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Description : This is my first remix from some amazing artists up here on looperman credits go out to Julie Starling-(LOOP)NO YOUR HONOR-1250729 and(Loop)the Cicada song-1250729 AND LIDDELLC-(LOOP)-TURNABOUT LUGUBRE-1289219 Thank you for sharing your gift of music with all of us and i hope that i did your music justice peace and balance to all TEAM NJB4 MUSIC GROUP
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Description : Hi Guys I Upload My Lastest Track ( I Make It This Morning ) And I need Your Help To Make It Better And Better ... So Plz Help Me With Your Comments And Your Opinions About Track : Nice Track With Acoustic And Nylon Guitars And Acoustic Piano And Bells And Rides Im Waiting For Your Comments With Thanks From Iran Love U MG july 2015 (Oh I Forgot) Next Track : Oarmens Sky
Description : All the dumb shit I see people post on facebook...well that's what this song is about...sorry, wish I can sing better but this is what youre stuck with
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.26 MB
Description : Posted this already but this has my shitty singing in it. Its about a close friend that O.D. and died a few years back....what do u think?
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Description : This is a song I recorded. Its my brothers. We recorded it in his all living room. Its right on the train line and you hear the train go by during the recording...
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.60 MB
Description : well, i was just playing with drums and guitar, trying to make more realistic sound
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Description : Been recording and mixing a bunch of cool rock songs lately and took a few days away from those tracks to put together an acoustic track and give my ears a break. Pretty loose arrangement, 4 classical guitar tracks, a harmonica track and a pad, just a quick idea. Tuned the guitar to an open A and had some fun. Enjoy!
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Description : Just fiddling around...
Description : I really tried to contact DouglasS who has created the music to this awesome piece... I asked if I could throw some lyrics to it but i have gotten no response... So I took the liberty to do so... Hey I can always wipe it if sooner or later he responds and does not agree. But I really loved it. So here it is. I hope that I didn't ruin it =P
Description : Short Song
Description : Really bored so ill throw this up...staind cover...
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.90 MB
Description : Song inspired by the novel
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.49 MB
Description : This is the same track, I added a few things, loops provided by epicrecord, minortogo, spivkurl, and cellocubano,
Tags : | Acoustic | 3.66 MB
Description : had to play this because I hate me ex that much
Tags : | Acoustic | 6.23 MB
Description : UPDATE: Bells are out! Finally, one of the new songs off my upcoming EP. Very happy with this one. This is unmixed we did it totally live in one take in the studio, and I'm really proud of the song regardless. Hope you enjoy!
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Description : I try
Tags : | Acoustic | 315.34 KB
Description : Acoustic Guitar
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Description : I don't have much time for music these days, but every now and then I compose a short track to find out if I still can.
Description : Update: Thanks to the great great help of Orlando51 the track now is in its final state. He made the piano and violins sound really good together withthe guitar. Big question is if this needs vocals or if it is good as it is right now. Please comment your thoughts about it. Thank you Orlando51 for helping me out. You have my sincere gratitude!
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.05 MB
Description : A cover composition I did of the song "Wonderwall" by the band Oasis. Credit goes out to cellofficial for the piano loops. :) Hope you like it!
Description : I was messing around with some new tunings on my Taylor 314ce. Just got a tronical tune for it, so had to try some. This is a demo i wrote for an open E tuning. Added some funny delay. Separate loopings are availble if needed ;). (Also without delay)
Description : Chords: A) Am7 / G13 B) Em7 / A7#5 / Dm7 / G13 (E7) - 90 bpm
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.49 MB
Tags : | Acoustic | 8.53 MB | Featured
Description : My cover of my band's track! Hope you enjoy! :)
Tags : | Acoustic | 7.67 MB
Description : I found this one a while ago and I found it very interesting. It was a girl singing to one loop of guitar chords. I felt like I had to do something with this one and asked Charlene for the vocal tracks. This is the remix of her work and it has been on the workbench for quite some time now. Nothing has been changed in it for about 5 month. Tonight i decided to just release it and walk on to a new song. This mastering is far from perfect. So here it is. Just Because ft Charlene Stevens, Enjoy! Remember to visit Charlene and listening to her work. Guitar loop
Tracks 1 - 25 of 1418
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