Thanks for all the support on my last track, it really does mean alot. I'm worried about my voice so please if you will can you take the time to leave me a comment, it really helps If this track goes well i will find some time to set up a facebook page for you guys so you can find more of my things. Thanks so much again for all your support. -iAmless
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.77 MB
Description : Hey HEY hey. One loop wonder on this one. Seems to be the kind of mood I am in this month evidently. Next month, who knows ha. Great acoustic loop provided by ImproveWithError. Hope you enjoy. Thank you!
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