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Description : Another of my infrequent acoustic posts...The piano was just done with a patch on my Alesis synth and its a bit cheesy (plus the intro crossfades are a bit sloppy)..I will fix it later if I find a bit more music time...The acoustic is an older (1990) Japanese Takamine (not my regular guitar)..It was just recorded D.I. through a preamp (not a process I would recommend to you)...I`m still waiting for a bit of inspiration, so hope to catch up with the music before too long....Thanks for any listens & comments...Ed
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Description : This is a work in progress. Wanted to get a feel for it on the loop. I will be adding acoustic guitar, bass and another layer
Description : Here is a new song I recorded in my new studio. I played the electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass, resonator, and sang the vocals, the drums are from Ez drummer. A few EQ issues in the bass department, I plan eventually fixing those as time passes. If you like the song feel free to download it.
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Description : Just an acoustic/piano piece I threw together a few nights ago when coming home from university. My brother and I were doing some acoustic music together in my room, just having fun; came out with this; I immediately got on my DAW and recorded it before I forgot how ti went lol. Hoping to get some strings on it soon as well as some vocals from the bro! :P In the meantime, enjoy this instrumental.
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Description : An acoustic/electronic piece that I wrote for the coming of winter and the loss of sun
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Description : song acoustic arabic
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Description : Gt Seagul Ac by Gt Steel Acoustic Blades & Gt Bell Harmonics & Rock Snare Kit + Gt Feedback & Griffin Secret Strings
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Description : Thanks to Phatkatz4 for playing the guitar on this track! This track is a slow electric guitar ballad. Hope you enjoy. Thank you.
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Description : An old song of mine I sang with my friend Yavor who is an awesome guitarist...Let me know if u like it
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Description : I made a few instruments last summer from a bunch of sound fonts from the Internet. Didn't have time do do anything with them until now.
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Description : Used EpicRecord guitars in this one
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Description : mi primera cancion
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Description : iAmless - The Cover - Just A Cover To all the people on here that have listen to me sing and play guitar i thank you so much for your support and your love. You are amazing for the support, i cannot thank you enough. Please remember my name iAmless. Maybe one day i'll become more than less, if not i don't mind being less at all. -iAmless
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Description : A new idea for fun. Feel free to use this track, add what you want. Hope you like. Thanks for stopping by.
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Description : To my someone.
Description : Plz don't forget show me ready mix
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Description : Found this forgotten little pearl while remixing my old tracks... Made with magix loops in the good old days, a bit sounds like an early Bud Spencer western movie. :)
Description : New microphone so thought id test it out.. c:
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Applied loops (fully or partially): SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0010859 (Blues clarinet 01), 0067443-0010857 (Blues clarinet 03), 0067443-0007341 (Feeling tenor solo loop 2), 0067443-0007180 (Jack Russell Flute loop 1), FERRYTERRY (/MUSICANTE?): 0747210-0066393 (67 bpm acoustic guitar), 0747210-0061102 120-bpm-arpeggio-2 (removed loop?), 0747210-0057308 (120-bpm-arpeggio-guitar), 3RDNIPPLEMUSIC: 0609523-0069112 (nv ms-v2 pt2 100), CHRISBEATS2012: 0664534-0053997 (old school live drums), 0664534-0053624 (live drums), DOZYDEVIL: 0668753-0055912 (Dreamless Drums), KBRPROD: 0667332-0064633-kbrprod-piano3-part1 (removed loop?), RETRONICAL: 0534013-0043682 (kiksnartom 125), OHROPACK: 0429844-0045100 (Silence), HEISENBERG: 0430886-0034003 (Fire Sticks), ALEN9R: 0379853-0033710 (Desert Flower Violina 2)
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Description : Einfach mal ne Idee und finde hat Nordsee stimmung
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Description : Pronounced Saw-win, (Summer's end) is an ancient celtic festival of the dead, celebrated from sunset 31st of October to sunset 1st of November, marking the end of harvest and the beginning of the dark half of the year. This is the roots of our Halloween. My entry into the audio sparks for art halloween challenge, vote for me if you like it ;) Submit your own for a chance to win some prints or sign up (free) to compose for art year round, excellent inspiration! and loads of fun. :D It's for the party girls pic. Danke- acoustic guitar and one of the synths, and the pulse cinematic drums in the center (loops). Myself - second acoustic guitar, vst flute (iox flute synth edit) and tabla (indian dreams by dsk) Obviously it's not me for the female vox (Shevannai), but I did the chant and the spoken word. The words are all from Wiccan beliefs. It's all acoustic instruments, except of course the synths, so acoustic is fitting right? My own Halloween competition where you could win either a Looperman T shirt (subject to availability) or loop packs 3:D> Happy Halloween!
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Description : Hey guys! This is my first proper song, The guy who's talking is Alan Watts, He was a philosopher but sadly died, though I hope you really enjoy it! Also if anyone wants to do vocals in my upcoming track then I'd be happy!
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Description : Dedicated to sara happy birthday
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.37 MB
Description : An experimental piece. Maybe an intro Not sure where its going yet but There will be more. Need to spend some time listening to it. Fusion or weird?
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